First Zelda game received heavy opposition from Nintendo

Even though Zelda is now one of Nintendo's most beloved franchises, the first game received tremendous opposition from Nintendo for one of its main hooks.

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Valay3256d ago

I have to say, the freedom in Zelda is one of the main reasons that I love the series.

ico923256d ago

im suprised people could question something so unique

gaffyh3256d ago

Zelda is BY FAR the best Nintendo IP, much better than the crap they churn out with Mario on it. Mario (and it's thousand spinoffs) needs to be killed, and Zelda should take his place.

WildArmed3256d ago

Yup, I love Zelda franchise. Playing as Link in Ocarina of time was extremely statisfying.
I love my N64 solely because of that game. Anything else is just icing on the cake

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eagle213256d ago

Zelda = gaming bliss. :)

Redempteur3256d ago

every huge new franchise was questionned at start ...

smittyjerkins3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

Of the Kingdom of Nintendo. The people of Nintendo showed signs of wanting something new... something different, a whole new kind of game. The King and his advisors were leery as to whether or not to bring something new to the land. They were asking, "What if it fails? What if the people hate us afterwards?" Then a man in shining armor came along with an ingenious idea for a new game. A game where people didn't just move from left to right, but in all directions to wherever they wanted to go. The King asked, "What if the people can't handle the unbridled freedom?" The man said, "Trust me. This is what the people want." The King trusted the man and brought out the new game and the people rejoiced! The man in shining armor was given many thanks and a permanent stay in the kingdom to bring more happiness to the people. A new era of freedom and all were happy!

-The End

Smacktard3256d ago

And then years later, the man started questioning if video games were too hard (they weren't), and started dumbing them down for everyone.

ChickeyCantor3256d ago

Well smack,
To us they aren't.
I know plenty of people who dont game daily, people who have trouble with the games we find easy.

Sometimes people forget to see things from a different perspective.

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The story is too old to be commented.