Gameplay Monthly: Demon's Souls Review

Gameplay Monthly writes: "Let me begin by saying I have been gaming since the Nintendo back in the later 1980's. Yes some have been playing longer, but you won't find a lot of people that puts as much time into games as I do. I am not talking about general time on a favorite games, I mean gaming in general. Since I started earning my own money, or around the PS1 and N64 launch, I have had every major system that has come out, including portables. From the PS1, N64, Saturn, Dreamcast, Xbox, etc, I've owned them all; including various hand held's such as every game boy / ds, the psp, and even going back to the Neo Geo and I also play a lot of PC games."

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Shendow3109d ago

That is what the game gives you to choose from an most likely you will choose death.

Baba19063109d ago

love it love it love it. thats all there is to say about DS.