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Submitted by immortal84 2298d ago | article

11 upcoming games that will blow you away graphically We are now living in the HD era, and with each year pass us away, we still continuously seeing video game developers who are trying to push the boundaries with new engines, special tricks and visual effects in an attempt to impress us (gamers) and to bring non gamers to game.

Great graphics doesn't always make a great game, but if a certain game does have good gameplay, but bad graphics, it's undoubtedly will lessen the experience as a whole. (Culture, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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mrv321  +   2298d ago
I voted Heavy Rain it looks so much more than a game.

I disagree with Lost Planet I played the demo and wasn't blown away.
hardcore1912  +   2298d ago
Man Lost Planet 2 looks amazing
The game is on par with the best, no doubt about it.
Sunny_D  +   2298d ago
I'm with The Last Guardian on this one. Sometimes, having the most photorealistic graphics can be a bit bland. :/ So, even though Heavy Rain is looking very realistic, it's a style that other devs try to recreate. However, TLG will have that realistic look along with an art style that will make you feel lost in a fantasy world. It will truely be one of a kind.
mrv321  +   2298d ago
It's just my impression from the demo. It's my opinion, and your welcome to yours. I just wasn't blown away as I was with Killzone 2 for example.

You are welcome to disagree but I'll admit this my view was tainted by the HORRID controls, I almost felt sick. They are almost as bad as Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2's

EDIT: I am not the one disagreeing with you. But decided to click agree because your opinion is never wrong to you.
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immortal84  +   2298d ago
@ mrv321
It's your opinion and I respect that. But in my opinion the game look freaking good, it's like RE 5 but with better graphics, physics and more things happening at the screen. BTW, Heavy Rain graphics are fantastic.
GWAVE  +   2298d ago
No 360 game belongs on that list. Sorry, but we've seen gameplay of Alan Wake and Splinter Cell: Conviction.

While they don't look BAD, their graphics don't even come close to "blowing me away graphically". The era of 360 graphics going toe-to-toe with PS3 graphics are over.
SnuggleBandit  +   2298d ago
I don't think lost planet belongs on that list either. God of war will be the most impressive in my opinion(huge titans, head rip, zipper tech, etc)
Greywulf  +   2298d ago
Lost Planet 2 had a demo
That demo was not on par with anything blowing anyone away. They need to stick to showing off the PC version with extra fx or something.

The game looks good,but we are well past the days of thinking normal maps with gloss is amazing. The 360 hasn't managed to blow away anyone with visuals in 5 years, doubt next year will be any different.
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droid and bot  +   2298d ago
MGS:R in that list ??

we haven't seen anything out of that game
maybe he should just take it out and make it 10
or add GT5
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ZombieAutopsy  +   2298d ago
@droid and bot
I think theyre taking into account that it'll look just as good (if not better) than MGS4 according to Kojima-san, i personally wouldnt of put the game on the list without at least a screenshot of it but whatever.
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Timesplitter14  +   2298d ago
I'm not sure if anything this gen can beat Uncharted 2.

I didn't even know it was possible to reach this quality with current gen hardware
BYE  +   2298d ago
From playing the demo I think Lost Planet 2 looks solid. Just what you'd expect from a sequel.

But is it up there with the best? No.
Sitdown  +   2298d ago
"No 360 game belongs on that list. Sorry, but we've seen gameplay of Alan Wake and Splinter Cell: Conviction."

Have you also seen gameplay for Mass Effect 2 and Assassins Creed 2?

On another, and slightly random I was typing this post, I just saw the first Forza 3 was on ESPN during half time of the Michigan/Penn State game.
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Harry_Manback  +   2298d ago
IMO Lost Planet 2 demo looked like ass
And especially now, after playing Uncharted 2...LP2 REALLY looks terrible
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sikbeta  +   2298d ago
About the list:

.FF13 = Wrong -> FFv13 will have better graphics
.GOW3 = Right
.MGS: Risen (?) - MGS: Rising = Wrong -> being multiplat will f*ck PS3 port
.Crysis 2 = Right, is Crysis nobody can deny It
.Alan Wake = probably, no longer Open-World in order to look better (compression matters)
.Heavy Rain = Right
.Assassin Creed 2 = Wrong -> being multiplat will f*ck PS3 port
.Lost Planet 2 = probably It has better graphics than RE5 but again multiplat
.Mass Effect 2 = probably, but is gonna have the same problems as the First
.Splinter Cell: Conviction = Wrong
.The Last Guardian = Probably, as always Team Ico will put great graphics, but It has a lot of competition this time

When I'm saying "multiplat is gonna f*ck PS3 port", I'm not refering as the xbox to be the problem, I state my opinion that Devs are incompetents dealing with Ports
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WinterWolf  +   2298d ago
I voted for the Last Guardian...
To is not all about pixels and triangles. I am just amazing by the artistic value of The Last Guardian visuals. It is bold, creative, inspired, and set apart.
Yarite  +   2298d ago
Not expecting pure eye sex Uncharted 2 graphics with any of these games but that won't stop them from looking impressive.

