First Naruto: Rise of a Ninja gameplay video

First Naruto: Rise of a Ninja gameplay video from Ubi Days. For the HD version see the alternative sources below the embedded video.

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dont get me wrong - i cant stand naruto, but the graphics on this actually look like a propper anime! APPROVED

icechai3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

it'll be great as long as the missions dont get too repetitive and the fighting is up to par. Too bad its only on the xbox360, give some love to the wii or ps3 ubisoft!

Black Republican3890d ago

it's only because of the X360 install base
BUT I agree they should show some love to the PS3

shotty3890d ago

That graphic style is cool eh

silent ninja3890d ago

doesn't ps2/3 already have naruto games.