Halo 3 vs Resistance: Fall of Man Screenshot Comparison

Side by side screenshot comaparison of Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3) and Halo 3 beta (Xbox 360).

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zonetrooper53630d ago

Please stop comparing the Halo 3 Beta to a finished game, the Halo 3 Beta that is out now and me and thousands of other people are playing is from an older build. Plus, these two games have very different art style. Compare Halo 3 and Resistance when its the final version of Halo 3 ok. This new is just flame bait, I can already tell.

InMyOpinion3630d ago

I can't understand that people disagree with your statement.

Halo 3 is a multiplayer BETA. Do you really think Bungie would show off the final version just like that? Everyone with a brain knows they aren't that stupid. Wait and compare the single player modes of the games when the final version of Halo 3 is released instead. I'm sure it will look a lot different.

SonyRules3630d ago

THis must be embarassing for Sony. Everyone knows that H3 is an ugly game by 360 standards. Bungie will tell you that. It has been made clear that H3 is not about the graphics. And here we have Sony fan boys comparing the most graphically empressive PS3 game with a 360 that is not even about graphics. Sony is starting to show their desperation.

tehcellownu3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Doesnt Beta mean that its almost done? and it still look like crap.i think the final built is goin to be improved but still wont look as good....lair look great in beta..and by the time they finish its goin to be lookin astounding..

ER1X3630d ago

"Sony is starting to show there desperation."

So Sony posted this article??? can either change that statement because it's complete BS or keep living in fantasy land.

Fisher3393630d ago

You could say Halo is just a beta, but then I can say Resistance was just a launch game....

gta_cb3630d ago

totaly agree with you

Silver3603630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

It is just a Beta. The single player game looks better than the multiplayer and the multiplayer is on a different build than the Beta. Read the bungie forum people. Let it go. Just wait for Sept 25. Then you guys can flame all you want without any 360 people to defend Halo3. We will be too busy playing a great game. Later!!!!

MADGameR3630d ago

They both look on par. The finished version of Halo 3 will look better ofcourse. And I'm not taking ANY of u fanboys sides. I'm a gamer with his own opiniond and ideals. I am an artist so I know alot about image.

DaTrooF3629d ago

this comparison was made!!!
them ppl who made this must have been really BORED or got no life)

closedxxx3629d ago

That's gonna be the title of the next big screenshot comparison. Should be a real nail biter!

uxo223629d ago of the most ignorant comments I have ever read. Do you really think you made some kind of a point, and the people that agreed with you need to first try to make since of your comment.

SonyRules3625d ago

I think the truth about the games available now is very interesting, and it shows how the PS3 is a huge waste of money.
1. The number one game on the 600-dollar system is a game I had on my 360 long ago.
2. Out of the top 20 games on the PS3, only 2 are not on my cheaper 360.
3. There is only one game above a score of 88 on the PS3 and it is on the 360 too.
4. That is right, not one exclusive for PS3 is above 87.6
5. The xbox on the other hand has 3 exclusives higher than any PS3 exclusive.
6. The xbox also has 6 games in the 90’s vs. 1 for PS3 witch is Elder scrolls and even it ranks better on the 360 version.
7. The xbox has 9, that’s right 9, exclusives in the top 20 VS. 2 on the PS3.
8. Who in the world would pay 200 more dollars just to play worse games? And fewer games? Just the ignorant as hell playstation only community.

Eagle_CFC3623d ago

I had to wade in on this one as people's ability to go OTT about a meritless comparison is crazy.

Yes Halo 3 is a Beta. Anyone who suggests it does not look good should make it clear they are referring to it in Beta build, and it's pretty clear Bungie are planning on making it look nicer.

Sony seem to have a habit of making developers work hard to achieve anything, whereas we all know Microsoft make it very easy. Resistance was a launch title on complicated and new hardware, so to slate it also makes little sense. The developers have gone on to use their PS3 developing experience to make Rachett and Clank, and that looks incredible. The fact is a developer will need to invest more time than is granted for a launch product to ensure it looks it's best. However, it would be biased to ignore that Resistance is at least 3 times longer than say Gears, and provides an amazing 40 player death match experience and the gameplay is solid and enjoyable.