Anyway I agree with them all minus....

Mass Effect 2 (Looks colorless)
Lost Planet 2 (Some screens I have seen look like a pure mess)
MGS Rising (I know Kojima said it will look better then 4 but that could be PR. Also I mean WTF we haven't even seen a screenshot yet...)

I was really surprised with the latest FFXIII screens I saw which are all real time in-game graphics.

One thing about Final Fantasy is they always have breath taking locations that your mind could only imagine if you were completely high.

I really like the look of this new location in the latest Famitsu scan. (also in-game image)

Just looks like such a nice place to explore.
blusoops  +   2298d ago
huh? NO GT5?
Where the hell is GRAN TURISMO 5?!!!
that's gonna blow away any one still considering buying a's gonna look fantastic.
BTW i agree with 1.0 I played the lost planet demo, and it wasn't anything special, i thought RE5 looked better, but that's just my opinion. maybe the final version will look better.
As far as the list goes, my vote goes to heavy rain, then GOW3, then last guardian.
Xbox Avatars Shoe  +   2298d ago
Terrible list
That list sucked! They have a bunch of 360 and multiplatform games but no GT5 WTF?!

Alan Wake
Splinter Cell: Conviction
Mass Effect 2
Assassin Creed 2
Lost Planet 2

In order for something to "blow you away," it has to make you say "OMG! No way! That's crazy!" and none of those make you say that. KZ2 and U2 set the new graphics benchmark so if order for something to "blow me away," they have to surpass those and no 360 game ever will. Those all look GOOD, but nothing that will "blow you away." They're all 360 games and the 360 is clearly maxed. Gears 2 was supposed to be the 360's landmark graphical power house and it wasn't anything special. Uncharted 2 has graphics that "blow you away," but no 360 does or will. I played the LP2 demo and was very disappointed in it's graphics! It's just using the RE5 engine so I doubt they're gonna radically improve the graphics.

FFXIII's graphics have already been dumbed down due to the 360 so it won't be mind-blowing. Just compare the old in-game screenshots to the new and you'll see the downgrade, especially the textures. The textures are now "drawn-on" instead of 3D.

You can't say MGSR will have mind-blowing graphics just because a rep said so *face palm* Reps exaggerate all the time and they still haven't finished the engine so they might even be overestimating the 360's capabilities. Even if it DOES look better than MGS4, MGS4 doesn't look that good anymore. MGS4 had awesome facial movements but Uncharted 2's are better as are the graphics. LBP and KZ2 look better than MGS4 when comparing sheer graphics.

Heavy Rain is already mind-blowing and I'm sure GoW3 will be too since the PS3 isn't maxed (unlike the 360) and the GoW3 devs are amazing. And where the fvck is GT5?! That game looks real!
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prabx  +   2298d ago
If it were my list of upcoming games that will blow you away graphically:

God Of War
Crysis 2
Heavy Rain
Last Guardian
GT5 (instead of Lost Planet 2)
Mafia II (instead of Alan Wake) - Looks FR!CK!N sick!
7ero H3LL  +   2298d ago

-"No 360 game belongs on that list. Sorry, but we've seen gameplay of Alan Wake and Splinter Cell: Conviction."

was that a compliment or was that being OFFENSIVE, speak plainly please.
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heroicjanitor  +   2298d ago
I voted crysis 2
We all know it will be the best looking(on pc at least) on consoles I'd vote god of war 3, I'd put it ahead of crysis 2 console versions by a long way.
zeeshan  +   2298d ago
Not trying to be a fanboy here but I voted for Heavy Rain and when I saw the results, I immediately noticed that all the top 5 games are on PS3 with 3 of them being exclusive to PS3. It kind of screams PS3 power we all have been hearing about ever since it was introduced. GOOD JOB SONY!
bnaked  +   2298d ago
FF13 is looking average..

