Sony Offers Help To Valve So Their Games Can Be Successful On PS3 HipHopGamerShow 10/25/09

1. Microsoft Goes Head On Against Sony's Features With Sky TV
2. Final Fantasy 7 Remastered
3. Game Review – NBA2K10 (9 out of 10) Incredible Game
4. Major Dark Void Interview (Don't Miss This)
5. 50 Cent Exposing Jay-Z

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Dead_Cell3257d ago

This reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend.
Before the World Cup starts next year I can see SONY snapping up the rights to streaming matches on the PS3 or maybe even in HOME.
SONY has always put a lot of marketing and advertisement into FIFA and I'm pretty sure they're the official sponsor of the big football leagues (Premiership/Championship).

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Chubear3257d ago

Ooo, Dark Void interview, nice. Haven't been to sure about this game and need more info on it.

socomnick3257d ago

:/ dont take anything HHG says at face value, remember hes only doing it for hits, so you can pretty much be sure that its bullshit.

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Persistantthug3257d ago

I don't understand....

What's "flamebait" about that?

whothedog3257d ago

O good socomnick, I wasn't sure if I was going to see you here this week.

I always need a good laugh.

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Persistantthug3257d ago

The full title is:
"Sony Offers Help To Valve So Their Games Can Be Successful On PS3 HipHopGamerShow 10/25/09"

What you're referencing as of late, is a SUB title or SUB category.

umair_s513257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

Credibility and vagueness ??

IzKyD13313257d ago

I can't view the vid, what exactly does he mean by the title? (Knowing HHG, it's probably an extreme exaggeration based on an anonymous tip)

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iamtehpwn3257d ago

---Is nice. But that's not the remake I wanted.
I'll buy FFVII remastered, we all will if it's Real.
But this only means a Full remake will never happen.
That makes me really sad.

Danja3257d ago

well aslong as PS3 gets Half Life 3 good really dont care for L4D2 since I was planning on getting it for PC ne ways...

and I really hope we do get a remastered FF7 with graphical update like they did for the Tomb Raider game Anniversary.... now that would be awesome

whothedog3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

I love Half Life and I really hope Valve does make PS3 games. Does anyone else remember a interview with Gabe stating there is a 50/50 chance of L4D going to PS3? anyone remember that? and I don't think I am making this up But I think there is a good chance of Valve releasing PS3 games. They were interested at some point. So why wouldn't they be interested still?

The Ps3 is probably looking a lot better than it did awhile ago too, for obvious reasons.

EDIT : http://www.computerandvideo...
the article

-Seven-3257d ago

I own a PS3 and I would buy HALF LIFE EP3 in a heart beat for my PS3 but let's be honest here, if valve is not making L4D2 for the PS3 why in the world would they make episode 3 for it. Plus episode 3 has been in development for over 5 years I doubt they are going to start porting a PS3 version this late in the project.

All this does not matter to me cause I own all gaming machines including a Wii.

Danja3257d ago

Well I never said Valve would make the PS3 version but remember that EA can and will most likely develop the PS3 version because they do publish all of Valve games...

Chubear3257d ago

Well, L4D is a new IP. It's never been on the Playstation so I dont' see the connection to the HL series when HL has a history on the PS for a long time now.

Dragun6193257d ago

That would be totally awesome if Sony gets to stream matches for the World Cup. Especially if it offers an HD Stream, I would totally use that.

Now about Sony helping Valve.... Whats the point?

Why help Valve develop games on the PS3 when they Obviously have no interest in doing so.

Anyone remember when Gabe said PS3 is a waste of time? I would rather have Sony help other Dev teams that actually want to develop games on the PS3.
Dev teams such Grasshopper Maufacturer/ Suda 51.

Tony P3257d ago

"Sony Offers Help To Valve So Their Games Can Be Successful On PS3"

So is that true or sourced or anything? I never know with HHG.

Persistantthug3257d ago

Up to now, there's been no half life game that HASN'T come to the Playstation franchise.

Also, since Half Life requires more time and resources to make then all of Valves other games, that also delivers good motive and reason as to why Valve would want to bring the next Half Life game to PS3....and just like before, if not them specifically, then EA.

table3257d ago

on sky tv - "ps3 don't got it, it don't got it"

lol. I used to dislike HHG, but now I find him quite amusing... despite the fact he probably doesn't realise his horrible grammer.

tonsoffun3257d ago

THAT'S what Sony should have been doing from the start. I remember back in the PS1/PS2 days when Phil Harrison would ship a crap load of sony engineers out to help devs that had development troubles.

Not only did it foster a feeling of unity, but it really helped with producing great games.

