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Submitted by cain141 3185d ago | article

Does Sony have a valid reason to blame the consumer?

A recent quote by Dave Karakker, Sony America's Director of Corporate Communications, brings up an interesting argument. He asserts that the Playstation 3's failure is a result of the internet, media, and fickle consumers. Does he have a real claim, or is he just creating a consumer scapegoat? Could Sony have acted better? Read's discussion over the issue. (Industry, PS3)

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DrWan  +   3185d ago
he wasn't blaming consumers, 99% of the ppl who bash the PS3 do not own or plan to buy one. How is this a "consumer scapecoat" calling. Negative press was accelerated by a minor vocal...go ask any normal ps2 fans who doesn't trout this board they dont even know what BluRay i was talking to my brother the other day. What's bluRay? he was assuming PS3 still using same dvd format..

Trust me, alot of ppl have no idea. Minority definately has a bigger voice than they should on the internet, and does not represent the mass's opinions.
cain141  +   3185d ago
America is a consumer nation, but in fact everyone is a consumer by the very definition of it: “One that consumes, especially one that acquires goods or services for direct use or ownership rather than for resale or use in production and manufacturing.” (American Heritage Dictionary) Just because a consumer says “this product is not worth my money,” that in no way takes away from the consumer status.
DrWan  +   3185d ago
what is your target audience? what is your target consumers? try to convince a normal man to wear tampons. a Fanboy, a Sony hater, whatever you call it, have such narrow mind track and such extreme attitude, they do not qualify for ur target audience and thus these are not potential customers to Sony. These are the very people who has the loudest noise on mesg board, extremists. Normal players do not come here and express our feelings and look at previews and news all day. This includes you and me, we are not normal, we do not represent Sony's intended target audience. Sony's main target are PS2 players who are looking for upgrades in the near future.
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cain141  +   3185d ago
Target Audience
Sony has been described as looking for the more “hardcore gamer” giving things the Wii cannot. I’ve also heard it called a [insert premium, expensive sports car name] to the Wii’s affordable mass production status. By that standard, the Playstation is trying to appeal to the more informed gamer. The very fact that they boast the most in hardware specifications defends that argument. They talk about how their hardware specs blow the Xbox 360 and Wii out of the water. To the uninformed gamer, this means nothing. So in turn it just shows they are again missing their target audience if we go by your description of there audience.
deeplies2  +   3184d ago
Dr Wan
you got owned
DrWan  +   3184d ago
I wouldn't say I got "owned" or not, before i open my mouth on this issue i know there will be ppl who will disagreed with me, by all means, discuss. A controversial topic indeed.

But by labeling the topic of the article, "Does Sony have a valid reason to blame the consumer?" is a little misleading. I am trying to justify the fact that Sony didn't blame consumers, they didn't say that any where in the interview. Because like the person after me said, "well everyone is a consumer", no kidding, everyone with buying power is consumer, but who is consuming the PS3s? Did Dave say "consumers" are putting Sony down, no, he just said a vocal minority did, and he wants to get the point acorss that a vocal minority does not represent the mass audience. I certainly believe only the hardest of the hardcore comes to this kind of new sites everyday to see waht is going on with gaming communities. Softcore gamers may visit once every few weeks/months for a game review before they buy it after they see it in store (bc they don't really know what is coming out when). Now if only the hardest of the hardcore is saying "PS3 sucks blah blah blah", does that represent all the softcore as well? Of course not, it is not even a random sampling of the PS3 audience or future consumers.

That's all Dave is saying, and to argue on the basis that i got owned on the idea of consumerism is overlooking the big picture of the article and argument.

However, I must tell Dave and everyone in Sony the success and failure of the PS3 will not be change permanent by a few bad press, once the games are out exclusively for the PS3, and price has dropped. People will pick up the box, you really cannot ignore the fact this is the SONY PS3, can't ignore the fact that deep inside ppl's heart they really do want to get a PS3 because they have owned a PS2 and PS1 before it. If you disagreed with me and you own a PS2, i would like to hear why, because most PS2 gamers i have talked to would like to continue their gaming experience on the PS3 because the hardware is reliable (some PS2 issues they say, but mine is at launch and still running, PS1 is with modded chipped and still running when i check a fe w months ago).