Where are the details in background? lol compare it to games like Uncharted 2 or even Resident Evil 5! It's strange, but the short FF14 gameplay szenes are looking much better..
CLANCY BROWN  +   2298d ago
heavy rain don't count
Heavy rain is not a game. It is an interactive movie you could probably play with a dvd remote. A whole game of qte- how queer.It's a noir version of DRAGON'S LAIR AND SPACE ACE from the 80's.The only reason people care about this so called game is because it is exclusive to the ps3.This one will make MGS 4 cutscenes look tame by comparison.I just cannot get excited by a glorified choose your own adventure book- also from the 80's .-coincidental?
ThanatosDMC  +   2298d ago
LP2 will be a great co-op game but not the best looking one out there.

Last Guardian by far looks like the best out of all the games that are coming out. Heck, it looks even better than Uncharted 2 with those trailer in-game vids.

AVP3 will look better than most UE3 games.

I'm really curious about Dead Rising 2 and how many zombies will be on screen. I hope there's a way to play it co-op. Not deathmatch games or the like but just plain co-op. Full co-op would be just great.

I'm still not sure about CryEngine since we havent seen much of a game for it running on the PS3. I say PS3 since no FPS game on the console has topped Killzone 2, yet.
bnaked  +   2298d ago

It's not a game, it's more..

It's like playing a LA Crash game, but you can decide..

An emotional experience..

I can't wait..
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   2298d ago

Don't ilude yourself. FF XIII looks well within the actual standard, but nothing to write home about.

The first pic is pre-rendered.

2nd, 3rd e 5th are non combat setting. Those always look good for the static part (backgroung, 3D scene) but animated models will look like they do in-combat. I can't see anything in those screenshots that looks to be animated in the game, can you?

The 4th is actual in-game combat. It obviously not only look much worse than 1st (pre-rendered) for textures, hair, cloth and general details but it also has much simpler background than other settings.

Judging from this image, if this will be within the FF XII or Crisis Core line of combat, this is F*ed up since those backgrounds looks more like what you would expect from a turn based RPG that take the battle to a generic arena where you can't move... Looks like there will be nothing happening and the enviroment lacks detail.

And this is as an RPG... There are few characters at screen, the animations are almost all scripted (there is practically no hit detection or any physics based animations) and most of the time effects in general are more beautiful than demanding (nothing wrong here but phew phew shots and that glowing sword trail don't justify) so there is no reason to FFXIII looks like that.

Maybe I'm being too harsh for just one pic, but from all I have seen, expect awesome graphics from FF is delusional.
Jaces  +   2298d ago
Alan Wake does look pretty good but nothing mindblowing, that also goes for Assassins Creed, Splinter Cell, and Lost Planet 2.

Don't get me wrong, they look great, but again...nothing mindblowing.
kalebgray92  +   2298d ago
how can you not have gt5 on the list?
Ravage27  +   2298d ago
hm....let's see
First of all, where's GT5? <- When it comes to graphics, GT is king

LostPlanet2 looks alright, but i wouldn't put it in my list unless there isn't much competition. The trademark weaknesses of the MT frame engine is still apparent. Fugly water and splash effects(rain doesn't interact with anything,was expecting it to bounce off my character) and the lighting still needs work. Looks better than RE5 though.

MG Rising (no gameplay footage so no point talking about it)
ME2 (don't see that much of an improvement over the 1st one, and ME1 isn't exactly pretty,hope they fixed the framerate issue this time)
SCC (um...not really)
AC2 (hopefully,i like the art style of the series)
Alanwake (have not watched any vids so no comments)
Coffin87  +   2298d ago
# God of War 3 (24%, 581 Votes)
# Crysis 2 (21%, 523 Votes)
# The Last Guardian (18%, 448 Votes)
# Heavy Rain (17%, 428 Votes)
# Final Fantasy XIII (7%, 161 Votes)

i voted the last guardian. man, have you guys seen the trailers? it's AMAZING. that animal looks 100% realistic and lifelike, and the graphics just take you away on a journey of your mind into a whole other dimension. this is what matters to me.
mal_tez92  +   2297d ago
Don;t know about most of these games
Crysis 2 will look amazing on high end PC's but I'm not sure how good the console versions will look.
KiRBY3000  +   2297d ago
most impressive visuals
PS3 exclusives:
God of War 3 (24%, 738 Votes)
The Last Guardian (18%, 560 Votes) <--- my vote :)
Heavy Rain (17%, 538 Votes)
total: 59%

360 exclusives:
Alan Wake (3%, 96 Votes)
Mass Effect 2 (2%, 63 Votes)
Splinter Cell: Conviction (2%, 60 Votes)
total: 7%

i think its clear which system blow people away graphically.

