First look: 1.80 firmware update for PlayStation 3 truly impresses

When the PlayStation 3 launched, the reviews could best be described as tepid, as the functionality and many promised features just weren't there. But we live in an age of online updates and changing firmware; with this week's 1.80 firmware update, the PlayStation 3 has become a very impressive piece of A/V goodness. The features are finally starting to catch up with the promise of the hardware, which is to say that the PS3 is now coming into its own.... Click the link for the full impressions.

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jwatt4196d ago

I can't wait to see what Sony does for the next update.

deepujatt20054196d ago

hope its costum sound tracks for next update

Robotz Rule4196d ago

I hope for customizable tracks during games:)

Odion4196d ago

Ya man its like what every gamer looks for upscaled DVDS!

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The story is too old to be commented.