PSP and Portable Gaming Becoming a Dying Breed

Dustin @ Ps3Center Writes:
The PSP Go launched recently, boosting PSP sales once again to become a high end PlayStation system. However, Sony has stated several times that it's the best handheld system on the market. When they reference this, not only are they targeting their rivals Nintendo, but the market as well, which is beginning to open up to Apple and Microsoft. Neither Apple or Microsoft have truly made a portable gaming device, but they both believe that their new gadgets can in fact steal some of the PSP's future consumers. So how will this turn out? How will the PSP fair down the road? Does Apple truly have a foot in the game industry? And how is the portable gaming market slowly becoming a thing of the past?

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shadowfox3334d ago

I think it's hard to say portable gaming is dying when the DS consistently tops worldwide hardware charts, though I do agree that portables used exclusively for gaming may be on the way out.

gaffyh3334d ago

I still don't see iphone as a gaming machine, even though I have one. I can never be bothered to play any of the games I download :(

DrRobotnik3334d ago

As long as there's a gaming console I can play while sitting on the toilet, there will always be portable gaming.

GameGambits3334d ago

What a dumb article. Portable gaming is always here to stay. I could see consoles eventually being PSP size and u can play the same HD games on that machine, and when you get home just snap the cord in to play with your wireless controller in full HD on your TV.

Portable gaming has a LONG way from declining. That's just a fact.

HardcoreGamer3334d ago

for young gamers who want a gaming system with ps2 quality gameso n the go, i think its awesome and it should be getttin even more games

lots of great rpgs now available on the psp as well as capable games such as tekken 6 and soul caliubur for fighting and crisis core and gran turismo

presto7173334d ago

My psp 2000 died on me (orange juice) not too long ago, and I dont see myself getting a handheld in the near future. Its hard to pick up a hand held when my ps3 + hdtv are just lying there, and when I'm on the road, I rather just listen to music.

ReviewsArePolitics3334d ago

I only see 3rd parties supporting DS and PSP with their major franchises. Has iPhone gotten an exclusive game yet? No, that came out wrong, because it probably has a ton of exclusive crap that nobody cares about. Has iPhone gotten an exclusive KILLER APP that forces your to go out and get an iPhone/iPod for that particular game?

The funny thing is that apple's prophecy of its iPhone/iPod being a game platform is self-fulfilling, as it does sell a lot of (crappy) games. However, just because it does it doesn't mean people buy it (primarily) to play games on it. At that pace, Apple will never understand the videogame market and they will ultimately never be taken seriously; other platforms will eat into their market by becoming ultimate game/phone devices (PSP2 probably, maybe Zune HD).

Steve Jobs will wonder "but teh iPod rulez?", however he won't realize that exclusive Applications (first party, i.e. made by themselves) are the ones meant to show why your platform is meant to be used for gaming (even if not exclusively), and Apple doesn't seem to be acquiring any studios right now, nor even thinking about it. I am glad though, I don't want to see their crappy DRM in my gaming devices.

As soon as Sony releases a PSP2 with (smart)phone functionality, PSP/PS1/PS2 backwards compatibility, exclusive games and gaming features, and PSN access (or there is a reliable and serious Xboy with Xbox live) I'm ditching my iPhone and iTunes.

barom3334d ago

Just wanted to say I love my PSP. The graphics actually still blows my mind away, to believe I can have PS2 graphics on a portable machine is crazy and I love it. Also love that the games are no longer terrible downgraded ports but actually true side stories to the real franchise (like Assassin's Creed, God Of War, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, GTA etc)

It's never going to be a replacement for my PS3 but it's a very convenient device. I sometimes play it right before I sleep. I also would love take it on my vacations (recently got it so haven't tried it yet lol), makes those 10 hour flights a heck a lot more interesting.

shadow27973334d ago

^ I know what you mean. It's still hard to believe the little handheld is 4 years old (coming up on 5 years in Japan). As a future PSP owner (Peace Walker is just too hard to pass up), I never dreamed handheld graphics would ever reach this caliber. I still remember when color was a big deal. Haha. The PSP2 is going to be insane.

TotalPS3Fanboy3334d ago

Even the iPhone calls this article and tell it it's bulls*t.

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ZombieAutopsy3334d ago

Portable gaming is probally not only one of the most profitable for hardware it constantly holds the top of the hardware charts in most countries.

gaffyh3334d ago

I still don't understand why that is. I mean Japan is handheld crazy, but if you just put up a little more money now you can get a PS3 relatively cheap.

ZombieAutopsy3334d ago

I guess they're always on the go.

shadowfox3334d ago

Japan is a strange creature. The average living space there is tiny because the cities are so overpopulated that people don't spend a lot of time in there own houses. Combine that with the popularity of public transport, and you get a nation full of DS owners.

Sonyslave33334d ago

the only thing that is dying is sony psps and psp go.

Anorexorcist3334d ago

Yes of course not. Ignorance truly is bliss for moronic fanboyish reprobates like yourself.

LtSkittles3334d ago

That's weird, because I still love my PSP :D

ReviewsArePolitics3334d ago

Hey sonyslave, I told your mother to not let you out of your cage while I am busy with her, what the hell are you doing? GTFO my intetnetz

Da One3334d ago

be spewed, *sigh* when will it and for the record

DS>>>>>*insert your P.O.S theories here*

duysmith3334d ago

nintendo can do so much on their little dsi. imagine what they can accomplish with handhelds in 10 years. and by the way the dsi and ds games are flyin off the shelves like hotcakes, nintendo wont be backing down from being the reigning entity in the handheld war.

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