Netflix, master of DVD rentals, will expand streaming video business

What does Netflix Inc. (NFLX), the company that mastered home delivery of DVDs, have next up its corporate sleeve? Chief Executive Reed Hastings was coy during the company's third-quarter earnings conference call Thursday. But he did make it clear that Netflix would start streaming video on another device in addition to Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT) Xbox gaming console, a service that began a year ago.

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Zedux3254d ago

blu-ray is much better quality and content so I would rather continue with blu-ray!

Gamefan123254d ago

well yes blu-ray has better quality since ( for the most part, if the movie was not converted right it can look bad ) , but what is wrong with streaming as well. I have a netflix account and i rent movies but i love being able to stream as well. Why have one or the other when both at the sametime is even better

CryWolf3254d ago

Netflix WOW! i never use Netflix services before but Blu-ray is Awesome its alot more higher quality then DVDs are.

Droid Control3254d ago

Can you BUY movies on Zune on Xbox LIVE?

If you can own HD movies on download, what does that say about Blu-Ray?

Gamefan123254d ago

Netflix is all about rental, and right now you can download and own movies from the sony vid service

blu ray is still better quality no matter how you look at it, unless you want to download say 30gig movie and usually more. There is no way they will have full blu ray bit rate moves for download.

And again people like having the hard copy.

Why does it have to be one or the other, why can't it be both.

ZBlacktt3254d ago

Yet, another thing the Xbox looses. Also having RockStar make a home space in PSN Home. There's no need to deal with the issues of the Xbox any longer. Plus, can't act like this wasn't going to happen. Some of us have been saying it all along. Sony is the king of video game consoles and entertainment. This all was going to happen, it just too a tad longer with the PS3. Because it was new technology in Blu-ray, the cost was semi high and the economy was not ready for it back in 2006. But being around some 15 years and having the top two best selling consoles of all time should have told us all something.