Haze PS3-only in '07

Console now "lead platform" for Ubisoft's next-gen sci-fi shooter--but still not exclusive; game to counter Halo 3 this fall, new screens inside.

With Killzone 2's release date still very much up in the air--more information is expected at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in July--it looked like there would be no PlayStation 3-exclusive first-person-shooter counterweight to Halo 3 this fall.

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Blasphemy4220d ago

I cannot wait for this game it looks fun as hell.

power of Green 4220d ago

It must be some game. Never really thought that highly of it when i thought it was 360 exclusive. I think Sony went after it after MS more than likely said Meh but we'll take it if you want to give it to us. Too Many FPS's like Huxely and BioShock. I really hope this game is good I think Sony can take advantage of the growing taste in western games and will increase PS3 sales in the states thus being at peace on my favorite site. Tis' great to see Sony providing FPS's and MS RPG's/JRPS's.

ER1X4220d ago

but what did you do with POG? ;-)

closedxxx4220d ago

I'm not trying to downplay a PS3 (timed) exclusive, it's just that it's one of those games where nobody really cares that it is exclusive for 2007.
The only reason people are talking about it is because it was unclear for a while if it was going to be released simultaneously on the Xbox360 and PS3. Not because it's going to be a "killer app" for lack of a better term.

nice_cuppa4220d ago

still all speculation about release dates only that ps3 is lead platform ( ? )

no release dates until e for all !

_insane_cobra4220d ago

Exactly, it seems the part about the PS3 version coming out in 2007 and the other two in 2008 is just speculation on GameSpot's part, otherwise they would've quoted Ubisoft people on that. It's probably fueled by the fact that only the release date of the PS3 version is mentioned in the official fact sheet. Let's not forget we've already had a somewhat similar situation with Ubisoft and Assassin's Creed.

Expy4220d ago

Ubisoft representative mentioned it word for word at UbiDays'07. It was in French, probably why most people didn't see it.

_insane_cobra4220d ago

Then can you show me that quote? Because I'd like to see it.

QuackPot4220d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

Get it from the horse's mouth at the end of the video:

Ps3 owners get to enjoy the full glory - no half-hearted port here - of a great new shooter while the xbox360 users a have their fun with H3

Then when the H3 hype has run its course, Haze will be released to xbox etc.

Only logical really. The developers aren't going to miss out on sales of their game to the xbox360.

Now if only Micro$oft would port Halo 3, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Gears of War etc to the Ps3.

This gamer can only dream......

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Awesome. A PS3 exclusive game from Ubisoft.

dominusbellum4220d ago

it's not exclusive it will come to the 360 nice try though

PhinneousD4220d ago

it's delayed on the 360 so they don't have to compete with halo 3. and that's the truth.

progx4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

not that it matters, I wouldn't buy it whenever it was released. I'll be busy with a little somethin called Halo.

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The story is too old to be commented.