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Forza Motorsport 3 - Some of The Best Custom Paintjobs To Offer

Machinima put together a video showing some of the best custom paintjobs already created in the new racing title Forza Motorsport 3. Some of these paintjobs are already being sold with the new storefront features and a couple are even free. This is only the beginning and the creativity shown from these works of art will only fuel the growth of creativity for the many. (Forza Motorsport 3, Xbox 360)

Credit url: forzacentral.com
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Bot Smasha  +   1802d ago
Wow look at those blurry graphics o.o , Best looking paintjobs? i lold
OWNED   1802d ago | Spam
FordGTGuy  +   1802d ago
seems to come in all forms.
NewZealander  +   1802d ago
that video was freaking epic, and funny as hell!, go go tourismo! lol
both games look great but i give forza the edge considering it only took a couple of years to make.
Eiffel  +   1802d ago
Holy sh!t Gran Turismo got pwned so badly.
shadowwizard  +   1801d ago

LMAO! :-D :-D
Sonyslave3  +   1802d ago
Damn these paint jobs are mind blowing.
Sonyslave3  +   1802d ago
holy sh!t i didn't know you can put half naked chicks on your car.
ambientFLIER  +   1802d ago
There's nothing stopping you from putting fully nude chicks on there.
Paradicia  +   1802d ago
Mind BLOWN !
Paraphernalia Guy   1802d ago | Spam
Mr Logic  +   1802d ago
Ok. The rust is awesome except that the car is still shiny. He should have used matte paint or something.
boodybandit  +   1802d ago
I cant design anything in Forza paint shop
I wish I had the skills some of these guys do.
I have a friend that is an artist and even he has a hard time using the tools Turn 10 offer but he has come out with some exceptional designs.

I just don't have the patience for it. I just want to race!
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rockleex  +   1801d ago
This is good...
But this is something I expect in street racing games, not professional racing games.

Because the only designs professional racers have on their cars are for their sponsors.

Custom paint job designs would make more sense if Forza offered a street racing mode.

Oh well, as long as Forza fans want it then that's all that matters.
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NoBias  +   1801d ago
Just had to find a way to get a jab in there, huh...

I guess all cars without any sponsorship and/or their logos would look out of place as well driving around in a professional race? Or no?
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likedamaster  +   1801d ago
Here's original video for 360 enthusiasts and haters alike...

Sonyslave3  +   1802d ago
too all yall damn droids it only took turn 10 2 years to make the best sim ever imagine if they had 6 years like PD.
nolifeking  +   1802d ago
I would hope they got it done quick seeing as how it's Forza 2 with a little extra concealer on.
DelbertGrady  +   1801d ago
They don't need 6 years.
mrv321  +   1802d ago
Some people have too much time on their hands... this person is very jelous.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   1801d ago
That's why it's called art. Not just anyone can create anything. Why do you think when someone create art or music they call it a "piece"?! It takes time and devotion to create a good piece of work. Everyone is not born with talent.
KionicWarlord222  +   1802d ago
Impressive .
Perkel  +   1802d ago
uhh i would kill someone if he disgrace bmw with this sh*ty joker painting..

hard to do ? yes
amazing ? christ NO !

waiting for pokemon painting.. or for more good ones.. not comix cars.. ehh
Montrealien  +   1802d ago
I disagreed. And this video just shows that the custom work that can be done in this game is the best ever. If you like what some people did or not is subjective and does not matter.

/on topic

Forza 3 is a blast, what a great game. This will surely keep me busy till GT5 comes out.
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Eiffel  +   1802d ago
BMW's are a disgrace for even existing. Audi's take a massive dump on any BMW.
ambientFLIER  +   1802d ago
Err, I'd take an M3 or an M5 over any Audi. I personally never found Audis exciting.
kaveti6616  +   1802d ago
Pump your brakes, kid.

My dream car is the 2001 BMW 740il. Audi cars look like slightly better versions of Volkswagons.
GameOn  +   1801d ago
What you mean sh*ty joker. Thats exactly how he looks in my Batman Vs Judge Dred comic.
Perkel  +   1801d ago
@ above

the idea of comix/serial/film/ liveries is stupid that is what i mean.
Saaking  +   1802d ago
They look like crap.
Eiffel  +   1802d ago
We get it, you're a douchebag. Stop making it so clear.
XDF  +   1802d ago
Give it up...you cover has been blown. You have multiple accounts playing both sides...


You have no credibility left.