This seemed to stop with the PS3 back at launch and from many reports suggest, Harrison wasn't happy. I am glad to see that they have finally got the finger out. There is no excuse for valve NOT to dev for the PS3 - it is only going to reduce their profitability in the long run.

Spdrcr19553256d ago

Don't they broadcast in the UK over the air? And if that is so then that would be a UK thing for X-box 360 in the UK. Sony already has Play TV in Europe for over the air HDTv programming. All they have to do is to release it in the US and they would have M$ beat again.

Just like they have M$ beat on motion controller technology. Project Natal is at least 4-5 years behind Sony's Eye Toy/PS3 Eye, in functionality. Plus Sony is supposed to release it in Spring of 2010.

Nemo883256d ago

(Great comment) "I would expect this to be priced the same as the existing Sky Player. They should be offering this for free, given the massive revenue they will generate from advertising. Normal TV, they know what you subscribe to, nothing more. Sky player on xbox, linked to your profile, they know exactly what you watch, when you watch. Adverts will be able to be targeted at an exact demographic (something an advertiser will pay a fortune for)."

P.S. You need a PC for Netflix streaming on 360. Also Netflix streaming, even sky player will not work without an HD.... So not out of the box for $199. And Netflix/sky player will require Gold account PLUS Sky/Netflix subscription....So not out the box for $199.

Raz3256d ago

..honestly, I stopped listening pretty quick after the 11th shout-out. I was hoping for some concise, accurate information; silly me to expect that from HipHopGamer.

This is why I prefer print news over vlogs.

hassi943256d ago

How stupid can you be?

World Cup matches are always on FREE T.V. or some of the qualifying matches are owned by Sky for like a 20 year contract.

And you're pretty sure Sony is the big sponsor of the Premiership and the Championship. Oh, of course, how could I have though that Barclays was the main sponsor of the BARCLAYS PREMIERSHIP and that Coca Cola is the big sponsor of the COCA COLA CHAMPIONSHIP.

God I don't even play/pay much attention to football but you must have been living in a box your whole life.

Disccordia3256d ago

True, although Sony are a major sponser for the champions league.

starvinbull3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

As far as supporting Valve to make better PS3 games goes... I can't see it to be honest. Valve have no interest in PS3 and never have done.

Valve are very good at finding their own solutions to things and creating their own technology but as far as giving one platform (consoles) support and working to create parity of experience, I just don't don't see it happening.

This is the company that sticks by the Source engine despite it being out of date years ago.

gaffyh3256d ago

@1.23 - Yeah PlayTV is over the air, whereas SkyTV is through the internet line (and it will buffer A LOT because our internet sucks in UK). Also Sony is coming out with a HD PlayTV soon, so it's again another problem for MS.

Also I'd say to all people thinking of paying for this SkyTv service: PLEASE DON'T DO IT. Your 360 will RROD, because you will have it on for too long, stick to a normal Sky box.

mastiffchild3256d ago

No, EVERYTHING points towards PS3 getting a version of Ep3 for their gamers, imo. Even Gabe's belated apology to PS3 gamers over the quality of the Ep2 port can be seen as smoothing the waters so as to give Ep3 a fighting chance of decent sales when the PS version arrives. Kind of an assurance that it won't be so choppy this time round-and EA won't want to miss out on revenue for a game which has all it's series up to this date on Sony platforms, why wouldn't they ensure a PS3 game?

Whether Sony help Valve or whoever with it is immaterial as obviously the desire is there to make at kleast Ep3 and exploit a growing market for both Valve and EA. Sony will help whoever does it, at a guess, and if it goes OK THEN maybe direct Valve/Sony relations will start. IDK what info HHG has heard but to me it seems pretty straight forward that even Gabe is sick of the bad blood and guessing at some more Valve created or inspired content will find it's wa to PS3 AND in a much better state than TOB did isn't much of a leap in the dark, is it?

What I don't think will happen ever is any PS3 L4D-and for one reason. On PS3 Sony allowed pretty much the same support as you'd have gotten as aPC gamer(providing you didn't actually MAKE your own mods)with UT3. Whereas the 360 L4D experience is way, way inferior to the PC game so to introduse a PS3 L4D2 or whatever with the same support they game UT3 would really embarrass MS and Valve, and Gabe, aren't in the business of doing that to their bred and butter. As the reason is the 360 Live DL limit(and them not liking anything free) I don't see why people wopuld accept a PS3 L4D if it didn't get mod support etc like UT3 did either so it left Val;ve with no way of getting it to PS3 even if they wanted to.

