How Long Is 'Borderlands'?

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Since it comes at the end of my somewhat lengthy review, and it's the question I've gotten most from readers, I wanted to clarify just how long it took me to play through "Borderlands" with a single character. Keep in mind that this doesn't include New Game Plus, which allows you to replay the game with new enemy types and better loot. This is just the first time through, from the start of the game to the credits."

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StanLee3106d ago

I'm going to have a lot of fun with this game. Gamefly shipped it today and it should arrive on Thursday. I'll be diving right in splitscreen with my wife.

JonnyBadfinger3105d ago

"I'll be diving right in splitscreen with my wife."

I've never heard of this position before.... i will ask my girl friend if she knows and if shes interested in giving it ago. wink wink. And buddy somethings are better done without the company of your female partner, they always tend to find a way to ruin everything.

Ill be picking the game up on the way home tommorrow after work so im really looking forward to giving it a whirl.

gaffyh3105d ago

Not really long enough imo. It's meant to be an RPG, and RPGs should be atleast 40 hours when you do everything. I was disappointed when I finished Mass Effect in 24 hours, whilst doing every possible mission (and I wasn't rushing). But Fallout 3 was mega-long, loved it, was hoping Borderlands would be the same :(

Aloren3105d ago

It's not really a RPG, it's more like the likes of diablo, the playtime relies more on the replayability (thanks to the loot and levelling up of your character) than on the length of the main quest on your first playthrough.

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Alpha_Gamer3106d ago

I picked up borderlands today, and played ALL afternoon. These types of games are tailored perfectly for my tastes. No other game this year has grabbed me like borderlands. The game isn`t for everybody, but I just know what I like.

FantasyStar3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

In the end, we can only choose for ourselves. The worst thing to happen to a free man is having someone deciding things for you. (free gamer in this case)

GamerPS3603106d ago

completely agree there. At the end, it only matters how you like it.
I am waiting for PC version but this game looks my type of game, watching from youtube footage.

TooTall193106d ago

It says im a centurion by my level. I think it means i kick a lot of a$$ haha

Myst3105d ago

Yeah I was playing all afternoon yesterday, and most of the night ( friend got it later and woke me up asking to play ) The game is addictive from the beginning especially when the room is full. Those normal monsters at times feel like bosses if your level is under there's to.

likedamaster3105d ago

"No other game this year has grabbed me like borderlands."



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Cherchez La Ghost3106d ago

I love this game! Soo many guns you can have. It's just like Fallout, but a little better. The action is fast pace. You can take on harder missions if you please. This is a good game!

UltimaEnder3106d ago

Maybe it's 17 hours for one play-through if YOUR A FREAKING FULL TIME VIDEO GAME PLAYER, for most NORMAL people this would easily take 25-30 hours....nice story though - LOL!

rdgneoz33106d ago

It could be 17 if you don't do like any side quests. But there's like 130 so it'd take a lot longer if you want to finish everything.

BO WALEED3106d ago

I wish the game never end :P
I loved it more than many great games!!!

co-op = happiness

chrisulloa3106d ago

Cool, I really wanna get it. Reviewers don't seem to like it all that well though.

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