EDIT: Deepliest - what sup with ALL the "lame attempt" posts throughout the thread on almost everyone's reply and posts? Excellent example of a fanboy, saids nothing about the topic, just posts one line negative posts about a system you don't care about all over the place. I forgive you for ur inability to have a discussion though bc I don't really care about one line comments that doens't make a point
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deeplies  +   3184d ago
once again...
lame attempt, just go away dude leave the keyboard alone.
kewlkat007  +   3184d ago
Whos this guy "cain141 "
I like him...Bubble for you.

Fanboys aside, Now thats a "Consumer", and he knows what he is talking about, for which I totally Agree. I couldn't put it any there.

Obviously SONY did not have its "Target Audience" in mind when creating this console. I have had most consoles and even I can see where they F#$ked up, only a true loyalist care to disagree and try to spin/twist Sony's image squeaky clean.

DrWan I see where you are "defending" and it's all good(better than stupid Xbox sucks and MS can die, and Sony rules rant) but "stick a fork in it "Your Done"
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-_-_-_-_-_-_-  +   3184d ago
Hey DrWan, I agree with you! Don't listen to these guys. I get your point. And I know many PS2 people who are sure PS3 buyers in the future, and they just don't care about forums, news, Xboxes, Wiis. They just want more of the same games they've grown to love with PS2. And when they try Sony's new IPs, they will bite the bait for PS4.

@deeplies4 below:
I didn't say I agree with it, it's just that I really know people that are like that. Don't you? It's the same with me and cell phones. I don't really know what model my phone is, but I know it's Nokia and I now I'll buy Nokia next, since I'm a satisfied customer with my current model. And no way am I going to spend time at cellphone-forums to read about other phones. I just don't care about phones.
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deeplies4  +   3184d ago
uber are you Ken Kutaragi......
old ken is that you or are you related to him in anyway shape or form. Because you know I want to learn some discipline.

"Everyone will know discipline" -Old Ken
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Odion  +   3185d ago
lol i like how he said what i thought no one would say

They shouldn't have hyped Killzone 2 like it was Halo 3,Killzone was a medioce shooter at best.
The Bubble Decreaser  +   3184d ago
You have to much bubbles

You have to much bubbles
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deeplies2  +   3184d ago
You too Sr....
please let me help you on that.
BubblesDAVERAGE  +   3185d ago
THEY NEVA SAID ANYThING ABOUT HALO 3..they even said the halo series was a good game...its Xbox fans who compare it to halo...Never did sony say anything about halo and killzone....LEARN THAT ALL
cain141  +   3185d ago
Halo 3 vs. Killzone 2
That article did not assert they compared it to Halo 3, it asserted they hyped it like it was Halo 3. The difference is Halo and Halo 2 are consider some of the best in FPS gaming. Killzone has never reached that status; however, it has been hyped as if it was of the upper echelon of games.
mboojigga  +   3184d ago
They did thats why the developers are telling Sony and anyone else to shut the Fu*k up because of the comparisons. Killzone 2 is not going to generate the hype Halo 2 had when it launched and the hype Halo 3 will have this September. We will see a game simply released and thats it. You won't see a New York release of Killzone shown on Fox News and so forth.

Also, Sony caused this problem on their own. No remember this system is targeted for a consumber higher then the regular customer(Anyone remember Crazy Ken's comments) Bottom line is, the PS3 is too high priced and has no exclusive games that are worth getting yet. I have not bought a PS3 becuase what the hell for? I am getting my game fix with the 360 for all it offers. The games I want to play are all getting delayed again to 08 for the PS3. Why would I want to buy a system today that won't get any play besides downloading trailers and trying to access Beta's. The games that are multi platform are either not on par with the 360 or just continue to get delayed. I am looking for the exclusive games to play that continue to get delayed.
rusgreim  +   3185d ago
The whole problem of the PS3 is that its like an Indy Racer...
... its fast, its awesome, you can brag to your friends, but you can't use it anywhere.

I may be willing to concede that the PS3 is more powerful than the 360. I might be willing to concede that Blu-Ray will win the format wars. The only things that those concessions prove is that the PS3 is a monster machine.

IT HAS NO GAMES! The games that it does have, and the games that are coming out DO NOT appeal to a broad base of consumers, and when paired with the ginormous price tag of the PS3, you can see that it has insurmountable odds to overcome.