However, imo, Ep3 and future games are a different story, the userbase is getting bigger all the time and EA loce the money they get from PS3-I also suspect that EA would really have liked L4D on PS3 and in allowing it to remain solely on MS platforms may be a facour they did for Valve which will need repating at some point. Also it isn't as if between Sony, EA and Vavle they really couldn't come up with a way of getting the games onto PS3 in a good state and turning massive profits all round.

The longer the generation goes on and the bigger the install bases get the more likely full Valve releases will become on the PS3.

likedamaster3256d ago

Anyone think his shows are too long? Tighten that up HHG, make it more streamlined and more organized. Best part of your show is your excitement for anything gaming related but the length is a turnoff.

Xgamerzus3256d ago

F,you Socom Nick flippin 12 year old!!

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Raoh3257d ago

haven't watched this yet but i've been saying sony should have done this a long time ago.. insomniac has a dev kit to help third party devs, but sony is waiting for devs to come to them instead of reaching out to devs..

this is another reason microsoft has been successful.. they went the mountain not waited for the mountain to come to them

WMW3257d ago

a teacher can't help a student if they don't raise their hand and ask for help so how can sony help valve if valve acts like they know everything its their fault their games were trash.

Raoh3257d ago

in my opinion it's not so much just about valve but third party devs in general.. there are bad ports cause of lack of initial knowledge that sony could have helped with.. how to even use 1 spu would have helped dozens of games framerates or graphics alone..

where as some devs are just going to try to squeeze pc tools into the ps3 and hope it works like it does on the pc and 360..

InFAMOUS13257d ago

Well I think it would be a cool move for PS3 if this is true. Valve has always been about opening new doors within a genre and making games for gamers NOT publishers. However I don't think this is going to happen. I personally feel that Valve is comfortable where they are (PC/360) they know the hardware and can spit out a game a year. It would be a smart business decision on their end though, but I just dont see it happening.

chrisnick3257d ago

all i'll say is this, ppl are gonna keep flaming you up if you don't show some sort of..actual citation or something. for all we know, you could be telling the truth (god knows we want to believe you) i personally feel you do a good job on your show but alot of your stuff is very "wait and see" type of stuff. Gamers will always hate that. It could even be that you know secret things or just know things b4 everyone else but again, gamers LOVE proof just a thought for you to keep in mind.

but anyway good job again on the show and keep doing your thing.

ZombieAutopsy3257d ago

Yea i think most of the hate he gets is from the titles of his articles alone. Me personally i dont really have a problem with the guy but like you said i wish he would have some sort of proof every now and then, also HHG it would be nice if you would instead of only a video give us some text highlighting the more important parts of your show because not all of us have the time to watch the whole thing to just hear about 1 thing.

egm_hiphopgamer3257d ago

@chrisnick I'm sorry that alot of my stuff is wait and see but when your in competition with the big sites like IGN and Gamespot who get information without even trying hard the moment I get something i'm a put it out there. I just have to do it cleverly so I won't get in trouble but truthfully look at how many things i've been right about dog I mean my track record is pretty good considering my position in the industry. also if you didn't see the show there's something in their so if you miss it today you'll see in a video article tomorrow or tuesday.

Super Street fighter 4 i couldn't announce that officially back in may i would've been in trouble but i put it out there first to raise awareness so that when it finally came true everyone would know that i spoke on it and did a article about it first. So yeah it's tough but I do what I can to make sure you guys get the hot stuff as quick as possible

Odion3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

You make basic guesses that sometimes happen in a vague sense.

Every other Street Fighter has had more then one version after release why wouldn't SF4?

Head Shot King3257d ago

HHG gets allot of respect in my books for the way he presents his show and for actually giving some thing to ponder on.

I guess for every great thing you do, you get a million haters with it (ODION)

ZOMBIEMAN13257d ago

he actually thinks he's competing with IGN & Gamespot hahahahahaha that's so funny he's more delusional than fanboys hahahahahaha oh boy i needed a good laugh

-Seven-3257d ago

Leave HHG alone, at least he is trying to do something for us gamers.

R2D23257d ago

I agree that HHG can be a little misleading with his tittles but give the guy some credit for being right some times.

I amaze how some one like Odion has so many bubbles when clearly all they do is hate.

Ron_Burgundy the 2nd3257d ago

ah dang this how I feel every time I stumble on a hhg article

Megaton3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

I've seen HHG pretend like he just accidentally leaked that there will be a MAG beta in the N4G comments section... a couple months after it was officially announced there will be a MAG beta. Some people are so far behind, they actually think they're ahead.

