Should PC gamers upgrade to Windows 7?

It's the day before Microsoft unleashes Windows 7 to the world at large and their latest operating system for PCs has gotten a lot of praise compared to Windows Vista, which was released with tons of performance problems and compatibility issues.

But what if you want to upgrade your existing PC or even buy a new one? The big question for you is whether an upgrade to Windows 7 is right for you. Big Download tries to give you the 411 in this latest feature.

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evrfighter3341d ago

already upgraded :D

don't ask cuz I won't tell :D

TotalPS3Fanboy3341d ago


Drop the price and maybe yes. But right now, NO!

LinuxGuru3341d ago

Already upgraded here, and to be honest...Windows 7 is great.

Now I must wait for the release of Ubuntu 9.10 in about a week!

Major_Tom3341d ago

Had 9.10 beta for quite some time now.

LinuxGuru3341d ago

How's it workin' fer ya'

y0haN3341d ago

I really like Win7, myself.

champ213341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

i invested a lil extra and instead of upgrading the OS.. i got SSD's.

vista on ssd's = turbo charging a car ;-)

Nihilism3341d ago

that sounds like money better spent, i will wait for the benchmarks, if by some miracle win7 gives me a 5frame per second boost accross the board, i'll consider it a worthwhile purchase, but i doubt it will do anything like that

champ213341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

to be honest.. it might be lower or higher a tinch depending on game.

you probably wont even see a difference, since we already play most of our games at 60fps+

asides crysis on max.. which again is just 1 game.. and i dont think windows7 would give crysis a 5fps boost.

i can tell ya ssds made vista a hell lot smoother.

it loads alot faster then when i had my raptor drive, and its ready to use as soon it boots. though i am using 2x 80gig intel drives in a raid as my primary drive so that is a lot of money. i wont be upgrading to windows 7 now.

games certainly load alot faster now.. there are no more load times infact. i could have multiple applications open at one time and there just are no more slowdowns.. ssds are probably the best upgrade i made in a long time.

NJShadow3341d ago

I don't see why not if you're currently running Vista. XP on the other hand, not too sure.

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