It is possible to lose the war with better equipement, as Sony did previously in the VHS / Betamax battle.
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achira  +   3184d ago
you know nothing. it has no game, you are a moron! it has better games the xbox360 had one year before. it needs time to build up a library, you cant expect all AAAA games to be out on day one, can you ? only morons do that ? and what games does the xbox360 have, that a lot of ppl will play ? medicore ego-shooters ? lol.

edit: jahcure: yeah, thats the normal route! ms pays more money to make up and spread FUD about the internet than for anything else. thats really obvious.
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deeplies2  +   3184d ago
BOOOOOO Achira lame attempt
whengeeksgobad  +   3184d ago
I'm no Ps3 fanboy, in fact if anything I'm a bit of a hater but I do disagree with you saying you can't use it anywhere. It's still capable of playing ps2 games, and after the firmware update, it will even be upscaling them. That (to me anyway) is pretty impressive and I still love my ps2, so being able to play them upscaled is a great use to me. The games will come out, the ps3 hasn't been out that long and I thought the 360's lineup pretty much sucked until last thanksgiving or so.
Saint Sony  +   3185d ago
You have to blame someone when something turns out to be a failure, but it is a rarity who blame themselves.
sumfood4u  +   3185d ago
ficle consumer?
Funny as Hell trying to blame it on the Consumer, when It's Exspensive, even if people feel like it's not Exspensive or the right price. PS3 failure to make it decent as in affordable!
lil bush  +   3185d ago
not enough game, plus price, well im a true sony fan, so thats the reason why i stuck with the ps3, but to an average consumer, its all about the price imo......
jahcure  +   3184d ago
Am i the only one who saw this as flamebait
So sony has good news about the 1.80 update and suddenly a flambait topic comes up where the writer does exactly what the sony rep says. Takes topics out of context to create bad press to further slander the ps3.

I think this is just a topic to detract from the good news that sony was having today.

Go figure.
deeplies2  +   3184d ago
How can somebody slander the ps3...
when Sony has done everything right.................NOT
mboojigga  +   3184d ago
How ignorant and personal can someone really take any of this sh*t

It is a damn update how the hell does this take away from a damn update. How old are u?
pilotpistolpete  +   3184d ago
Somebody's gonna get a call from an angry boss
While the article says Sony, its actually some guy who's "Sony America's Director of Corporate Communications". I don't think he speaks for Sony in general and maybe he should of bit his tongue. Comments like this only made things worst.
cain141  +   3183d ago
His Job...
Please take time to analyze what that job entails. He is in charge of corporate communications. What he says whether it truly represents Sony’s views or not, will be seen as coming from them. They hired him to speak for him; they need to make sure his speech matches their views
Sano64  +   3184d ago
It's sony's fault for releasing their hardware before enough quality software was there.It has been weeks science I played with my ps3 and I have friends who got mad and sold theirs on ebay!
sajj316  +   3184d ago
so ....
I'm assuming your friends are going to buy it back when the software is finally delivered. Hate to burst your bubble (no pun intended) but software on launch day is not the greatest in the world. Before you list the launch list for the 360 ... please, spare yourself the Google search.

Your friends sure have the worst patience if they sold their consoles 7 months after it was released.
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deeplies2  +   3184d ago
Exactly ......
games will come, it's the fvcking price that sucks. The competition has more and at a cheaper price. 360 & Wii
Boink  +   3184d ago
more dumb execs comments
there is only one place to lay blame with the ps3's lack of success so far, and it has nothing to do with consumers.
Firewire  +   3184d ago
I take it you're talking about Peter Moore or Shane Kim!
Amplifier  +   3184d ago
Same as...
when Peter Moore "tried" to address the failure rate of their X360 but used the excuse that they are taking care of the customer is more important than taking care of the issue with those systems.

Same old stuff back and forth between companies not wanting to take responsibility for "their" actions rather they use "excuses".

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deeplies  +   3184d ago
Nope it's not the same..
another lame attempt. Nice try.
mboojigga  +   3184d ago
And it is still selling. I have a launch 360 and still running like new here.
fenderputty  +   3184d ago
Wasn't this posted already?
yeah ... ummm ....
sajj316  +   3184d ago
Interesting ...
"I am pretty sure if you asked just about any real gamer out there if they would like to have a PS3, their answer would be a resounding "Yes!" I think a lot of this goes back to the proliferation of the Internet, where a very vocal minority can make a lot of noise and potentially alter perceptions of the masses, whether they are accurate or not. A lot of this, naturally, is driven by the media who seem focused on taking swipes at us lately, without taking in the full picture."

