PS3 takes top spot in U.S. for first time

According to an article by the Seattle P.I. Microsoft contends that the PS 3 will be back in thrid place soon. The response was prompted by an article touting the PS 3 passing the Xbox 360 and Wii in September 09 sales.

The PS 3 has made strides in the U.S. after the price drop which follows increased sales in Asia and Europe in the hotly debated and contested console wars with each side offering up sales figures to tout the market position of their systems.

With the 09 holiday season pending, this is shaping up to be a hotly contested selling period.

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Saaking3131d ago

For the last time, this is not the first time. Seriously, can't you do a little bit of research. At least just a little. It won't hurt and you won't look like a complete fool.

champ213131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

for every intelligent person out there.. theres a million simpletons, who just dont get it.

While i in no way support sony. As a pcgamer if i had to chose between ps3 or the 360, id buy the ps3 hands down and i think ppl are finally seeing all the advantages the ps3 offers over the 360.

imo buying a 360 is like strapping on a milking machine, with its controls being in the calm hands of microsoft :P


299usd for the console
100usd for wifi
50usd for live
other expensive accessories along with lack of any good first party games. entirely defeats the purpose of getting a console.

buying the xbox is like buying a 3yr old pc, while paying a premium for its games. id rather buy a new gaming pc for the price.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

...everyone to be BRAINWASHED by their words" NOT ME SUCKERS!!! ;-D

The $299 PS3 '!!!BEAT!!!' the $199 xBox 360 + $199 Wii Last month in the U.S.of.A!!!
No need to say any more!!! ;-D

+ Is -
$299 PS3
$199 xBox 360 + 99% of the Media on M$ side
$199 Wii
A fair Fight??? Er NO!!! (Clue for ChatBots the PS3 is $100 more) ;-D

PlayStation X3131d ago

sales sales sales
is that all microsoft talks about??

where the fck are the games??

Defectiv3_Detectiv33131d ago

I don't really see MS' sales topping the PS3 until Natal comes out next winter maybe

All I know is GT5 is gonna be huge, and if they market it right, Agent should be a hit w/ the GTA crowd. As it stands, I could easily see Agent being the killer app next holdiday season, and you know Sony is going to roll something else out.

Once this whole motion controller hype machine dies down and people realize its not that big of a deal, Sony will still have a plethera of solid exclusives. MS' lineup on the other hand seems to be wearing thin. W/O Halo Reach the 360 would be in a lot of trouble right now.

champ213131d ago

lol thats the point..

halo is the only game xbots look forward to.

microsoft better hope bungie has the following in the works:

gaylo party
gaylo tennis
gaylo kart
gaylo fit
gaylo sports

all of those would sell in millions, since the bots dont have anything else to look forward to.

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Garethvk3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Why don't you direct your venom to the Seattle P.I. I am simply reporting their news, it was not one from Skewed and Reviewed, and supposedly the P.I. is a highly reliable source. Facts are facts, PS3 was tops in sales for September 09.

Also, sense you have so much vitrol, why don't you go and post some links showing this news reported here previously from the P.I. that includes the response from "Microsoft. I see you have two reports against the article, but offer no proof, just venom. Sounds to me like a Xbox fanboy who is pissed due to his 12th Red Ring of Death.

LordMarius3131d ago

Saaking is not a bot, lol

but the PS3 has been on top before this is not the first time

Garethvk3131d ago

That was my thought, but according to the P.I. this was the first time in 09 and normally it has peaked in Europe and Asia. They got a response from Microsoft as well. I have all three systems, and honestly, I still like my PC best and PS 3 second, only because I have never had an XBox last more than a couple of months without breaking down.

Battling_boy3131d ago

*The failbox fails, no warranty remaining, Rebuys 360 x 100000 makes sense.

kevinx10003130d ago

you own yourself with playing the 360 yourself.

"Playing Fable II
Rescing Charlie from a perilous dungeon.
Online For 1 Hour"


now you got owned by me big time, again.

kevinx10003130d ago

" Last Playing Ghostbusters Demo

Offline for 2 Hrs"

liked the superior version?

