Atomic "remains committed" to Six Days in Fallujah

ConnectedConsoles: Atomic Games has said that it will not give up on it's modern combat shooter Six Days in Fallujah. The game was originally going to be published by Capcom however it was dropped earlier this year.

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WildArmed3133d ago

Still looking for a publisher eh?

LinuxGuru3133d ago

Maybe they should start by making the game realistic if they're modeling it off a real middle-east battle.

Thump19673133d ago

Dude I hope they make it myself we can show Black Hawk Down and it's all good but it has got to the point now games tell a good story also

elchamber3128d ago

I won't deny that he is a talented person that has help produce and push video games into a higher level, but Assassin's Creed 2. I hope he's right. I hated the first one. That game introduced me into the new gen consoles and it was a bad start. Lucky for me, other games have made me happy with my purchase. Still, Assassin's Creed will always be a thorn in my side. I could've waited until another price drop. I also could accomplish more things if I just wanted. Trust in Noobtoob.

Supernatural243106d ago

I hope it's good because the movement of the camera sure isn't.