9 Games that need to be remade for the PlayStation 3

GB writes: "Folks we are in the seventh generation of gaming and are being amazed by the raw power of the Playstation 3. There have been many people (including us) who are amazed at the technology behind the Cell processor and the massive storage space of the blu ray disc. All of us who have bought the Playstation 3 must have bought many blockbuster games along with it. Games like Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Killzone 2, Little Big Planet and the more recent Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. But there are some games which we have played in the last generation ( and the previous ones too) and we are forced to wonder if we will ever get them to play with next generation graphics and gameplay. We decide to list those games which should be played on the PlayStation 3."

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gameseveryday3336d ago

I jsut cant wait for a Syphon Filter game of the PlayStation 3

sinncross3336d ago

I'd love to see a new Syphon Filter as well, and apparently one was rumoured to be coming for the PS3.. who knows, maybe a nice 2010 surprise from Sony :)

however, while remakes of these games would be nice, I'd rather the respective developers put their time and resources into new games in the series.

For me, games are great because of what they did for their time. I don't play MGS (for example) these days because I think it is amazing for today's standards (some parts are, others definitely not), but rather because I can recall how I felt when I first played the game so many years ago: that is what makes a timeless title (be it game, movie or book).

While a remake acknowledges how great the original was, it inevitably points out that the game could have be better.

So if remakes come, awesome I'm fine by with that; but I rather see a new SotC or new MGS or Syphon Filter etc.

Clarence Callahan3336d ago

I'd like to see older nfs games on ps3, including Most Wanted, then i'll
be back! (lol)

3336d ago
Winter47th3336d ago

Twisted Metal would be nice.

Shadow Flare3336d ago

Hey "Press_Agree", paragraphs are your friend

The article has a good list of games though i feel its missing Colony Wars. Space sim shooters are a genre i feel is sadly lacking this generation and the Colony Wars franchise is amazing

bruddahmanmatt3336d ago

Ace Combat HD Collection. AC5 Unsung War Puddle of Mud opening montage in HD = OMFGIDIE.

Serial_EDX3336d ago

I agree Ace combat 5 would be a wicked remake.

O.o Best Air Fighter story ever.

Not to mention I actually cried. !_!

sikbeta3336d ago

I only can say that are more than just 9 games

I REALLY want remakes of:

.Resident Evil 2
.Resident Evil 3
.Resident Evil CV
.Resident Evil DA
(I want a remake for the franchise, except the survivors)
.Metal Gear Solid
.Metal Gear Solid 2
.Metal Gear Solid 3
.Silent Hill 1
.Silent Hill 2
.Crash Bandicoot games
.Syphon Filter games
.Twisted Metal
...and more...

frostypants3336d ago

"Imagine this remade for the PlayStation 3 and the sledgehammer guy going after you and the player just running around to save his/her life or locks up itself in a cupboard or hide under a bed…Sound scary, right?"

The only scary thing is the author's horrid writing skills...

poopface13336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

the ps1 games were great.

Also, the DC version of HL never came out, although you can DL it.

Also below buys, I agree that RE 2 was better than 3. To get the full story of RE 2 you had to play through it twice with each character. The last boss will transform into the giant blob and you fight him on the train.

On the second time with leon Mr. X will smash through walls and chase you at different parts. It is freaky cause you dont expect it since youve already playd it without the guy chasing you. Nemesis is the same Idea as Mr. X, so when I played Re 3 is was kinda a seen this before thing. I even wonder if nemisis is supposed to be Mr. x after Leon [email protected] him up(ignoring whatever the movie story was). RE 2 had more replay value and was more original to me.

theEnemy3336d ago

Syphon Filter is a must on the PS3 too.

But right now we got Nathan Drake which is like a combination of Snake, Sam, and Gabe combined!.


JoySticksFTW3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

but a new Twisted Metal trumps all

Seriously, when I think PSOne Heavy-weights it's...

Tomb Raider
Tony Hawk
Crash Bandicoot
and Twisted Metal

(I'm sure there are others but it late and I can't think straight right now.)



bigrudowsky3336d ago

How are the sf games? ive never played one ive seen good reviews for them but never got my hands on one.

JoySticksFTW3336d ago

I still have my copy of SF Alpha 3 for PSOne

rockleex3335d ago

Street Fighter Alpha 3 with online for World Tour Mode, Dramatic Mode, Versus Mode, etc.

Blaster_Master3335d ago

They need to just put Clock Tower 2 not 3 on the psn store for Halloween.

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diddies3336d ago

Shadow of the Collosus would be crazy on the PS3. I wish this would happen. I think of goldenye when i want a game remade. That game was awesome.

Dan GamingBolt3336d ago

Shadow of the Colossus in HD - Better than Pizza (and that's a compliment)

gameseveryday3336d ago

Man the player riding Agro on the ps3 , that would be uber cool!

TheGrimBunny3336d ago

we definitely need to see a new twisted metal.

Ssxtreme363336d ago

War of the Monsters - Still play it today
Ssx - though i really dont care if its exclusive or not, JUST RELEASE IT!
champions of Norath
and of course, Star Wars Battlefront - i would love to see 100 or more people running around shooting each other. so much pew pew pew's

Assassin Nawabi3336d ago

resident evil 2 would do for me

gameseveryday3336d ago

i believed that 3 was better than 2.

CobraKai3336d ago

I loved the original RE but part 2 made me a HUGE fan

Pozzle3336d ago

I don't see why Capcom couldn't remake both RE2 and RE3 on the same disc. They are basically two halves of the one game already.

Bob Dole3336d ago

Bob Dole liked 2 better as well. Having two different storylines was awesome.

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