btw, why isnt GT5 on that list? that game's graphics compete with real life.

and Lost Planet, are you serious? from what i've seen in the demo, it doesnt even look as good as RE5. RE5 real time cut scenes are magnificent.
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Noct  +   2297d ago
bishop-br is fail
It looks amazing.

mikeslemonade  +   2297d ago
I don't consider most of these games to have that impressive looking graphics. Uncharted 2 smashes all these games basically. Gran Turismo 5, Crysis 2, Heavy Rain, and the Last Guardian(maybe) belong on the list. Alan Wake is a joke why even put it on the list it's one of the most overated games. Watch Alan Wake turn into Too Human...
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2297d ago
You must have really low standards to think Lost Planet 2 looks good.
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DevastationEve  +   2297d ago
Heavy Rain? They have atmosphere and animation but the graphics I wouldn't say would be where it shines. Maybe some of the environments, I like how they try to come as close to a complete world as they can.

Again though, the texture work is going to be thinned out as they have to work with quite a bit. I guess on the scale of it Heavy Rain's graphics do impress, but they're about as good as they can be given how huge the environments are.

edit: Lost Planet 2 easily beats out every game in that list. MT Framework 2.0 is one tough engine to compete with.
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ZombieAutopsy  +   2298d ago
Looking forward to every game on their except prolly Alan Wake, seems too much like Alone in the Dark. Voted for God Of War 3 not really because i think itll be the best looking (it will be one of the best this gen though) but i think itll have amazing graphics and an even better art style (not to mention AAA gameplay).
#2 (Edited 2298d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Kain81  +   2298d ago
Improved Graphics and they have 5 month until release
Sunny_D  +   2298d ago
Holy Sh!t Kain...
Is that really gamplay from the latest build? It looks completely different from what I've seen! Kick@ss!
ZombieAutopsy  +   2298d ago
damn whenever i see screen or footage of that game it makes me wanna break into the Santa Monica Studio and steal everything they have for GoW3. The only reason i dont is so they make it look even better than it already is :P
#2.3 (Edited 2298d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
crazydrummerlad1  +   2298d ago
whoa the screen at 0:56 looks incredible. i never paused it there to notice all that detail!!!
Darkeyes  +   2298d ago
I bet on GOW3 and Heavy Rain to push boundaries like UC2 did, which is not only in graphics, but amount of things on screen (implies for GOW3) and just the detailing of environment and gameplay. Crysis 2 also will be a good bet and I look forward to see how the console versions pan out (Crysis 2 on PC already can be tagged as the best looking game without even seeing any gameplay... 1st one still hasn't been dethroned).

I am sure even TLG will be great looking, but I have a gut feeling it will be pushed to 2011. Even Assassin's Creed 2 looks great for an open world game and could easily be the best looking game in that category. On the 360, I feel Alan Wake looks great, even better than SC:C, but Ubisoft said they delayed SC to polish, so don't now how it's gonna be. Either ways, awesome looking games are coming out next year.

And no list of best looking games is complete without GT5...
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DonCorneo  +   2298d ago
GT > Real
chrisulloa  +   2298d ago
You probably don't go out much.
TheXgamerLive  +   2298d ago
I agree with most but not all of their choices, but the one game that doesn'y even belong next to those is.....
god of war III, sorry but all previous footage if this looks like god of war II, so this is a major joke.
ZombieAutopsy  +   2298d ago
Your kidding right about GoW3 looking like GoW2, Gow3 looks better than the CG that was in Gow2. I know its not the best looking game ever but its better than most that are out now and they still have 5 more months to polish it.
ninjagoat  +   2298d ago
Expct for crysis none of them upcomers hold a candle next to Uncharted 2. Final Fantasy the gfx lay in the videos. simple as that never liked them games. Mass effect static worlds you cant even jump in. Splintercell xboxes last great hope. Bah
crazydrummerlad1  +   2298d ago
i voted heavy rain after long debatin between gow3 n heavy rain. theyre both gonna b amazin
crazydrummerlad1  +   2298d ago
after further thinkin...
i shoulda voted gow3....
Timesplitter14  +   2298d ago
I'm sure GoW3 will be a great game but I don't expect it to impress graphically.
Wallonsi  +   2298d ago
Where's GT5?
Sunny_D  +   2298d ago
I guess they wanted games with people or characters in them.
slipkoRn  +   2298d ago
there are people in cars
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2298d ago
before looking at the article
8 of them must be for ps3,and the other 3 for PC.

looks at the article........

