Rumor: Next Boom Blox to land on 360/PS3

Destructoid: Superannuation, some of the best internet Matlock's around, have discovered something very interesting. It's a job listing for the team at EA that makes Boom Blox. It's pretty straight forward for the most part. They need some new devs to help them work on their new game. They're a tight nit group that they describe as "What if EA had an internal start up? The BAFTA-winning Boom Blox team is an agile, closely-knit group which answers questions by prototyping before building design documents." Yadda, yadda, yadda.

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reintype3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Expect more games from the Wii to either get an HD treatment or an upscaled port. The motion controller craziness is coming to the PS3/360

sinncross3311d ago

I would not be surprised of this end up as a launch title for the PS3 'Sphere' motion controller.

EA have made mention to using the 'Sphere' for the PS3 version Grand Slam Tennis next year.

thedisagreefairy3310d ago

not sell nearly as well as the wii's version

but then u mentioned the motion controls for ps3 and now i think it will work out great.

u get a bubble