The comments about games and scores and exclusivity across the 360 and PS3 platform are also becoming reptitive. We all know 360 has more games, and so it should, seeing as it's easier to develop for and has had over a years headstart.

It's like saying PS2 had more and better games than Xbox? Since when do Sony fanboys go around boasting about that. It's like boasting about your age to younger people at school.

I had a 360 that died and I loved it and am gutted I lost it and a lot of cash in the process. So all I can say is if the 360 was more reliable and could decide what it is (is it Elite, is it hdd less, is it an inbetween, do you want online, should I buy this accessory, shall I go with the HD-DVD add on? etc) maybe the PS3 would not have sold 3 million in the last 6 months.

Bottom line is both have advantages for gamers and we've all won in the end as this 'console war' has done nothing but put great technology at our finger tips.

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BUM3630d ago

I have edited a story.

SonyRules3630d ago

This is in response to ER1X. You might want to read what I said again. I never stated that sony wrote this. I do in fact make reference to who was behind this in the sentence before that, sony fan boys. But the stament that sony is showing their desperation is true in my opinion and it satands as its own statment. But I can see how if you read this wrong and forgot the sentence right before that one I can see how you might infere this. I belive the reason I believe sonys failures or desperation is showing is because they have actually fired the man responsible for the PS3. This is a very public showing of their perseved failure. Not a good sign. And I guess sony always sounds desperate to impress people with statments like "4D" and all that. I'm starting to see all kinds of videos on youtube and places where they compare in game 360 footage to cut scenes on the PS3 and it seem sony fan boys are getting desperte with posts like this. It makes sony look worse in my opinion. Nobody who knows better wants the PS3 to fail. And no PS3 owners should want the 360 to fail, xbox was probably the main reason you will be getting home. This competition works in our favor. I honestly think these kinds of articles are hurting those posting them.

clownfacemcgee3626d ago

In case you don't know, 4-D is real. WoW! There are 4 dimensions, length, width, height, and time. Yes, time is a dimension! Utilizing all those, all FPS's are 4-D.

You occupy one spot at one point in time, and another at another point in time. You can not occupy the same space as the wall at the same point in time. Trying is called being a noob. You first blow up the wall, then occupy that space. Resistance is 4-D, and so is Halo 3, or so I hope, I haven't played it, but Halo 2 certainly was.

So, when Sony says "4-D", maybe that's a bit too much for your fanboy brain to handle, so you can write this post on the back of your hand.

LoveHateTragedy3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Superior polygon counts, superior lighting and texturing. I'm not sure why these comparison screenshots were put out though considering everyone knows the PS3's more powerful. I guess it was just to show that Halo isn't top dog in terms of graphics anymore.

A problem with this comparison though is that the current Beta version actually looks better than what they're showing here. Polygon-wise it's the same, but it has the dynamic lighting system which helps a lot. If someone put up a more current comparison, the graphics would be on more equal standing. Comparing Single-player to Multiplayer probably wasn't the best idea in the world either since we can't compare how much detail (or lack thereof) is going into Halo's story levels.

A video comparison would be better once Halo 3 is released since Resistance has a LOT of ambient effects, such as dust and debris constantly flying through the air, tons of AI characters, etc. And the lighting system in Halo 3 can only be appreciated in motion, especially when weapons are going off. Then again, we could just wait for the inevitable Killzone/Halo vids that are going to show up on

rusgreim3630d ago

... I'll try to use small words.

The. Halo. 3. Beta. Is. A. Beta.

I know, wierd logic. A beta is a beta.

Its 4 months from final build. And frankly it doesn't matter if the graphics are less, the gameplay will be far superior, and they will still sell 6 million copies. End of story. Quit sniping at the game, because your little idiotic comments won't change the fact that H3 will sell more copies in 1 week than Sony has sold PS3's in a year.

Balance3630d ago

your right with the beta halo is not top dog in graphics, that goes to another 360 game, gears of war. GOW makes resistance look like mario kart 64.

