Possible Proof of Tales of Vesperia Localization

According to a user on VGChartz's forum, it appears we might have confirmation about a North American localization of Tales of Vesperia on the PlayStation 3.

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Kyll3341d ago

sweet stuff, my dusty PS3 needs a new game since Uncharted 2. I'll take it even if it's half as good xD.

Hardedge3341d ago

That's fantastic news, I've been waiting for this!

I Make Xbots Cry3341d ago

PS3 fans don't forget to thank the Xbots for beta testing the game for us, now we'll enjoy the superior version like we always do.

ShawnCollier3341d ago

Yeah, god knows what'll happen if this turns out to be a hoax.

mastiffchild3341d ago

Well, it looks real to me. We first heard this story about the boice cast returning a while back now and this backs what we alreay heard up convincingly for me.

Add in the great sales in Japan and the lacklustre 360 performance and I thjink they'll want to explout the PS3 audience everywhere-it was always a game likely to sell better on the PS3, imo, and not just in the east either as I feel non shooters have an uphill battle on the 360 with so many being shooter/Halo fans who bought the console compared to a more varied Sony demographic where sales across genres tend to be more equal.

Makes little sense not to bring it west at this point when SO4 is already doung the same thing. Good news for those who, ,like myself(as it hadn't arrived on 360 in the UK when the Jap PS3 version got announced)have waited to see if the more complete game is coming west to PS3.

kaaos6663341d ago

I hope it comes here i like tales games.

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