Reggie Confirms Big 3 For 2007

Nintendo bossman Reggie Fils-Aime kicked off the company's media summit yesterday with a staggering list of impressive sales figures and feats, illustrating the total domination of the Nintendo DS, Wii, and the company's first-party software.

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2008 is going to be one empty year for Wii

ITR4220d ago

Not with the new Zelda coming.

I know of 10 games coming in 2008. (1st party)

sumfood4u4220d ago

Is going to keep people busy all year long guys!

M_Prime4218d ago

HEY.. we will have SSB:BRAWL.. METROID.. GALAXY.. BATALION WARS + 3rd party stuff

we are crusing into 2008.. and i'm sure theres more to come..

also.. i hope REGGIE is for real this time.. i remember he mentioned METROID was a LAUNCH TITLE... anyone else remember that.. and on the SSB website it says "PLANNED FOR 2007 RELEASE" but to me that means they MAY wait with it till next year..

all these games were supposta be console sellers.. but at this pace putting these games out makes no buisness sense cause consoles are selling themselves.. but its good to know Nintendo cares about what the gamers want :-)