It is like you are Golem and Smeagal..LMFAO
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DelbertGrady  +   1801d ago
Go cry on your blog you sorry droid.
nolifeking  +   1802d ago
The paint jobs are nicely done, it's just that they seem better suited to Tokyo drift or something.
kaveti6616  +   1802d ago
A lot of artists will love this. I only made simpler drawings on my cars in Forza 2, but these guys are pro. I was especially impressed by the Rust car.
Eiffel  +   1802d ago
Is the video big enough?
Sunny_D  +   1802d ago
Was thinking the same.
I Make Xbots Cry  +   1802d ago
Looks like Ass
definitive piece of sh!t indeed.
Alpha_Gamer  +   1802d ago
DelbertGrady  +   1801d ago
Sh!t you say? As in Gran Turdismo.
level 360  +   1802d ago
It's not what I can call or even classify as artworks.. more like just flashy advertising billboards.

Do better next time..
ambientFLIER  +   1802d ago
They aren't advertised as artworks, but as custom paintjobs. The whole point of the video is to show how advanced the feature really is.
dan_dufferin98  +   1801d ago
Turn 10 has to do better, but wont because SONY IS THE BEST!!!! NOTHING WILL BE BETTER THAN GT5. NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS3!! PS3!!!! that's what you really meant to say right?
Alpha_Gamer  +   1802d ago
Very nice.
WIIIS1  +   1802d ago
A racer that doesn't allow you to do custom decals is lacking.
dan_dufferin98  +   1801d ago
of course it's lacking because the PS3 RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS3 IS THE BEST!!!!! that's what you really mean.
ambientFLIER  +   1802d ago
Wow...anybody who has EVER wanted to design custom paintjobs or graphics just ran out and bought a copy. They might never even drive the damn things.

Say what you want about this game, the graphics, or the developer, but you can't deny how awesome this feature is.
Fedorov  +   1802d ago
They all are fail
dan_dufferin98  +   1801d ago
they all are fail because PS3 IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOTHING CAN COMPARE TO PS3!! NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Make Xbots Cry  +   1802d ago
Turd is still Turd
even with pretty colors, Flopza 3 Hotwheels barbie edition can't compete with the real driving simulator that is Gran Turismo.

Turd 10 will end up like every M$uck first party studio bankrupt and out of business.

have fun paying $60 for stickers DLCs hahahahahahahaha
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Halo3 MLG Pro  +   1802d ago
Freaking EPIC!
LEGENDARY PELON  +   1802d ago
BUT HURT ps3 fanboiis!
the Halo 3 ODST Corvette caught me off gaurd!!

come on Ps3 fanboiis, lets here it!!
start hatting and talking smack like u always do!

lets see if gt5 is the caliber of Forza Motorsport 3!!
slave2Dcontroller  +   1802d ago
PS3 FTW!!!
But yeah thats some really sweet work. That Brutal Legend Camaro SS was AWSOME!Its amazing how fast they churned out such quality paint jobs in such little time.

Although GT is the King of Racing Sims, Forza3s' design feature is a definite plus for the game and definitely something for you 360 fantards to shove in our PS3 fantards faces. That being said, I'm really impressed. There. I said it. ;)

Butt Hurt Though? I dont think you want to go there. In fact, I'm sure you dont want to go there.
#21.1 (Edited 1802d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
dan_dufferin98  +   1801d ago
@ 11.1, Of course GT5 is king!!! it's on the BEST SYSTEM, THE MIGHTY PS3!!!!! NOTHING WILL BE BETTER THAN GT5!!! THATS FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Halo_Reach  +   1801d ago
but but but GT5 delayed to 2011 but but but PD only can make decent game in 6 years but but
we are playing the best racing game ever and they are ... oh but but.. .LOOL

Forza 3 whats ana amazing GAME!

100/100 !
DelbertGrady  +   1801d ago
I'm switching between Forza 3 and Borderlands 3-player co-op. Two things which both are impossible on the PS3. I almost shed a tear when I heard about the PS3 version of Borderlands. Not only does it look like @ss compared to the 360 version, but the online is completely broken as well. Poor droids.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   1801d ago
Damn, do you people realize how long it takes to make a real picture of a face?!
I have no words for his creativity level for the cars with the girls on them. That sheit took some real time to do. This guy is gonna make some money in the auction house. He is a damn good artist.
garos82  +   1801d ago
thats bloody awesome. im no xbox/forza fan but thats some really cool features to have in any game. customisation of character/car models FTW
Ninjamonkey  +   1801d ago
I hope the joker and brutal legend ones are still on sale when i get the game becuase I WANT.

Also Im suprised that they wernt all done on Nissan Fairladys like Forza 2 since they were great for paint jobs...

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