Dragon Age: Origins Preview (resumeplay)

ResumePlay writes: "Lately, RPG fans have received more then their fair share of games. With Borderlands just released in what feels like days after Demon's Souls, and games like the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy constantly looming in the shadows, its hard not to feel a little overwhelmed. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Dragon Age: Origins is shaping up to being an RPG your not going to want to push to the side."

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Ziriux3109d ago

Ahh Dragon Age origins can't come by fast enough, it's going to rock, story will be amazing, cant wait to play Biowares gem.

MostUnfurrowed3109d ago

Interesting. But can it walk the walk?

Andi_Bailey3109d ago

Damn, the person who wrote this article is DAMN sexy.

CheatsMcGee3109d ago

Bioware has been my favorite gaming company for a long, long, long while. I'm not surprised that this is sounding awesome.