LordMarius3131d ago

"We expect it to be short-term and we expect them to be back down to third place soon like they've always been."

thems fighting words

SnuggleBandit3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

North America is the only place where the 360 MIGHT ever lead again.

blitz06233131d ago

Microsoft can talk and predict all they want. They just can't face the truth that it's Sony's turn to dominate. They just keep embarrassing themselves. If they focus on their console and not sales figures, then maybe, just maybe, they might find something worth their time besides talking about how good they WERE

Madusha3131d ago

"Microsoft expects Playstation 3 to be back in third place soon following their recent sales surge"

Long title... this sounds pretty stupid. If you look at the sales, it's clear the PS3 is leading by miles.

Maddens Raiders3131d ago

times sure have changed haven't they?

3131d ago
3131d ago
gaffyh3131d ago

Microsoft, didn't you ever hear the PlayStation tagline:

"Never Underestimate The Power of the PlayStation"

I suggest you listen to it. :)

cliffbo3131d ago

who cares who is in 1st or 2nd or 3rd place i buy the best console with the best games on not who is winning the console war.

if the 360 had games as good or better than the ps3 then i would buy that console.

but it DOES NOT so why is it that 360 owners keep saying there console has better gfx better cpu ect if it does then where is the proof ?

ultimolu3131d ago

1. Good going with the bubble snatching. Whoever is doing this, I truly feel sorry for you.

2. Yeah Microsoft, is that so? I do hope what you're saying is true because it's highly possible that Sony will snag second place. Your pricecuts isn't doing much good so you better have something to back those words up.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

You know M$ is hurting when they make a press-release desperately attempting to convince people that the major ownage they're receiving is only temporary... or should I sack LACK of ownage ;)

Now people are finally starting to realize Sony's philosophy of "This race is a marathon, not a sprint."

droid and bot3131d ago

now i know where turn 10 got all that

*sniff* *sniff*
whats that ??

oh its Microsoft sh!tting there pants

Blaster_Master3131d ago

I wish Microsoft would just shut the hell up and make some games actually worth having on the system. My 360 is collecting alot of dust right now.

Genesis53131d ago

I wouldn't count on that. I fully expected them to lead until MS
panics and slashes prices again.

Sarcasm3131d ago

Sure Microsoft, but Sony will always be #1 in quality REAL exclusives. That's why yo boy Major Nelson is turning on his dusty PS3 to play Uncharted 2. 1luv and godbless.


Sarick3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Microsoft announces $99-$150 console putting the next gen on par with last gen PS2's.

Is it just me that thinks MS is acting like ruthless cult leaders trying to brain wash followers like gaming is some sort of religious war to them?

The reason I'm saying is is because, everything they seem to announce is either F.U.D against the completion, damage control, or some type of baseless threat.

badz1493131d ago

man, have you been infected by HHG virus or something?

sikbeta3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Seems like M$ forgot about FF13 in December and GT5 in March and that's only in Japan and by that time GOW3 will be release in NA, so keep talking guys, they can't stop talking about Playstation all the time, I can imagine why... XD

kalebgray923131d ago

now they are same price....

Anon19743131d ago

Consider this, last year when the 360 slashed it's price after being outsold badly all year long - they managed to move 347,000 consoles in the month of Sept according to the NPD numbers.

After the PS3's price cut, and despite still being $100 more than the 360, sales spike to almost half a million consoles in the US. 491,800.

That's 40% more sales then the 360 managed via it's price cut.

It's obvious that this was what consumers were waiting for, and we know the PS3 has outsold the 360 overall since it launched worldwide. Clearly consumers favor the PS3 over the 360, yet we're still subjected to article after article claiming that's not the case. The facts speak for themselves.

HolyOrangeCows3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

*Buzzer Sound*

The PS3 has been selling at a faster rate on average since its release.
The X360 is actually selling at the slowest rate.

Xbox 360: 32.5 million sold/4 years = 8.125mil/year
Ps3: 25.5 million sold/3 years = 8.5mil/year

jimbone3130d ago

I know right, I don't know why anyone would want to even take a chance on making themselves look that bad. Anyone who thinks Sony isn't coming up fast and strong is in denial. I used to laugh at the Sony commits that they had a plan and everything was going their way.... until this year. Sony isn't going anywhere but up, and anyone with eyes and ears can see that. I am just happy they are pumping out the games not. I was worried for a min. MS needs to stop tooting their own horn and start concentrating on there 1st party studio recruitment because that is what I see as their major short coming as of now, but never count them out because they have been known to keep secrets before.....ANYWAY I hope both companies come out swinging in 2010.