3 are for ps3,5 are multiplats and the other 3 are for 360.

1 of the 3 for 360 was for pc and was downgraded.the 2nd looked poor next to mgs4 and was scrapped and started over.the 3rd game actually has a good scifi feel to it.

the article should have a 12th known game in it is the best looking racer coming next year.
BYE  +   2298d ago
Kinda pathetic that they have MGS Rising in there.

Why not put Agent, Killzone 3, Halo: Reach and other games we have seen no footage whatsoever for in there, too?
Sunny_D  +   2298d ago
Yeah, but MGS4 looks sooo good. We just have to take Kojima production's word for it.Hopefully, the guy is talking about the Ps3 version that will look better than MGS4.
immortal84  +   2298d ago
@ Ceekay
regarding Agent there is no information about the engine the game is going to use, Killzone 3 is still unannounced and Halo: Reach is the same thing as Agent.

Kojima Productions has promised a better looking game in MGS: Rising than MGS4, that's why it's in the list.
BYE  +   2298d ago
He has to say this for marketing reasons.

If he says that it will not match MGS4 graphics all the hype would be gone immediately.
foxtheory  +   2298d ago
No Gran Turismo 5
is a fail. But I do agree with the majority of these. Although Alan Wake has average visuals from what I've seen. It doesn't "blow me away", but it does what it's suppose to do well. God of War 3 anf FF13 will be amazing.

And it's "Rising", not "Risen". It even says it on the picture! lol!!
Kalowest  +   2298d ago
I agree with you some what about Alan Wake's visuals, it doesn;t come close to GoW3 or FF13 but, it still has alot going for it, with its own unique gameplay, lighting effects, and environments.

PS. Where the f#ck is GT5
Oldsnake007  +   2298d ago
Talking about good graphics and realism and dont mentioning GT 5 is EPIC FAIL !
stb  +   2298d ago
And where the holy fck is

Gran turismo five, screw this sht.

Alan wake, and not gt5...ok cute post.

but aside of alan wake. all the others are fine, except for not posting GRAN TURISMO FIVE, stupid site.
leshtricity  +   2298d ago
i am so disappointed with N4G.

it seems like there are absolutely no standards when it comes to stories being posted. i cannot abide these little dinky websites that have no grasp on professionalism, let alone any grammatical finesse. and i'm sorry, but internet media is still media- and it's embarrassing that these websites get any kind of attention via N4G. most of them are glorified blogs.

STONEY4  +   2298d ago
Why is Lost Planet 2 even there? I played the demo, and it looked awful. Textures were crap, rain effects suck, and things look low poly.
Ninji  +   2298d ago
I slowly scrolled down the list and saw the first game.

Joke article.
stb  +   2298d ago
suunyd - 21 minutes ago
2.2 - Holy Sh!t Kain...
Is that really gamplay from the latest build? It looks completely different from what I've seen! Kick@ss! Wrote..

You know, those screen shot are from demo gameplay graphics indeed. just blow up with this epic video.

Best game beside of, heavy rain, lost guardian, oh my goodness, ps3 the best so far. guess these studios are in a war for see who get the best game ever. insoniac, santa monica, and the one of ico and softc.
Ninji  +   2298d ago
lmao @ most of the games they chose.
Joke article.
360r0xorz  +   2298d ago
hahahah and not a single one of those is on the ps3 hahahahah soooooo typical of such a last gen technology system hahahahahahahn what else was i supposed to expect? thats, right NOTHING...... last game i played on my ps3 was killzone or killfail or something like that and it looked like i was playing it on a n64!!! hahahah isnt that funny? i thought it was teh SADDEST thing ever hahahahaahahh

but look at those great 360 exclusives, heavy rain, splinter cell ,alan wake, last guardian... alll REALLY GRAPHICS games that could NEVER be done on ps3 hahahahaha

360....... its better than ps3 and pc graphics wise

its true you know hahah
droid and bot  +   2298d ago

what ?
The real killer  +   2298d ago
You meaning downgraded PC, yea that's it the 360 is nothing more than a downgraded PC.

Where is Killzone 2 or Uncharted 2, they have the best games left out the list with the best graphics and visual.
#18.2 (Edited 2298d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ZombieAutopsy  +   2298d ago
i cant tell if 360roxorz is being sarcastic or just being a huge troll, or both.
Saaking  +   2298d ago
haha, just make a list of PS3 exclusives.
NecrumSlavery  +   2298d ago
Of course it's PC Crysis 2.

