Can Sony's PSN movie service compete with Netflix?

TechBlorge: Netflix recently announced that its streaming movie service will be heading to an existing CE device out on the market. Currently, it looks like Sony's PS3 device might be the most likely candidate for this service. Since Sony has been investing heavily in its own movie service on the PS3, will it be able to complete with Netflix?

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PimpHandHappy3336d ago

if you want to talk about number of users i dont see it happening... its kinda like the Zune vs Ipod... Netflix has been the front runner for 2long

but if your saying the movies it will provide... 4sure it can compete

maybe in 5 years Sonys will be better or maybe when it launches it will be but ppl are using Netflix and once your invested in a service you tend to stick with it

WildArmed3336d ago

Compete.. i think it already is.
But as you said, in numbers Netflix is alot more accessible hence it'll have bigger numbers.
while the psn vid store is limited to psp n ps3. (even though it provides a great catalog of vids!)

ReviewsArePolitics3335d ago

They're not meant to compete, they are meant to complement each other. Sony and Netflix don't have the same content, and Netflix is better for streaming while PSN is better for downloading and/or owning digital rights.

beardpapa3335d ago

According to Joystiq, Netflix seems to be officially coming to the PS3.

NexGen3335d ago

@ReviewsArePolitics: you're 100% right. I have been streaming Netflix since it came out on Xbox. While it is a nice feature, I download movies from PSN regularly as the Netflix instant stream library is small, old, and in a lesser quality.

Take X-men origins Wolverine for example. That can't be streamed through Netflix, and even further it was set to a very long wait on disc. Even being a Netflix subscriber I paid for the movie through PSN.

The streaming content has some good movies, but most aren't new and does not compete for new releases one bit. Streaming is good for when you're bored, nothing is on TV, or you want to check out an old movie again...with streaming, you can do those things immediately without having to pay extra (beyond the regular Netflix fee) and without leaving your couch.

Long story short: they work well together, and compliment each other nicely.

drdistracto7073335d ago

It doesnt have to compete!

PS3 is getting Netflix anyway

Xbox Avatars Shoe3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

"Might be"? It's already confirmed!

I also went on Netflix and reserved my FREE order for Netflix on PS3 when it's available later this year.

You can already use FaceBook, Twitter and even MySpace in their full functions via the PS3's web browser, so now what does the 360 have over the PS3?

Cross game chat is the main function 360 has that PS3 doesn't but according to that one Naughty Dog dev, it's coming later this year. Also, remember how the Sony employer CidonyaX (sp?) said early this year that cross-game chat is still in development? It has also been confirmed that M$ does NOT have a patent restricting Sony from implementing a cross-game chat feature, so it's just up to Sony to create it.

Cross-game invites are severely overrated since the receiver still has to swap discs before accepting the invite. I'm fine just tossing my friend a message saying "U2?", they reply "Sure", they swap discs and then I invite them. ZOMG cross-game invites would have saved my 30 seconds of strenuous work!!!

I admit Sony needs to push developer to make custom soundtrack mandatory for every game, since M$ has a patent which restricts Sony from making a universal custom soundtrack feature.

So, is it really worth $50 to save 30 seconds of simple work and custom soundtracks for each and every game? IMO, no. Maybe $10, but NOT $50 when you can get everything else for free, especially considering those features can essentially still be added in the future.

Syronicus3335d ago

Netflix streaming media provides movies that are a bit older while the PSN releases new movies. Two different things here folks.

sikbeta3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Compete? 2 services in the same Console, I know who is gonna win: PS3 owners

freeblue3335d ago

if you're talking about rental and home delivery, then no. sony can't compete. but if you're talking about STreaming??? have you seen the streaming video selection on netflix? nothing but ancient videos in their 60's 70s'

NexGen3335d ago

@ReviewsArePolitics 1.6:

Lol, me too! I love me some Cactuar! Most epic Cactuar fight? FFVIII King Cactuar bonus summon fight. Climbing up some arms to bust the king in his head. I loved that game.

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edgeofblade3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Sony can compete with Netflix. Easily. They offer a more up to date selection. The big problem I have with PSN's video store is the trouble I have had streaming their content consistently.

Which leads me to Xbox Live's new Zune Marketplace (I'm in the preview). As far as I'm concerned, it's a quantum leap forward in on-demand, HD video content. I have a 5 MB connection and I can stream 1080p content easily. I was skeptical, but Microsoft TOTALLY delivered on the promise.

And for all the haters... it looks just as good as Blu-ray. Really. It does. I don't care what you think you know about Blu-ray and how it's bigger than God himself. Take away the misguided loyalty to have to one format over another and you realize, it's just as good visually... at least after the stream ramps up (after about 10 seconds).

Sony has to be able to compete with THAT too.

Hellsvacancy3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

It would b nice if Sony hurried them-selves up and released the Vidone over here in the Uk

LiquifiedArt3335d ago

it switches on the fly and lets not forget the complete lack of HD audio. Streaming a blu-ray quality experience is currently not possible.

ZombieAutopsy3335d ago

liquified is right, u might get hd picture but not sound.

edgeofblade3335d ago

Liquified is one of those people who will find any wedge they can drive to ensure Blu-ray is superior in their minds. As for the quality "switching", he's refering to the way the quality ramps up to 1080p At worst, I have seen the quality drop to 720p if there is traffic on my network, like a file server backup. And I have to have the bitrate display up on my screen to even notice it.

As for the sound... you know for a fact most people don't care as much about the sound as they do the picture. As long as it's clear, it's fine. I guess there are some people that hear better sound when they "know" the sound is uncompressed (which is a bullshit concept in digital media... which is by its very nature compressed in quantization).

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Marty83703336d ago

Sony's after all a huge entertainment company, covering games, music & movies studio's.

Sony's also has good relations with most hollywood studio's, thats why Sony won the Blu-ray vs HD DVD format war with Blu-ray.

Saaking3336d ago

Of course it can, but bots don't play games they rent movies on netflix.

jack who3335d ago

yeah cause i only wanna watch sony made movies

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