LoveHateTragedy3630d ago

Gears has Aliasing issues, texture loading issues (seeing normal maps load in real-time was pretty sad), and doesn't really have much going on. It's a small, corridor shooter, while Resistance has enormous environments that stretch for miles. Gears has superior art direction and benefits from its gameplay in that it only has to show a small amount at a time, and it does have a better lighting system than Resistance. Resistance wins in animation, physics, AI and all that other snazzy stuff though.

Aramis0013630d ago

I'm sorry but if you think RFOM graphics can hold a candle to GOW you seriously need to get your eyes checked.

dominusbellum3630d ago

you sir are an iddiot where is gears mentioned this is a halo 3(beta) and a R:Fall of man comparison nice try though and i'm going to have to aggree w/ the man w/ the kenny avatar rfom can't touch gears

gta_cb3629d ago

omg you killed kenny!... you [email protected]!

rusgreim3629d ago

I lost a bubble. I guess PS3 WHORES can't handles someone pointing out the truth and feel the sick need to sh!t all over anyone who doesn't want their system.

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techie3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

I haven't seen either in person. So no comment. (but i like colour :P)

ITR3630d ago

I agree and it's still in Beta.

sak5003630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

From whatever I've seen of H3 in terms of maps and graphics, its just souped up H2. The level are almost of same design as H1 and H2. Mountains and few buildings thrown in. Why couldn't they put in proper buildings and made some city levels? Bunch of regurgitated maps with some shiney wax put on it and given as H3.

However in terms of gameplay H3 might kik RFOM's a$$. I've seen gameplay vids of RFOM and it looks like the person is floating and weapon reloading is the fastest i've seen. Play Battlefield and see how its done properly. YOu can die just cause of delay in reload.


Deep "I think I just like life to be more colourful, and UK really isn't that dreary :( today was amazing. "

Well visit Dubai, its sunny 350 days with a few showers (if we are lucky) in a year.

What exactly are you not agreeing on? I know most PS3 games have muted colors and not as vibrant as 360 games. But level/maps wise H3 looks quite bland in comparison to most FPS out there since last 5 years.

techie3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

you serious sak?

I hear resistance is a very good game, looks amazing as well, just was a bit inconsistent. It also has some of the best breaking glass rendering ever in a much so that it has filtered as the new standard through the industry. And with jaggies to be seen. Anywho...

I think I just like life to be more colourful, and UK really isn't that dreary :( today was amazing.

Torch3630d ago

I'm a sucker for colour just as well (which is specifically why I'm just itching for Ratchet and Clank)...there indeed is a generally noticably gray/desaturated overtone throughout Resistance.

But as you'll likely eventually learn (if you don't already know) when watching the unlocked bonus videos upon completing the game, Insomniac deliberately aimed for a morbid overtone, to help add to the story's sense of dread and futility.

Personally, it works quite well. There are a number of levels (primarily of indoor setting) that have plenty helpings of colour and saturation.

In my opinion, the game is just absolutely gorgeous. What gets me is the incredible attention to detail Insomniac's put into the environment (as evident in a number of the above screenshots.) Also most impressive is how often all Hell just suddenly breaks loose around you; dozens of things are going around you simultaneously, without even a hiccup in framerate.

The game's environment makes other FPS's just feel relatively simple and empty, as far as I'm concerned.

-_-_-_-_-_-_-3630d ago

Hey Torch, I like R&C too, but I'm a sucker for desaturated overtones as you call them. Hahah. I almost always lived in very sunny places so every time when a "desaturated day" comes, I get some strange emotions and everything is more exciting. So I like RFOM artstyle a lot. (Also Fumito Ueda's work is fantastic IMHO.) And no way I could ever compare the design of the two towers compared at the first screenshot. Way different leagues.

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Odion3630d ago

character models, metal, explosions and weapons go to halo, enviroments go to RFOM

bobbybrown3630d ago

sorry dude, the weapons of resistance are some of the best ever created, they win by far in that domain. Character models are also better in resistance and yeah environnements