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Geek writes: "Demon's Souls is hard. Seriously hard, not challenging or above average–it's bordering on the ridiculous. That in and of itself is fine–some gamers like a test of skills–but the problems come as a result of the game design. There are no mid-level checkpoints, you can't save whenever you'd like, and when you die everything you did in that last life is basically lost (with a catch, but we'll get to that soon). So you can sit down and play the game for an hour straight and accomplish nothing. No kidding, nothing. This is when the game crosses over from hard to frustrating and it will be losing the interest of most many, even people that had some inkling of what to expect. And you can't pause so when you sit down be ready to ignore your phone/email/girlfriend and play."

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TheBand1t2948d ago

Something tells me that this guy completely misses the point of this game.

Vicodin2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Just look at the clown's other reviews. Like:

Review: Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee

WTF is this guy is doing 'reviewing' a game like Demon's Souls. He even states that he is still only partway through the game.

FrankenLife2948d ago

I am seriously addicted to this game. I could have beaten it a long time ago, but I am milking my playthrough to get everything I possibly could before I get into a new game plus. This game may have a specific audience, but it serves that audience damn well.

MeatAbstract2948d ago

This is a sweet game. Yes, it can get frustrating but not enough to make me turn away from it. When you die its frustrating because you realize your own stupidity, plain and simple.

Demon's Souls is a challenge, a very rewarding one though. There is so much to find and unlock and while I admit some of the bosses are quite easy, getting through an entire level gives so much satisfaction you rarely get from completing an entire game.

If people turn away from this game for its difficulty, its because they lack the patience for it and don't understand it.

El_Colombiano2948d ago

You die, it's your fault. Simple as that. The game is hard but NEVER is it unfair.

rbluetank2948d ago

i am just leveling up my weapons. there are alot of special stones/weapon to help you upgrade your weapons. i wanted to know if you can sell some of your useless weapons for souls. if not then; i will be playing this board for a couple of days before moving on. lol i love this game. demon soul FTW!

GarandShooter2948d ago

No, you cannot sell/trade equipment for souls.

Bits-N-Kibbles2946d ago

you can trade that comb for a ring to the guy that holds your stuff in the nexus

rbluetank2948d ago

i did not complete anything. die and re-die was me... lol my gaming experience was sad/frustrating. i was ready to quit the game for good. i read a article on N4G about a guy who finished the game. he said that he used a temple knight with a +10 halbret weapon. i believe; he said he was at level 35 when he beat the game. i realized right then and there that my style of close quarter combat with a short sword needed to be looked at. i restarted my game and epuiped myself with a temple knight with a halbret weapon i started killing enemies at a safe distant. i beat the first boss in two hours time and i have been kicking astray since. i am at level 33 and +5 halbret. i am having a blast now. the game is a grind and not a 100 mph race to the finish line. if people take their time; they will enjoy this game. some parts of the game you will learn from dying alot and that is just how it goes. i small hint that took me a long time to figure out and use. when you have alot of souls go back to the nexus by the sword route and spend that money on what you need. do not use the dead hero souls unless you know what you want to buy. the enemies will respawn but when you die you will not have loss everything. like i said the game is a grind, so take your time to make the right move. going back to play demon soul,,, lol

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