GameTrailers Shows Off More BioShock 2 Footage

The sneak peak also shows off the games combat mechanics, as well as new enemies. BioShock 2 is going to be heavy on the combat, but according to a 2k Marin rep, "The amount of combat you participate in, is entirely up to you."

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WildArmed3339d ago

oh totally forgot Bioshock 2 is coming this year.. (is it?)
Well seems like i wont be picking this up for awhile.
Also wanna keep the game spoiler free so gonna skip on all videos for awhile

Nihilism3338d ago

it's been pushed back to next year, i'm kind of glad, too many games, i hate when a bunch of games come out at the same time, you end up stopping the first before finishing so you can play the second

kesvalk3338d ago

it got pushed back cuz of that damned MW2

and it's a no brainer that BS2 >>>>> MW2