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Colin McRae: Dirt demo available

The demo for Colin McRae: Dirt is now available for both PC and X360. See alternative sources for download mirrors of the PC version (833 MB).
Xbox Live members can download the 769 MB sized demo from the Xbox Live Marketplace. (Colin McRae: DIRT, PC, Xbox 360)
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Alternative Sources
God of Gaming  +   2987d ago
Thank Ya.... downloading it as I type!
Bladders  +   2987d ago
Please give us some feedback.
There's a lot of guys (maybe gals too!) that are stuck at work just wondering. Can't wait for this game. The crashes look awesome.
Lygre  +   2987d ago
What about PS3?
I own a 360 and I'm glad we get demos to download from the Marketplace for free. But hasn't PS3 got a download service? I'm just wondering why they haven't got the Dirt demo today?

I mean. Good for 360 guys. Too bad for PS3 I guess.
BlackCountryBob  +   2987d ago
I guess the PS3 wont get the demo for a while yet coz the PS3 version has been delayed for a while while the 360 and PC versions are out in a couple of weeks (but I guess why would anyone with a PS3 buy DIRT when they can have Motorstorm!)
gta_cb  +   2987d ago
yeh i was woundering about that aswell.
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Leathersoup  +   2987d ago
Reason for PS3 delay.
The reason for the PS3 delay is that they need to port it to the PS3. It's not like they're licensing the Unreal 3 engine which I'm guessing comes prepackaged with PS3, 360, and PC build tools. The Neon engine was built by Codemasters and I'm guessing they need to create all their own build tools for the PS3. If this is the case, then the next Codemaster's title using this engine (I think Toca) will be simultaneously released on all platforms as the build tools will be already made.

After seeing DiRT, I think Codemasters is going to become a serious contender for all racing genre games. I don't believe I've seen better looking environments in a racing game. Ever.
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InMyOpinion  +   2987d ago
Not quite right. The NEON engine was built by Codemasters in collaboration with Sony in order to get an engine that could be as compatible and utilize as much as possible of the PS3s power. It's a mystery why the game is being delayed on the PS3 (or is it...).
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M4RK1988  +   2987d ago
Love the update!
I'm sitting at work while my 360 downloads the demo.
Just need to get home, turn it on and play.
Antan  +   2987d ago
All is exellent, 3 tracks, 3 cars. Lovely visuals, not a jaggy in site! Nice lighting, great shadows, fabulous damage model! Framerate dips a touch now and then but is rarely noticable. Exellent sound effects, menu/gui screens is very flashy, a wee bit of loading between races but nothing on the scale of PGR (helps the fact you are given user stats instead of the usual "loading" screen). Most importantly it handles increadibly well. Forget the Motorstorm comparision as they are most defo different games, a lap round with the buggys on Dirt should be proof enough. My favourite portion of the game is the point to point part of the game, select the mitsubishi for this. All in all im very impressed. Hope this helps
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Bladders  +   2987d ago
I know this is asking much but some demos support multiplayer. I just wanna ram my mate off the track ASAP.
Antan  +   2987d ago
Sadly not.
JasonXE  +   2986d ago
no multiplayer?
You lost me there because i need replay value. The game looks great and would of stopped me from buying forza 2. Sadly, the no multiplayer aspect to race against others just killed it for me.

If it does then I'll definitly consider buying it if more information is let out.
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masterg  +   2987d ago
Damn this is downloading slow.
Normally I download from XBL and PSN with about 1MB per sec, meaning this demo should be down in under 15 minutes. Now its been going for 1½ hours and it's only at 50%.
Antan  +   2987d ago
Was slow for me also, hang in there chief.
sjappie  +   2987d ago
When it takes too long
I always cancel the download and then start downloading it again. Most off the time you get a 20-30% increase immediately and it starts running faster.
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Norad6  +   2987d ago
Thats all I need to say about this game. Motor"what"?
Antan  +   2987d ago
Chalk and cheese.
masterg  +   2986d ago
I would pick motorstorm any day of the week.
I tried the 3 tracks two times each and it didnt sell me at all.
bumnut  +   2987d ago
force feedback
does anyone know if the demo supports force feedback?
Black Republican  +   2987d ago
will download when I get home, I love X360 Live...

Glad I don't have to wait as long as other online console providers...