Sounds a lot like the Xbox drones here at N4G. You look at a typical posting day at N4G. N4G by no means is a casual gamer site (IMO). A lot of the issues have been blown out of proportion. Comparisons have been done since day one with the minority spewing opinions rather than facts.

Now, even the casual gamer will run to the gaming sites and message boards for reviews and opinions. We are educated consumers .. and yes I said consumers but even the educated consumer can get his/her opinion altered by nonsense.

Its simple ... if you don't want to pay $600.00 for a machine then don't. Don't tell me why my justification for buying the system is 'dumb' and the other piece of hardware is 'more for the money'. I'm the ultimate judge of that.
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deeplies  +   3184d ago
Are you done....
I know truth hurts. Ps3 too expensive PERIOD
hellomrhieu  +   3184d ago
well said, bro. cheers!
THAMMER1  +   3184d ago
Sony can not blame any one but Sony.
I would own one now if they never tried to pull so much B.S. from 2005 - 2006. Sorry Sony fans your a niche market for right now.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   3184d ago
Sony need only to blame themselves, its not the consumers fault they came out talking sh!t and not backing it up
"I’m not going to invest money into a gaming system that has no games yet, when there is one that already has a strong base. (10 million Xbox 360 Sold) What could Sony have done better? Not hype Killzone 2 like it is Halo 3. Killzone one was mediocre at best. Why would I be excited for a sequel? (Hopefully I’m proved wrong) Hype up something else."

Yup but I'm sure it way past 10 million now. "Next gen don't start untill we say it does" Looks like Sony has showed up late to there own party, no wait my bad they havn't showed up at all. Good luck with Beta-Ray
sajj316  +   3184d ago
jeez ....
By: Cain141 on 23/05/2007. Article views: 390

Yes ... thats the guy who wrote his opinion on what he said and you are using his quote like he actually means anything to this industry. Heck, what I say means something too right?

Sorry Jason, but you are exactly who Sony is talking about. Yes, I know it goes both ways but your avatar says it all.
power of Green  +   3184d ago
It's all my fault. Its also those dam casual consumers that will not spend $600 bucks on a console thats performing the same as the $400 dollar console. Big cry babies.

#1 Quote: 99% of the ppl who bash the PS3 do not own or plan to buy one".

^^ Yah thats the problem, they could be PS3 owners but they bash and or just dont buy one because of many factors.

Related image(s)
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Marceles  +   3184d ago
They shouldn't blame the consumer...
There's people that like Sony just as much as people hate them, excuses and excuses. And, if you want wireless internet and an HD DVD player, it just makes it the same price as the $400 dollar console anyways..actually less.
WilliamRLBaker  +   3184d ago
He has no base
He has no base, the ps3 has created its own problems, no games worth mentioning, steep price...ect its created its own problems in the media and thats a simple fact.
OneBubbleBastard  +   3184d ago
This article is exactly what's happening.. for instant here in N4G poor xbots like my retarded friends above me, are a bit slow in the upper head and they are getting blindly raped by M$..

They come here a bit desperate cause they know they chose the crappiest system of the 2 cause they can afford quality, so you can see their stupid posts trying to justify their stupid decision of buying an unreliable and crappy system BUMMER!!

PS3 is the SEXY BEAST, 360 = crappy system... deal with it :)

PS: sajj316
YOU SEE?? RETARDED xbots like the one below me.. let me show you the light my friend, send me a private MSG.. I'll convert you for free.. Towel not needed ;)
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sajj316  +   3184d ago
sorry dude ...
Your just as bad as Jason when it comes to spewing nonsense. Hate to burst your ONE bubble.
Boink  +   3184d ago
@20 lol
I can't believe 3 people agreed with you, that's sad and funny at the same time.

they need to add a feature so we can see who agrees and disagrees with posts.

keep editing you 1 allowed post, it's pathetic...
#20.2 (Edited 3184d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
The Bubble Decreaser  +   3184d ago
You have to less bubbles *elixer*
sajj316  +   3184d ago
ahhh ... first time ...
first time I've been called an Xbot. Truly pathetic. Do yourself a favor and review my posts. Look at my profile ... and then call me an Xbot. It is sad that 3 people have agreed with you. First time I've agreed with Boink.
kewlkat007  +   3184d ago
One BubbleBastard Jeeze
I know you have declared yourself the Sony Fanboy Clan Leader but with this foolish talk of "converting Xbots"..LOL Pathetic..Ya know some people really give N4G a bad name.

