Microsoft Confirms Windows 7 Upgrade Install Snafu

Microsoft has confirmed a problem that hundreds of users have reported with downloading Windows 7, according to its support forum.

The company is currently investigating the reports, but has not yet come up with a solution.

"For those that have purchased Windows 7 from Digital River and receive the error 'We are unable to create or save new files in the folder in which this application was downloaded' when going through the 'Unloading the Box' [step]...Microsoft and Digital River are aware of the issue and it's being investigated," a Microsoft support engineer said in a message posted yesterday.

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VictorSullivan3310d ago

Problems with Windows? What a goddamn shock.

Gago3310d ago

the problem isn't with windows, its the installer

kwicksandz3310d ago

Hey now gago

The SDF never let the facts get in the way of a good excuse to complain about "M$"

Godmars2903310d ago

And thank you for going to the "its the incompetent user's fault" defense.

Not that people should be bothering with an upgrade over a full install, especially after Vista, but still its on MS to make sure a moron could do it. Especially after Vista.

darkmurder3310d ago

You get what you pay for ;)

y0haN3310d ago

Yeah. A simple installer problem is way worse than your OS deleting all your files, way worse.

SantistaUSA3310d ago

I've been using Windows 7 Professional since 10/23 and it is working great, no crashes or slowdowns, and it only took me 30 to do a fresh install!

NoBias3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

I'm a mac :)

p0Wer3310d ago

People actually pay for Window$?

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Sir Ken_Kutaragi3310d ago


Serial_EDX3310d ago

It should be "anything Microsoft does" not "do".

tdrules3310d ago

wow people should stop connecting windows to xbox, the xbox division will never be at the level of windows ever, be damn relevant pleaseee.
and ive not had a single problem with the student upgrade, games work better, installed in around two hours.

then again, windows is to people what the weather is to us english people, we'll always complain about it

Godmars2903310d ago

Why when it follows in the grand tradition of Windows of not working right when first released?

Death3310d ago

Windows 7 like all other Windows versions went under beta testing. The final retail product is the easiest to use. Downloads require a little more technical savy then slapping a DVD into the cup holder and clicking "install". There is a work around for the downloaded exe. file to convert it to s useable iso, but it requires a little more know how.

Retail customers do not have this problem since installing off DVD is considerably more user friendly.


tdrules3310d ago

I would like to know your experience with Windows 7, you appear to be an expert on the Windows OS

Godmars2903310d ago

I made the mistake of doing a software upgrade over a full install with 98 and XP. Ended up having to do anyway.

tdrules3310d ago

then stop pretending you know what you're talking about kthx

Godmars2903310d ago

How do I know what I'm not talking about when I've had problems, which includes more than just MS related software, with upgrades vs a full install?

Serial_EDX3310d ago

Godmars290 my 92 Toyota corolla had a bad transmission, so that means all Toyotas will have Bad transmission, or what about my first Vizio HD TV, the HDMI ports didn't work right, that means Every TV will have the same issue.

your a idiot, just a FYI

Arnon3310d ago

Godmars just... shut up. Jesus 5 comments in a row in the first part of this comment board, and yet you still have not used 7 or Vista, and yet, you SOMEHOW... know what you're talking about.

"Oh well I've experienced a problem once with the install portion of Windows. It obviously means they're all bad. Oh, I can also relate these to future windows products even though I've never owned them."

Godmars2903310d ago

No, this would be my 5th. Really, how hard is it to count filled in bubbles?

And to the rest of you who spewed the exact same amount of defensive crap when Vista was coming out, I'm not talking about the actual operating OS but the installation process - something I'm sure none of you have ever had any problems with any program you've ever used.

Windows 7 sounds like its far more stable than Vista, a good move up from XP when someone is ready, but it doesn't reinvent the freaking horse. Unless you actually have stock in MS stop acting like it does.

Death3310d ago

OS's usually release to keep up with and take advantage of new technology. They also have improvements based on customer and developer feedback.

If you don't feel Windows 7's new features are worth the upgrade, then wait. I'm not sure how complaining about something you don't have or plan on getting is productive.


Arnon3310d ago

I hope you realize that the number of bubbles was not even the point I was trying to convey, right? It was a number used much like "Oh well I caught a fish that was like... 1000 lbs."

Godmars2903310d ago

No real point in bringing it up much less getting it wrong was it? Much like chastising my opinion of W7 as being wholly wrong when its my opinion.

I get agitated when the MS faithful, any corporate fanboy, drinks the Koolaid to the point they jump down someone's throat when they come looking for help in a forum. Try accepting that companies aren't perfect once in a while and that people have honest questions. That my own opinions towards MS comes from their seeming exploitation that all software has issues when first introduced.

Arnon3310d ago

Lol... we're jumping down your throat, because you wont shut up. "I hate this." "I hate this." "I hate this." Ok, thank you. We get it.

"You support this product. You're a Microsoft fanboy. Microsoft is not perfect. I hope you die."


That's what I was able to sum up from your comment. Not only is it wrong, but it's incredibly narrow-minded, which was what you've been trying to tell me not to be towards your asinine comments. If I'm a Microsoft fanboy, does that make you a Microsoft troll?

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testerg353310d ago

I ordered Win7 from Digital Rivers and successfully installed it on my ION media center.

FragMnTagM3310d ago

but it was related to not being able to upgrade from a 32 bit Vista to the 64 bit Windows 7. Also an ISO was needed. I did a quick Google search and found out how to make the ISO and did a clean install. Windows 7 works like a charm. My games run noticeably smoother and everything is pretty quick and snappy.

Most things are faster than XP and Vista. For instance, when copying files over from one medium to another, it is greatly improved. When I moved 8gb of data from my thumb drive back onto Windows 7, it took less than a minute. That used to take up to ten minutes to do on Vista and XP.

The way the windows are handled now, really makes it easy to do my college work as well. This was a good release for Microsoft and they should not be criticized for the small installation snafu.

FantasyStar3310d ago

I ordered my Student edition and got my key and download link. Win7 Pro baby! Always.

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