Grand Theft pair set to earn millions

ScotlandonSunday writes:

"WO brothers credited with establishing Scotland as a world player in the development of computer games are poised to hit the jackpot.
Sam and Dan Houser, whose Edinburgh-based studio created the highly controversial but phenomenally successful Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series, earned millions when their company Rockstar North was bought over by an American rival ten years ago

Now the 30-something brothers, who appeared in Time magazine's "100 most influential people of 2009" list, are attracting renewed interest from the international video games industry.

Take-Two, who originally bought up the Rockstar North games division were targeted by the giant Electronics Arts organisation with a £1.3 billion bid last year.

Despite a seven-month pursuit by EA, the move never materialised but industry analysts are predicting a follow-up bid soon and that's good news for the two Rockstar vice-presidents, whose creative muscle and "game developer talent" EA's chief executive John Riccitiello singled out as his primary interest in clinching any deal."

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UnSelf3254d ago (Edited 3254d ago )

give me GTAV as a ps3 exclusive with these features and you can sell ur co. to anyone you please:

- Takes place in a city (doesnt really matter where)

- the city outskirts have a country/mountain side

- Every type of vehicle ever created is usable

- All vehicles from all the previous versions plus: Reg Cars. Nascars. Indy Cars. Street mod cars. Concept cars. Cars wit Nos. RC cars. Helicopters. Planes. Military Jets. Boats. Jetskis. Waterskis. Foreign cars. A sub. A blimp. A 747. Motocycles. Motorcycles wit Nos. Dirtbikes. ATVs. OffRoad Vechiles. Rally Cars. NPC's on skateboards/rollerblades. Cropdusters. Tractors. Winnapeagos. 18 wheelers. Bullet trains. Cruise ships. tugboats.

- Ability to book flights

- Ability to fill out police reports

- Ability to hire hitmen

- Your cars can get stolen and you can report it

- Ability to shoot a 747 out of the sky

- Sharks and other sealife

- Ability to fish

- No need for phones/internet. You have secretaries who report to you.

- You're no longer always the lackey, start giving missions also

- Ability to parachute

- Bus stops

- a speedometer

- NPC's can attempt to rob you of your properties and/or belongings

- No hotwiring (i kno this is GTA but force us to find other modes of transportation and make us take better care of the cars we do get)

- Only online is drop in/out co-op ala Crackdown. Dont waste space on TDM's, that space can go towards all these other things

- Ability to dive underwater

- Ability to shower/cook/clean (save points)

- Ability to fall out of windows

- Ability to go in most buildings

- Ability to become FBI's most wanted

- Hair grows if you dont tend to it

- Not all cars have infinite gas, ability to refuel

- Bigger and better explosions (Crackdown has the right idea)

- A tran system (no need to build a full subway)

- Prolonged damaged to iconic areas (destroy a bridge, itll take months/years to repair)

- Apartments throughout the city of your choosing

- Garage spaces

- Better car tracking

- Ability to purchase cars

- Ability to purchase airplanes/copters

- All previous weapons from all iterations

- an innovative Karma system (if u blow up a bridge, you might as well kiss all respect for you goodbye for a while)

cmon rockstar, make us proud

thedisagreefairy3254d ago

that was long

i cant blv i actually read all of it

whitesoxfalife3254d ago

well that sums it all up GTAV but also on 360 plz