It is what it is. Sony Hyped a machine that doesn't have much going for it besides promises, and potential as of now. Yes the Price is still too High with a lot of which is not need IMO.

Happy gaming...
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Counter_ACT  +   3184d ago
He's not blaming anyone and he didnt mention the PS3 as being a failure, which it is not.
deeplies  +   3184d ago
OK if it's not a failure, that cant be..........
yes that means that it is a success wow. PS3 is a success yeah baby./zarkassnmm
Monchichi025  +   3184d ago
Fanboys maybe in the minority but,......
We are a good sample group of what the mass market is thinking. Since we are the most vocal our reach will be heard since nobody else cares to say anything to oppose it. And it is a fact that we are the most informed about the situation so people tend to listen to us.

It is not a good sign for Sony that every site is littered with Sony bashers because this idea is being feed to the mass market as well.
Rooted_Dust  +   3184d ago
Personally, I think that MS and Sony should stop subsidizing their hardware. Sell the consoles at the cost of manufacture. If they cost too much, scale them back. That way consoles can return to being the cost effective gaming choice for consumers, and PC will continue to be the high-cost high-performance solution.
Chemical  +   3184d ago
I bought the PS3.
and i'm stuck with it.

i am now waiting for games
alsef07  +   3184d ago
That sucks, well you dont have to be stuck with it, if u dont like it sell it or something, get a 360 or a wii, something with games
deeplies  +   3184d ago
you Sr are a liar.....................................................liar....liar....
your pants on fire. You dont have a Ps3. I know it because i'm watching you right now. Besides be a man and stick with dont try to scam somebody on EBay. Used Ps3 = $400 no more.
carlman23  +   3184d ago
I used to be a diehard Sony fan...
And when it comes to the PS2, I still am. But I have to admit that I'm kind-of pissed off at Sony right now. I think that the PS3 is simply a Trojan Horse for the Blue-ray movie format. I agree that overall, the PS2 had better games than the Xbox (minus the multiplayer ones) but remember that it was the least powerful console of the last generation.

Most people DO NOT want to pay $599 for a console right now. How many people care about 1080p? Read the developer interviews in PSM about DMCIV and NG: Sigma, both games are going to be in 720p because only a tiny fraction of people will be able to tell the difference (plus the framerates weren't where they wanted them to be at 1080p). It's the same thing with Blu-ray. Yeah, I can see the argument for storage, but neither Blu-ray or HD-DVDs are flying off the shelves right now.

As far as I'm concerned Sony tried to tell consumers what they wanted rather than actually give them what they wanted. And now they're paying for it in slow sales, bad press and non-in house developers lambasting them left and right.

Oh, and I also traded in my PS3 for a 360 Elite too. And the guy at EB told me that I wasn't the first...
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The Bubble Decreaser  +   3184d ago
You have to much bubbles

Then here is some aid *elixer*

Below 2:
You have to much bubbles
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carlman23  +   3184d ago
So I politely state an opinion that a lot of people are obviously thinking about and that deserves a 'Shut Up'?

Look, it's like this, all of my friends have PS2s, seriously all of them. None of them have PS3s. When I ask them about whether or not they're going to buy the PS3, they all say no.

It's no 'No, because we hate Sony', it's 'No because it's too expensive and Microsoft seems to be stealing a lot of Sony's thunder (exclusives) while releasing kick-ass exclusives of their own'.

We can all just pretend that our favorite consoles are perfect, but they're not. Xbox 360s are failing and PS3's aren't selling. This isn't a 'small vocal minority'. We shouldn't be buying consoles for the brand-names they offer, but rather for the games that they offer the consumer.
deeplies3  +   3184d ago
Yeahh.....we got a winner......
*band playing*

you got one less bubble

Thank you for playing
dale1  +   3184d ago
sony,s ps3 is top end quality no doubt, it has alot of years in it its not even a year old and everyone talks about price that is the bottom line.remember sony has 3 platforms out there with the ps2 out selling xbox it doesn,t say alot about that system.The wi is fun but as a long term system it could fade due to download isssues and graphics, people i know have already got rid so sony knows great games that other systems cant even think about will be key to sales they need to be that good
alsef07  +   3184d ago
Sony needs to get that the future is now
Sony keeps telling their customers to wait, and everyone to wait, its funny how everyone thinks it will do great, but seriously, would you think average joe out there would spend 600$ to wait and see if it will be a magnificent product??? Well i dont think so...
USMChardcharger  +   3184d ago
i try and stay level with my comments but still make it known i game on a 360.