Oh yea, and MS needs to let their product do more of the talking and shut thier condescending mouths sometimes. Like they can tell what the gaming juggernaut that is Sony is going to do.

3130d ago
likedamaster3130d ago

Anyone thinking the PS3 will eventually catch up is delusional and has no sense of reality.

Good for Sony though, they gambled and are losing big time. Getting some of that money back eases the blow but only in the short term.

Profit is the determining factor of whether Sony tries to pull this stunt again to only still lose money on every console.

To Sony... The strategy you used last gen wasn't a guarantee it would work this gen, hopefully you've learned your lesson.

HDgamer3130d ago

Sony hasn't lost anything, they didn't lose 1 billion from hardware failures, and the xbox 360 can't even beat the wii. If they were truly losing they could never made so many high quality games and continue to rise with their own install base that is growing each week. Sad that you can't face facts.

freeblue3130d ago

i guess a new MS ads is coming. get an elict for an arcade price.

droid and bot3130d ago

i think the only 2 mistakes Sony did are
1- releasing the PS3 late
2- releasing the PS3 with a high price

but guess what
PS4 wont have those problems at all
i know Sony well learn from their mistake
because they learned it the hard way

likedamaster3130d ago

"Sony hasn't lost anything, they didn't lose 1 billion..."

No, they lost 4.3 billion and still loses money on every PS3 machine it sells including the slim.

WenisWagon3130d ago

I think anyone with a brain knows PS3 will fall back to dead last and remain their for the remainder of this generation.

3130d ago
3130d ago
NinjaGaidenSigma3130d ago

360 is not outselling the PS3

Whitefox7893130d ago

*looks at bottom of wall of text*
binary.... really.....

yorkie3130d ago

ApocalyPS3 needs his medication again.

DevastationEve3130d ago

(looks at disagrees) wow, look at all those disagrees!

Wanna play numbers? Disagree with me 10,000,000 times. Then maybe you'll finally have an answer to Halo 3 ;)

sirbigam3130d ago

This is sad, wishing your competitor fails so publicly, Sony just use to say well try to go back to our place in the game industry, they'v got allot of 360's in NA they just have to give people exclusives like they got in 07.

GUNS N SWORDS3130d ago

of course they're going to expect that, their objective and their company structure aims for sinking competition....... it'd be no diff if sony expected the same of MS.

thesummerofgeorge3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

there are many big exclusive games coming out for the PS3, I don't see any reason for the PS3, which is thriving at a great price point with arguably the best tech and games, to slow down. I think Microsoft figures regardless of whether or not that statement is true, it's best to say it either way, reassure everyone now so they don't jump ship. It makes sense I suppose, there's nothing to lose by saying it.

Holidays are comin, System selling exclusives are comin (ie GT5, GoW3, Heavy Rain etc.) not to mention the promise of a long bright future with games like Agent and The Last Guardian, it's at a fair affordable price point, and you get free PSN so you can use all the features right out of the box. I think Microsoft is more worried than they would have you believe.

N4g_null3130d ago

You know it sure would be nice for the PS3 to actually have enough sales to be 2nd instead of fanboys acting like it is. Acting does not pay developers bills! Go and buy some damn games and stop acting like MS is an ex-girl friend LOL.

frostypants3130d ago

Microsoft is displaying the same arrogance that got Sony into trouble at the beginning of this gen. Sony has all the momentum and the far superior pipeline, and MS is talking trash and putting all their faith in a Wii-wannabe trash add-on. Good luck with that, Redmond...

CimmerianDrake3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

@likedamaster: So, where's this 4.3 billion dollar loss you pulled out of your a$$? I read the link, and all I see are analysts predicting stuff, but nowhere do I see Sony reporting such a loss. Plus, if you want to play it that way, I could say that the entire Xbox division has cost Microsoft 5 billion dollars since it's inception. 4 billion in losses for the original Xbox, and 1 billion in repair costs alone for the 360. But, you wouldn't be interested in those numbers because they don't prop up Microsoft or the 360.

