Uncharted 2: In One Word?

Fall Damage have been longstanding opponents of Quick Time Events (note that's 3 words) in all their trappings. However to say this is in any way shape or form a major factor in Uncharted 2 is stretching the truth. The author can only remember 2 or 3 encounters that required QTE's of any kind. And even these were the most forgivable types of QTE's imaginable.


This article is a direct rebuttal of

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gaffyh3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

Well this article is true, there isn't much QTE in this game, in fact when I was playing, I actually thought it needed more QTE. Why? Because QTE allows you to become part of the cutscenes, unlike just sitting there and watching them. For example, when you have to catch Tenzin or Elena, I would have liked a little QTE sequence there.

The ONLY true QTE sequences in the game are when you are fighting and have to press triangle to counter an attack at the right time. Every other bit is not QTE, because you don't have to do it Quickly, in a certain amount of Time, although it does trigger an Event.

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Just plain "Epic".

HardcoreGamer3312d ago

expect GOTY going to batman arkham asylum - REASON - its on 360 aswell so theres no arguement.

but uncharted should 100 perecent be GOTY but they will come up with bolsheeet that is . batman AA i goty because its available on both platforms???

i hoope its not true but thats what im guessing. as fallout 3 got it last time

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Lol, that's EXACTLY what I said when VGArabia responded to that article where someone called them out for making a sales prediction for Uncharted 2.

God bless the internet. It's just so entertaining!

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starvinbull3312d ago

One word review?


I think that this author mistakes QTEs with anything that requires a single button press. There are for instance no single button press instances during cut scenes.
A good example of where a QTE requires input in Uncharted 2 is when an enemy grabs hold of you and pressing sqaure puches them. A better example is when you have a pistol and an enemy grabs you, you have to aim and shoot to kill them or if not they will damage your health.

Naughty Dog have actually done a great job reducing the players experience of QTEs in the game by requiring you to perform complex actions (as opposed to single buttong presses) at massive action points in the story.
A good example is in Resi 5 where you are in a turret truck and must shoot and kill men in chasing trucks by firing at them, though it should be mentioned that you are stationary and can ONLY fire the turret you are permanently glued to.
In Uncharted 2 the trucks are physical moving platforms that you can shoot at, destroy, hang from, ride in, jumpt to, at will. No smoke and mirrors, no invisble walls or capping of the players ability to meet the limitations of the hardware it's all realtime.

The opening sequence is 95% playable. That may not sound like much until you consider that you or hanging off a cliff in a mutli carriage train which is hanging 90 degrees off horizontal.
The only unplayable sections are the intro (30 seconds), falling out of a window (3 seconds) and grabbing hold of a cliff face (5 seconds).
When you climb into the top carriage and the train slides off the cliff you aren't told to press a specific button you are merely forced to run towards the camera as you would be able to do in any other playable part of the game.

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Supercalifragilisticexpialidoc ious

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gmxracing3312d ago

you misunderstand me, i love ps3 but i've played through uncharted two and there is no denying that it raised the bar, but i was not overwhelmed by it, its just my opinion, but calling me an xbox fanboy is just offensive.

FamilyGuy3312d ago

The point of calling something a "quick time event" is because you have to quickly input the buttons in a timed event. Uncharted has times when you press triangle repeatedly to push things or open doors and these are NOT QTE, yet they seem to be what that older article was talking about. Seems really dumb on their part.

mal_tez923312d ago

there's no boobs in it. lol jokes

My one word to describe it is Epic.

TotalPS3Fanboy3311d ago

64 perfect scores is evidence of that.

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thebudgetgamer3313d ago

not the 360s 2009 lineup.


TheFreak3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

What is average about it? have you played the game? AAAH I see you dont own a ps3 so you must hate because you cant afford more then one console I see I see. Hey if you get a job as a paperboy or something, maybe you can afford to get a ps3 and uncharted 2 so you get the to experience one the greatest games this gen.

chaosatom3313d ago

I love taking his bubbles away.

sakura20093313d ago

pointless to take away his bubbles. microsoft trolls would just bubble him up

chaosatom3313d ago

you mean his multiple accounts, then yes.

But I can try, right?

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skatezero2463312d ago

wrong page dude this isn't odst ... this is uncharted 2 9.7 on metacritic isn't average bud

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nycredude3312d ago

Even fighting isn't really QTE. I don't know what that idiot was talking about. I played the game twice and don't remember any QTE. Haters are such losers.

PotNoodle3312d ago

There were two or three QTE's in the boss fights, but that is about it.

mistajeff3312d ago

I did chapter 4 on easy to get the steel fist master or expert trophy (whichever one involves shooting 10 enemies in a row from the hip and then punching them to sleep) and I noticed that when you get in a melee fight and you have to counter, it pops triangle up on screen (at least some of the time), which it doesn't do in the harder difficulties except during the countering tutorial. Maybe PS3informer couldn't handle it on normal?

Mixmoff3312d ago

Good catch! That's the only explanation that makes sense as to why someone would think the QTE's were at all prevalent in this game.

I didn't know about that since my playthrough was on Hard.