but i got to agree with a few on this because of the conversations i have had with friends or otherwise...

there are a ton of ps2 guys out there just waiting to buy a ps3 when the price drops.

that is just a reality...and they have no clue about the things we talk about in here.

i was telling some about blueray...response: what is that

i mentioned blue tooth...response: what is that

then the most common answer i get is..."well i don't care about that stuff...i just want a ps3 so i can play ncaa or madden those are the only games i play."

i don't know why that is, but that is what i always hear.

a lot of it too comes from just not wanting to learn a different control scheme.

i personally love my 360 and love what LIVE brings...but there are a lot of casual gamers who just don't care what else is out there.
dork0783  +   3184d ago
look and listen

Related video
Xi  +   3184d ago
it's the consumers fault
that they didn't get a second job so they could buy the ps3!
deeplies3  +   3184d ago
Oh boy I was expecting a comment like this, finally............
yes. Ok dude I make $2000 a week, my brother makes $800 a week. And we dont feel like spending $600US on a gaming device, call me whatever you want to call me, but i'm a regular, ignorant, joe. That's right one of the Millions of Joes that made the Ps2 brand what it is. PERIOD
Monchichi025  +   3184d ago
Ummm, he was being sarcastic
LMAO!!! Don't worry, some of us actually got the joke.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   3184d ago
the future isn't NOW!
only rush jobs are now.without thinking about the later.

sony is right.the FUD and lies spread across the next are a vocal minority that wants to slow down or even take sony down because it will mean sony wins three times in a row.

lies about the systems being equal in power.when devs clearly say ps3 is more powerful.

lies about 1080p not being possible.when ridge racer came out the gate at 1080p at 60fps.

lies about there not being any games.when i clearly look at my collection of games like VF5,motorstorm,fnr3,spiderman3 ,rr7,nba 2k7,tekken 5,etc.

lies about systems failing as much as the 360.

lies about upscaling when that comes out this week.

lies about ps3 not being able to do multiple downloads.

lies about the processor being downgraded to 2.8 before launch.

lies about ps3 online not being great.but resistance is 40 player capable with no lag or barely.motorstorm is hot online or off.

lies about no games coming out,when lair,heavenly sword,uncharted,ninja gaiden sigma,mlb 07 the show,ratchet and clank,singstar,eye of judgement,killzone for ps3,etc are coming.even NEW....ORIGINAL games are coming to PSN.

lies about games not looking better on ps3.when oblivion,virtual tennis,FNR3,etc are showing it can look better and have more content on disc.but gamers said ps3 would never have games looking better than 360 matter how long you programmed for it.

continuously spreading rumors about every game coming going to 360.metal gear4,ffxiii,etc. because it makes you feel better.yes some have crossed over.but now look what happens:games like gta4 are limited by 360,DMC4 is pushed back,lack of increased sounds,animations and textures,lack of multiple languages on one disc,more content like stranglehold for ps3 getting hard boiled on the same bluray disc being remastered.can't do that on dvd-9.

that folding home for ps3 is not all'ld rather "play games" than take up a good cause every now and think other systems can out do what the cell processor was built for:distributed another system that can do 12 hd streams simutaneously?you can't.

we're not listening're lies and filth are losing the battle.we don't care.even people like elite gamer who claim to have ps3 but always spreads his biased filth.he spreaded filth as real deal,he spreaded it as top gamer,he's spreading it as elite gamer.and he has a posse of filth spewers.

we're done listening to you supposed gamers that want to bring down a good system.
deeplies3  +   3184d ago
couldn't you say....
Ps3 rocks
Everybody sucks.

BTW very convenient facts you chose. You don't seem like a happy Ps3 owner, that's right you are not. I wounder why???
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alsef07  +   3184d ago
Another hurt ps3 owner, ya we get it, its ok, everyone lies, the whole world lies! You are right though, the ps3 is the best system in the world, its just that the world doesnt know it yet, but its ok, because they lie, your right.
-_-_-_-_-_-_-  +   3184d ago
How could he be happy when he was terrorized by the MS lie machine?
I remember some of those lies as well.
And then they say that Sony is lying.

@deeplies4 below

Hey, it's you again! We're about to become reply buddies ;)
Thanx for that "quote of the day" award. Glad to have made you laugh, I figure it's a hip word in America these days, hah.
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deeplies4  +   3184d ago
quote of the day....
"How could he be happy when he was terrorized by the MS lie machine?"

