First footage from Dark Messiah on 360

The first gameplay footage from Dark Messiah on Xbox 360.

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nice_cuppa3855d ago

more action than oblivion and the environments look to be more involving !

FCOLitsjustagame3855d ago

If thats just the alpha then the final game should rock. Only problem they probably will have is timing. Sept 2007 will put them almost dead center at ground zero for all the AAA releases. I will still get this game, but will others. Bad timing could kill this franchise for the 360.

omansteveo3855d ago

I have this on PC and i love it i'll it again for sure bc of the achievements..its a great game

holynerds3855d ago

Is it just me or does that look like ASS-WHOLE!

BIadestarX3855d ago

It depends what eye are you using... use your face eye from time to time.

PhinneousD3855d ago

it looks like it could be a great game. i liked oblivion, this looks like from the same genre, more than likely it'll be a good port. pc to 360 usually turns out well.

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