PlayStation Store Top Downloads 10/23/09

PlayStation LifeStyle writes, "Below is a list of the top downloaded items from the PlayStation Store for the week ending October 22nd. This week Call of Duty: World at War and Fallout 3 both dominate the chart. The number one spot is occupied by the latest COD: WAW Map Pack for the second straight week. Fallout 3's add on content has been very popular over the past few weeks. Check back each week for the lastest and most popular downloads from the PlayStation Store."

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DoucheVader3257d ago

Fallout and COD WAW are DLC beasts!

doctorstrange3257d ago

Especially COD:WAW, that game came out ages ago

Lifewish3257d ago

Screw all that jazz look at UNO!!!

elchamber3253d ago

Yeah it's a beast... it's a horrid beast that stops me from enjoying the game.

DoucheVader3257d ago

The devs were complaining about the poor sales, but they showed up in the top downloads. I am not sure how that can translate to poor sales.

Lifewish3257d ago

Maybe there standards are just too high?

FunAndGun3257d ago

I think once the demo gets out there, more sales will follow. The game is great fun and a very reasonable price. One of the best deals on the PSN for sure.

ftwrthtx3257d ago

I wonder if this future update will surpass the update that accompanied the PSPgo

FunAndGun3257d ago

A "number of weeks on list" column would be nice!

dopeboimagic923256d ago

LOL! A Billboard 100 list for PS3 would also be pretty sweet. :P