: )
NaAsAr  +   2987d ago
the game looks really nice
i have the pc demo. very nice textures i must say. but i would definitely not compare this to motorstorm. way different games. imo i would have to say i like moto better.

p.s. anyone else with the pc demo notice there is a multiplayer option for 2 to 100 people??? whoa!!
Saint Sony  +   2987d ago
Now thats what I call multiplayer if its true :)
gnothe1  +   2987d ago
you say dont compare this to motorstorm!! why!! is it because this game looks better, or they have differnt art styles.but you compare this game to motorstorm in every sence.

people can compare halo beta to every game there is, but wouldnt compare this game to motorstorm!!
techie  +   2986d ago
You don't race against any other cars in multiplayer...you race alone and try to improve your time.
NaAsAr  +   2986d ago
i say i like moto better coz the game is more fun to me. but i wouldnt pit this game against moto. i would have both. they just play different.
shotty  +   2987d ago
I dont think this demo is being hosted on live servers but rather codemaster's servers. EA does the samething I beleive.
Leathersoup  +   2987d ago
Downloaded and Played the game before leaving for work this morning
The visuals in this game are absolutely stunning. Just awesome. Sweet. Beautiful.
gta_cb  +   2987d ago
i am downloading this as i type, seems to be going a little bit slow.... prob because of loads of other people trying to get it aswell.
Odion  +   2987d ago
DL it
OMG, This game looks amazing, and play so sweet, i def may pick this up. God this year is the first time i am buying racing games.

5 of them!!!

BIGBAER  +   2987d ago
Yet another GREAT RACER to add to my 360 Library...
I stayed up last night playing Chromehounds on LIVE (GANGSTA SQUAD!) waiting for the DIRT demo.... Damn, this is a fun game! Triple-A!!!
aahenry  +   2987d ago
Great Game!!
What a fun game. Graphics are sweet, handling of the cars is awesome, love the in car view, so realistic!! Another game to add to my list for this summer, damn I am gonna be eating KD for the next few months :)
masterg  +   2986d ago
I don't get you guys.

I love racers. I have Motor-storm and love it.
This one doesn't sell me at all. I mean motorstorm is much prettier and the car damage is much better. Don't get me wrong, this game looks great. But I don't think I will buy this one.
Don't even know if the demo is gonna be played again.

When I compare it to Motorstorm I of course mean the buggie racer track.
DixieNormS  +   2986d ago
I dont' think Motorstorm has car damage!
The cars just explode into a million pieces after every bump of crash.
Close_Second  +   2986d ago
Downloaded the demo...
My first impressions were hell, this looks better than Forza 2 and after playing it for 20 mins I went, damn! the visuals are definitely better!

Only concern is that I noticed some tearing in the graphics on the Germany course.

I have only seen Motorstorm in-store and must say that DIRT holds up pretty well. However, why bother comparing anything else as these are completely different racing games. Kind of like comparing the PGR and Forza franchises.
assjacket  +   2986d ago
I just beat Colin McRae! I had to try about 5 times but I finally got the handling down. The world record lap time on this track is 1min, my PB is 1:08.....whats everyone elses PB. I'm off to try the other two races!! Game looks good and plays well..it's a buy for me.
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power of Green  +   2986d ago
So why compare Forza 2 to Dirt?. #17
Both games look good Dirt's color filtered. Have you seen some of Forza's tracks? both games are almost equally impressive. I want to believe you but i just can't help thinking you're a Sony fanboy you could have cheched out Dirt anywhere on the net.

#18 the Game is simply the best offroad game i'v ever seen/played. Grand Raid Offroad should offer some next-gen bliss aswell as soon as the devs continue to work on it if they ever do. http://screenshots.teamxbox...
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Antan  +   2986d ago
Quit whinning POG! Let the man have an opinion!! Is that what you say to everyone who disses a 360 game?? No wonder you never have any bubbles to play with. Pathetic.
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PS360PCROCKS  +   2986d ago
Ok first impression...WOW. second impression...Forza Who....third impression 'I'm spendin 120 next week on two racing games' and this game is fuc8ing FUN FUN FUN...I had a kick in the ass time driving the EVO around the dirst course and the Impreza is so SICK it's a blast to drive and the handling and speed of this game are phenomenal. and the graphics, my god wow, Germany is absolutely stunning...Oh and anyone who gets this get the dune buggy and go off the course into the grass and stop and watch the fricking grass sway in the breeze...I was like, 'wow' as a tear came to my eye for how gorgeous this game is. MUST BUY
THWIP  +   2986d ago
This game is a blast...
I was never a fan of the CM games, because of the boring race-alone-against-time gameplay. This game figures to appeal to a much broader audience...including myself. Of course, seeing this new engine in action, only makes me long for TOCA 4 that much more. HURRY UP, CODEMASTERS!!! :(
PhinneousD  +   2986d ago
you can compare this game to rallisport 3 when it hits. but this game is pretty stellar. whoops repeat.
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PhinneousD  +   2986d ago
you can compare this game to rallisport 3 when it hits. but this game is pretty stellar. can't wait for the full game.
id dot entity  +   2985d ago
Going to download it asap for the 360. Can't wait to see if I like this more than Forza 2.

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