Mario Party 8: A Gimmick-Ridden Experience

Exclusive hands-on report of Mario Party 8 suggest a less than desirable gaming experience.

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drtysouf214198d ago

forward to this game seeing how my nintendo wii gets no play right now good thing i'm renting it from gamefly and i hope it does not disappoint.

Xi4198d ago

the wii has enough mini game based titles.

PS360WII4197d ago

you know I'm just getting a little sick of this Nintendo is the only one with gimicks crapola. Okay so I'm pretty sure 1080p is a gimick to sell stuff. Playing a DVD on a gaming console is a gimick. Streaming stuff from a PC to your gaming machine is a gimick. Downloadable content is a gimick. Online store is a gimick. Hell a gaming machine itself is a gimick. Mario Party was all about this kind of stuff in the first place from what I understand, so it's hardly a downfall, if you liked the previous Mario Parties that is

Ironspud4197d ago

Isn't it going to get a bit old, being the 8th in the series? I mean, FF can do it, but thats because every one of them is different(or should be). You can only do so much with one concept and one game type.

ChickeyCantor4197d ago

Nintendo is just " updating" the game with new mini games and gameplay features and FF was the same from 1 to 9 the only difference : story, just like mario party has its difference with minigames.