HD trailer of Naruto Rise of a Ninja

Ubisoft Montreal is crafting a nifty anime-based game that even regular people ought to keep on their radar. Find out why in our exclusive first impressions.

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sumfood4u3802d ago

BELIEVE IT! This game will stand out. Rise of the Ninja video Pure Tightness!

DiLeCtioN3802d ago

i love anime like bleach, naruto, and dbz games but i hope there is a naruto game coming out for ps3 or any other anime.

BubblesDAVERAGE3802d ago

I hope its not as corny as the american TV show..

InMyOpinion3802d ago

Ubisoft Montreal rock! I hope they release it in Japan as well. Could very well ship some extra 360's over there.

XxZxX3802d ago

I got the previous PS2 chronicles version and it sucked hard. I hope this one is good, cause i'd get it if it does.

razer3801d ago

Do that total turd of a game TMNT? I hope not because that does not leave me with any hope they can pull off any type of game like this..