TAD Corporation's Toki to come on XBLA ?

You still remember Toki? Publish on arcade in 1989, Toki was a platform game with a nonchalant monkey. Today 2009, a French team is about to "resurrect" the game, with a arcade remixed version planned for 2010 on Xbox Live Arcade and Game For Windows. Let's see some artworks and a first footage video about it!

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TOO PAWNED3314d ago

wow i was thinking about this game yesterday, has it been that long?
I played it a lot on my Atari 520 stfm, back than. good memories.

NewZealander3314d ago

i have memories of playing it on my amiga 500, and getting my ass kicked, maybe its just because i was very young back then, but i remember toki being such a hard game.

remake is looking cool though!

TOO PAWNED3314d ago

i finished it many times, i don't remember that it was THAT hard. i am born 82. so maybe i was 10-11 when i played it first time.