Windows Vista no panacea for PC sales

Microsoft says it is happy with Vista's rate of adoption, but PC manufacturers have yet to see any lasting benefits from the release of the new OS. As expected, businesses are taking a more cautious approach.

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LoveHateTragedy4199d ago

on computers that don't exist yet. Nice.

FordGTGuy4199d ago

Its the same thing that happened when Windows XP came out and if you think Vista hasn't any computers you have to be insane. Hell Microsoft sells more computers then Mac and Microsoft doesn't even make computers!

gta_cb4199d ago

i have Windows Vista installed on my computer.

ben hates you4199d ago

i mean my computer is more then capable of running it 4gigs ram but i spent a lot of money on my computer shouldi spend 250 to upgrade

gta_cb4199d ago

although i do like it, especially with me owning an Xbox 360 its soo easy to connect it via Windows Media Player 11 or Media Center. but other then this i personally think Windows XP Home is better, and i advise you to wait for an SP1 if your looking to upgrade.

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snoop_dizzle4199d ago

it might take a while. I'm not sure, but didn't xp take a while to catch on?

pilotpistolpete4199d ago

Most people, and expecially companies don't bother updating at every OS. We had the crutial Window's 95. Then 98 didn't catch on much, 98 Se neither, 2000 no , ME, nope. XP yes. I doubt that Vista will catch on fast simply because most just got XP. Companies spend millions upgrading their OS on their network. Its just not feasible everytime Microsoft has a brainfart.

BIadestarX4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

We just had a meeting in the company I work to estimate how long we can hold before we are forced to upgrade to vista. It will cost us $560,000 to upgrade now, considering the fact that we would have to practically replace all the PCs. You want to know what the primary drive for companies to upgrade? Is not that they are using XP. but:

1) How long will microsoft support XP by releasing service packs, security updates, etc.

2) Is it worth spending money buying new licenses(new PC) of XP instead of just buying new vista licenses?

3) Will software vendors be supporting or releasing new versions of their applications for XP or Only Vista? i.e. if 50% of the computers need to run QuickBooks and the next version runs only on vista or some critical feature works only on vista; then there is no choice but to upgrade to vista.

4) Most corporation have corporate image computers and it becomes a nightmare to support and maintain them which adds extra cost. So, upgrading individual users as needed is not an option.

We are hoping we can hold for another 2 years max when vista designed hardware will be mainstream and cheaper. which can probably save us at least $150,000.

Right now most people can go by without upgrading to vista and most people don't even need to. But for corporations to function they rely on programs and tools. NOT ON THE OS unlike what some people around here would like you to believe. Some people may say... GET LINUX or MAC. I got news for you, companies will run the OS that runs the programs they need to run and stay in business. Period.

I do agree with you on what you said. Not every company need to upgrade. Once I work for a company that still used Terminals and more than 20 years old computers and didnt need to upgrade or it was too expensive to migrate.

Other companies have to have the latest technologies and OS.

pilotpistolpete4199d ago

Oh I'm sure there's alot of places that probably would be in their best interest to upgrade. I worked for the government (canada) and we were still using 98NT last year. For our applications (ie: word, excel and a few graph programs), there's no point.

Lord Anubis4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

there's no reason to upgrade, things have stabilized a bit but there's no reason to upgrade.

my vaio AR had it preinstalled but man did it had problems at first.I got to experience the blue screen of death several times on Vista and sadly it still crashes when I use the Windows Media Center remote. The problems I experienced the most is the common:

"WINDOWS EXPLORER HAS STOPPED WORKING" everthing gets fussy and it restarts explorer.exe

004199d ago

Why do people hate vista? and I'll be geting it when I buy a computer that can run it.

BIadestarX4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

For the same reason why everyone hated XP when it was released and then everyone endup buying it.. and now everyone is all over it saying that XP is great. LOL... I have Vista Ultimate at home on a new 64bit PC and I love it... it runs great. It does not support some old applications I need to run but I was expecting that so I kept my other PC around. Most of these issues will be resolved on the first service pack. Also, some people hate it because they would love to be able to upgrade to vista using their old PC. If you buy a new PC you shouldnt have a problem running vista. Vista is very similar to XP; as matter of fact the learning curve is like 30 Mins... I think is faster, and it comes with nice features like gaggets (which if you know Javascript you can make your own), or being able to see a thumbnail of your minimize screens by putting your mouse over it. Useful when you have lots of the same windows(i.e. browser) open and you dont know which one is what.

nstott4199d ago

You should run virtual pc with xp. Xp runs really well on it, and it's free minus the xp license.

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