I really can't wait to see the CryEngine3 on Consoles. I hope they utilize it with the PS3s CellTech.
GaMa85  +   2298d ago
Mass Effect 2,Alan Wake,Splinter Cell Conviction
knightdarkbox  +   2298d ago
splinter cell conviction
mark your calenders ps3fanboys February 23.

When the most legendary stealth series makes its triumph return and shows the mgs crap how a true masterpiece looks like that has plenty off gameplay and no 9 hour cutscenes like mgs4...

only on 360 can enjoy awesome exclusives not on ps3crap ;)
#22 (Edited 2298d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(17) | Report | Reply
Saaking  +   2298d ago
Only on 360? LMAO, me and many others will be playing the SUPERIOR PC version.
The real killer  +   2298d ago
And soon go's this (TIMED EXCLUSIVE) to the PS3.
chrisulloa  +   2298d ago
Jesus, shut up. You have a 360 and you're going to buy that version.
CernaML  +   2298d ago
Jesus owns a 360? Dang, I should go get one and play with him.
ReviewsArePolitics  +   2297d ago
360 has exclusives? News to me, LOL
finbars75  +   2298d ago
Im sticking with ......
Im not a big xbox fan so dont get me wrong but I think that mass effect2 looks good.Not my type of game but graphically pretty stunning.But Its not even close to me but The Last Guardian looks absolutley phenomonial.Killzone2 was the last game that blew me away.GOW3,Heavy Rain will be fantastic as well but for the other games I cant say there next gen graphics.I would say Crysis2 is the winner overall but I havnt seen a thing on it and will they be able to use there engine on a console since nobody in the world could run crysis at %100 on the pc.But... the question is?Will killzone3 be coming out next year like its planned and show us something new graphically.For now The last guardian wins hands down but there is one game not on here that will stand up to the rest of the games.Bad company2.How could you forget.Have you seen the new clip of the multiplayer.Holysh!t and possibley Resistance3 which naughty dog,guerilla games and insomniac are working on. I will leave it at that.
#23 (Edited 2298d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
bnaked  +   2298d ago
Dude420  +   2298d ago
To those who are dissing Alan Wake
I'm sorry, but I think some of you are nuts. Average graphics? Please stfu haters. You're only saying that because it's not on the PS3. I don't think that Alan Wake will set the bar in graphics since Killzone 2 came out first. However, that game looks simply amazing, the lighting effects look superb and it supposedly has weather changing effects. Also, don't forget that this game is more open than your average linear game.

If I was comparing Alan Wake to Uncharted 2, I would say U2 wins slightly only because the character models and animations truly had my mouth dropped. However, I DO think Alan is very, very close considering what I've mentioned in the above paragraph. Besides, Alan Wake is not out yet, so there's still room for improvement before it comes out.

Point being, you haters just don't want to believe that the Xbox can in fact, push some stunning visuals. I can accept that the PS3 produces amazing looking games, but you can't for the 360? How pathetic.
You honestly think this isn't impressive looking?

On a side note, Mass Effect 2 is looking to be superb as well.
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bnaked  +   2298d ago
it's looking very good, but not impressive.. imo..
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Anti-Fanboyer  +   2298d ago
MGS Rising...
why the hell is it on the list. I don't care if they're rebuilding the engine but the author had a lot of other top graphic games to choose from that we've actually "SEEN" footage. Yet
That's literally like saying:
"I haven't seen a single footage but I have foreseen the future and it will blow me away graphically."

Can't I at least go through one article without finding bias opnions.
immortal84  +   2298d ago
@ Anti-Fanboyer
How including MGS: Rising is a bias opinion?
AliTheBrit19  +   2298d ago
Good list

But take away lost planet 2
mantasis  +   2298d ago
NO GT5? WTF. I love it, but why is God of war on's gonna be epic, and I'm sure in the future it'll have a place on this list, but from what we've seen the game doesn't look mindblowing, as it should be.
spektical  +   2298d ago
hey , a better question would be, which of the following games has the best chance of having better visual graphics than uncharted 2. :D HAHA
and it would be GT5, Heavy Rain, Last Guardian or Crysis 2. Note 3 ps3 games and 1 PC game.
CobraKai  +   2298d ago
Am I the only one that thinks Splinter Cell doesn't look all that?
The real killer  +   2298d ago
Jezus is in heaven, waiting for us. :)
ReviewsArePolitics  +   2297d ago
Well, that's what they taught him in his sh1thole, he doesn't know any better than
Hay-soos, lulz
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