AVA banner ads go after Modern Warfare 2

Advertising: No matter how retarded your idea is someone will eventually bump into it and pay attention.

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IzKyD13313341d ago

"AVA is like a combination of COD4 and Counter strike, but better"

You know your advertising team reached rock bottom when they start using quotes from 12/13 year olds.

Napoleon18533340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Is just a username for someone I think. You might just be being sarcastic, but I can't really tell, probably because it's the internet.:)

TheIneffableBob3341d ago

AVA is actually not a bad game. For a free game, the graphics are amazing (it uses Unreal Engine 3).

Violentine3341d ago

hey, it's korean, no suprise there.

tdrules3341d ago

the question is, does it have dedi servers :P

Gago3341d ago

lol, ad was so stupid it actually made me laugh

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