@ApocalyPS3: When an entire brand is based around one game, it is expected that that one game will sell to everyone that buys the brand. What Microsoft does is starve their fanbase of great franchises, in favor of milking the few they have. The result is that the fanbase is deprived of variety and thus devour the one or two quality franchises that do trickle out. Sony and the PS3 do not require an answer to Halo 3 because the Playstation brand is accustomed to variety. See, the Playstation brands greatest strength, which can also be its greatest weakness, is that there are simply too many great games to play. People can't afford them all, so they have to pick and choose. But with the 360, all you have is Halo and recently Gears of War. So everyone can buy them because they don't have to worry about choice. The Xbox brand will milk Halo until the fanbase realizes what a washed out, has-been, totally generic franchise it is, while the Playstation brand will continue to have "too many" games, "too much" variety.

Sales mean nothing when you really only have one choice.

@scissor_runner: how about you explain two things. A)If the PS3 ISN'T in second place, why is Microsoft themselves saying that it currently is? B)What would you call it when the PS3 has been outselling the 360 since it's launch? Last place? Yeah, let's forget that no one was competing with the 360 for almost over a year, which is why it's overall SHIPPED numbers put it in second place.

indyman773130d ago

I was expecting much more of a pop, only to be disappointed. We need PS3 to do better to keep Micro$oft honest. Only a 120k lead after two months of pent up demand world wide which included many stores in the USA selling out before the price drop of old machines. And you would expect a BIGger boost. Now I know it was A BIG BOOST COMPAREING TO LAST YEARS PS3, but when you compare it to xbox360 which still cost the same to get a basic model, and they only dropped the price on the big model $100. That one month 120k lead is disappointing! Especially with uncharted 2 being released. Come the tally of October's NPD numbers I expect xbox360 to blow the PS3 away. I expect the wii to get a little scared.
Last time the PS3 had a price drop of $100 it was short lived also. And that was before we had a world wide economic meltdown.

Oner3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

HDGamer ~ "Sony hasn't lost anything, they didn't lose 1 billion from hardware failures, and the xbox 360 can't even beat the wii. If they were truly losing they could never made so many high quality games and continue to rise with their own install base that is growing each week. Sad that you can't face facts"

Actually it is more than 1 Billion since that estimate is about 2 years old already...and last I checked 360's STILL fail. No matter who says what to spin $#@!. So you could easily estimate between 2 to MAYBE 3 Billion in costs for failures, add that to the 7 Billion loss on the original Xbox PLUS not to mention the costs of dev'ing/,manufacturing the 360 itself early on and you really see how things are with MS.

But we are wasting our time HDG! Because you know just as well as I do that the uninformed know nothing but misinformation only to try and pass it off as fact...if only closed minds came with closed mouths as well!

MNicholas3128d ago

It's only after the $199 price-cut that it temporarily pulled ahead of the PS3 but that too was short lived.

That's why the 360 is dead last in average annual sales.

Wii: 18.92M sold each year
PS3: 8.62M sold each year
360: 8.32M sold each year

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Garethvk3131d ago

I will say this, the new titles look great. Uncharted 2, MAG, God of War 3, etc. I know that Rockstar was said to be working on a PS 3 only title that is going to take advantage of all the extra storage of a Blu Ray. I just wish that this whole 3rd part exclusive stuff would end. XBox 360 owners should be able to play any game that want, and PS 3 owners should be able to enjoy Left 4 Dead and Mass Effect if they want to.

Maddens Raiders3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

basically you want a uniconsole?

*yuck* >: \

ctfkev3131d ago

it would be brilliant if they figured out a way to make interconsole online matches. example: ps3 users can play online with XBL users on lets say COD4, or other multiplatform online titles.

That would be money, then XBL owners and PSN owners could seriously duke it out online.

slave2Dcontroller3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Sir, your missing the point here. Theres a technical gap between the 2 consoles. I wouldnt want Uncharted2 to sacrificed just so folks can play it on the 360. Would you like to see Gears Of War on the Wii while having the 360 version suffer due to it being multi plat? I sure in the hell wouldnt.

FireJackal3131d ago

I think they should change "expects" for "wishes" ;)

Mr Logic3131d ago

Guys he said 3rd party exclusive. The consoles would still keep their respective exclusives UC2, Halo3, etc.

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