Didn't like him before that because he constantly baits in his titles with ass-plucked headlines, but actually seeing him try to credit himself with leaking known information at N4G sealed it. This fool will never be credible in my book. Not unless he makes drastic changes.

Could learn a thing or two from PlayStation LifeStyle. I absolutely hated all of them when they first started out. They put themselves out there as this place to get "insider information", and were wrong so frequently. After awhile they finally dropped that played out rumor crap, sticking with factual info and coverage instead, and it turned into a decent site.

N4g_null3257d ago

HHG good show and it's good to see you talking to guys in the industry while every one else is waiting for blog news.

The TV thing is sort of cool but the cable networks will want their money! Yet local TV is a no brainer you do have to turn on your TV also.

About Jay-z seriously you know his history... He has people looking out for him on the physical things. The cat has too much power he could stop your career. Seriously who still plays a 50 album? I'd rather watch he acting stupid online as a pimp.

50 does not want it with Jay-z right now. Tell 50 to go at nas the way jay-z did. Also no one cares about getting respect from NYC they need to up their game and work together. Also Kanye would have done the same thing if he was broken he is a chi town Ol'DB...LOL

It's great you are actually reporting on hip hop also. Seriously I was in Il and they where really on with their music up there. I can not say the same when I come to NYC. Jay-z is the only one putting out good music right now it seems from there.

RememberThe3573257d ago

That was pretty damn funny.

Noctis Aftermath3257d ago

I just gotta say that Dark Void previously was completely off radar.. until now, if this game is as good as that (capcom?) guy made it out to be that is a day 1 buy, also i got alot of respect for that guy for saying that it doesn't have Multiplayer but the next game will, i agree with him 100%, if you are going to do something you may aswell do it right.

Alot of games get by on just a great single player campaign(Uncharted DF, Mass Effect etc) but then for the next game if you add in multiplayer and/or co-op elements it just makes the game so much better(Uncharted 2) and this new IP looks to do that and i hope they do.

JD_Shadow3256d ago

1. Odion IS a mod (unless I missed something at some point).
2. Do you notice that the ones that call HHG out are always those that usually have some sort of console bias and don't like what the news/rumors that HHG says would mean to their favorite console. I don't think it's you, HHG. I think it's those people who want Valve to continue to screw over PS3 owners (because, for some reason, that benefits them and they get off on stuff like that) that are b!tching about cred. If it were you reporting that Gabe told the PS3 owners to go suck his d*ck or something, then those very same people would be praising your cred. That's how I see it, at least.

DelbertGrady3256d ago

"Leave HHG alone, at least he is trying to do something for us gamers."

Wrong. He's trying to do something for himself by using cheap headlines with no sources of proof to lure us into thinking he knows something we don't.

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Nitrowolf23257d ago

well, that would be great to see if its true. Honestly though they would have to get past Gabe

Venomish3257d ago

HHG says their is a remastered version of FF7

N4PS3G3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

hahahah what's so hard to understand?? Valve doesn't need help from Sony to make successful games...Gabe Newell and Bill Gates are friends from waaayy back...They just don't like or care for the playstation family. There's history behind all this...nothing to do with lack of help or even talent.

thedisagreefairy3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

of one of the biggest american corporations was friends with a chubby guy with glasses who makes games.

valve already said that when they can get a team who knows the ps3 hardware then they will put all their games to the ps3.

if hhg is right (for once) this could be a big thing.

Chubear3257d ago

OP, not too good with English comprehension uh? :P

ZombieAutopsy3257d ago

Friends or not, money is money and if you can make millions more from getting a little help very few people will turn that down.

N4PS3G3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )


1.Bill gates was a skinny guy with glasses that created software :O WOW welcome to knowledge land!


3.Valve can say whatever they want...Gabe Newell is till the CEO of Valve and he said to Geoff Keighley when he asked if they were trying to learn and work on the ps3 "Uh, no. Not in any real way." and that was AFTER the statement you said.

people talk about money and money...but i bet my house 95% of this underage kids here don't even know Newell got Millionaire working with Microsoft way before making games in Valve.

thedisagreefairy3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

worked at microsoft, doesnt mean he was buddies with the CEO of it.

lol at your idea that because bill gates has glasses and made software automatically makes him buddies with a random employee who also makes glasses.

so my point still remains intact.

grow up and quit acting like a douche.

what with these little kids acting like they know everything about the games industry?

sikbeta3257d ago

lol they are friends, but they are not married

Money is money, coming from the hand it comes, fat newel don't like to program for PS3 because is very used to PC, even if he doesn't like to make games for PS3, EA will pursue the money and will take care of the Port

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