PlayStation Store Updated

Today's update to the PlayStation Store as promised by Sony Online Entertainment, includes Joust which makes an appearance in the Downloadable Games section. Additionally seven new trailers are ready to download.

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gta_cb4221d ago

is there any sign of the Dirt demo? (i didnt read the whole article)

techie4221d ago

gta. Dirt is not coming out for the ps3 until a few months after the 360 and pc version. Ie. they are still working on it.

PS360WII4221d ago

Now I can play the game I've been waiting forever for Joust!!! I'm just kidding I still have that for NES.

That's pretty awesome about those trailers though. I'll be downloading those in a few mins ^^

BitbyDeath4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

You guys got two or more PSN updates in a row, when is the UK/Aus/NZ PSN servers getting some love. We got F all on there at the moment. Yeah, we got not Gauntlet, no MK2, no Calling All Cars. Barely any demos or videos

Sony get your damn act together

masterg4221d ago

Create a US account and download all the titles the EU is missing. Thats what I did.

BitbyDeath4221d ago

I've done that but i don't want to buy any games over the US PSN server and i want to buy the 3 games i mentioned above....

I hope your right Deep

techie4221d ago

tomorro is the day for EU...lets hope :)

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