Forza Motorsport 3 - Some of The Best Custom Paintjobs To Offer

Machinima put together a video showing some of the best custom paintjobs already created in the new racing title Forza Motorsport 3. Some of these paintjobs are already being sold with the new storefront features and a couple are even free. This is only the beginning and the creativity shown from these works of art will only fuel the growth of creativity for the many.

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Bot Smasha2441d ago

Wow look at those blurry graphics o.o , Best looking paintjobs? i lold

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FordGTGuy2441d ago

seems to come in all forms.

NewZealander2441d ago

that video was freaking epic, and funny as hell!, go go tourismo! lol
both games look great but i give forza the edge considering it only took a couple of years to make.

Sonyslave32441d ago

Damn these paint jobs are mind blowing.

Sonyslave32441d ago

holy sh!t i didn't know you can put half naked chicks on your car.

ambientFLIER2441d ago

There's nothing stopping you from putting fully nude chicks on there.

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Mr Logic2441d ago

Ok. The rust is awesome except that the car is still shiny. He should have used matte paint or something.

boodybandit2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

I wish I had the skills some of these guys do.
I have a friend that is an artist and even he has a hard time using the tools Turn 10 offer but he has come out with some exceptional designs.

I just don't have the patience for it. I just want to race!

rockleex2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

But this is something I expect in street racing games, not professional racing games.

Because the only designs professional racers have on their cars are for their sponsors.

Custom paint job designs would make more sense if Forza offered a street racing mode.

Oh well, as long as Forza fans want it then that's all that matters.

NoBias2441d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Just had to find a way to get a jab in there, huh...

I guess all cars without any sponsorship and/or their logos would look out of place as well driving around in a professional race? Or no?

likedamaster2440d ago

Here's original video for 360 enthusiasts and haters alike...

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Sonyslave32441d ago

too all yall damn droids it only took turn 10 2 years to make the best sim ever imagine if they had 6 years like PD.

nolifeking2441d ago

I would hope they got it done quick seeing as how it's Forza 2 with a little extra concealer on.

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The story is too old to be commented.