I really like the "terrorized" word. It's so terrorizing.LOL
FeralPhoenix  +   3184d ago
My 2 cents....
You see this is my only problem with Sony; alot of their PR seems to have a "big" disconnect with the consumer, OK now to be fair M$ says some "dumb" things at times also, but usually its obvious "WHY" they are spinning; like the failure rate= of course they are not going to tell the exact number= launch failure rates much higher than they originally admitted OR like Folding@Home debate= M$ doesn't want to get the 360 involved in the project= not a question of capability but admitting you aren't interested in doing Folding on the 360 would be bad PR. Now in this case it seems that Mr. Karakker comments lack perspective....its almost as if he underestimates the avg consumer.

"I am pretty sure if you asked just about any real gamer out there if they would like to have a PS3, their answer would be a resounding "Yes!"

[[Yes, of course they would, same as any console in history....but its always been a question of price vs value; not that the PS3 isn't worth the price, but its a question of what do I get for that price right now?, I own a PS3, but Iam a hardcore gamer, the avg joe won't pay $600]]

"I think a lot of this goes back to the proliferation of the Internet, where a very vocal minority can make a lot of noise and potentially alter perceptions of the masses, whether they are accurate or not. A lot of this, naturally, is driven by the media who seem focused on taking swipes at us lately, without taking in the full picture."

[[How true, but lets be honest here.....the "perceptions" are a direct result of Sony's bad launch and the feeling of the avg joe that Sony "underdelivered" compared to what they promised at E305, BTW the same can be said for M$ hardware failures= its their fault for rushing to launch "first", good idea but the launch consoles suffered as a result, so they pay for this with the "perception" (on furums and websites) that the hardware will never be fixed. Now, Now, Now the most important thing that is INACCURATE about these comments is that while they have some truth to them they are inaccurate because they lack perspective, which IMO means that he give the media, internet too much credit. -Again it was created by Sonys mis-steps (same as M$) and yes indeed its being blown out of porportion but you have to give the avg joe consumer MORE credit than that, they (the masses)are not just some blind consumers sitting around waiting for the media or reading one review to tell them what products to buy, -NO, they get alot of info but ultimately any "entertainment" purchase must be worth the cost, and when it comes to videogames unfortunately the mass market WILL NOT pay what its worth, which is why consoles in general sale at a loss, since the mass consumers won't pay large amounts for a console even though the tech inside them cost the company alot of money to put it in. -Its the reverse of gas prices.....the gas companies are actually making bigger profits vs what they spent to produce the fuel itself, but the difference is gas (until theres a reasonable alternative) is a neccessity because nobody's going to walk 10 mi. to work everyday.-(gas companies are taking advantage of us, more than any other industry) As for the videogame market its still seen by many as just a toy thing, thus premium prices will never get the avg joe to buy no matter what tech you put inside or what games you have.....they just want to play Madden anyway.]]
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kornbeaner  +   3184d ago
I agree wholehearted.....
Most of what is happening to Sony is there fault. "We say when the next-generation begins" Blah, Blah, Blah. Lack of grade A title launch games and lack of online communtity content that they have been talking about since E3'05. But the machine itself is great. yeah right now 360 has an edge when it comes to overall content. But at least Sony is trying to correct that with product like Home, Little big planet, Warhawk and releasing game like Killzone 2, Heavenly sword and more.

And am gonna disagree with you about the internet not having a big impact on sales. Due to Sony's big mouth since E3'05 many websites, blogs and Fourms have had a disstain for Sony and it really has nothing to do with the quality of the product and more with the lack of content available for that product. This site is a perfect example. Many people who type hate towards Sony have not even touched a PS3 and if they have it was probley at their local Target or Wal-mart and from those five minutes they come here and claim that the PS3 is the worst machine ever and the 360 dominates it in every which way, Blah , Blah, Blah. Sites like this are not the Minority either.
As a gamer I want every machine out there but I had to make a choice once my son was born as far as what machine I wanted first for it would most likely be my only machine for the longest time. So I decided to save up little by little and got me a PS3 and it's one of the best products I have ever bought. Public perception of the PS3 is low right now and until they do start releasing products that start to show what they promised it's gonna stay that way.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   3184d ago
look at it ths way feral
things like the internet made blair witch project a hit.but i still refuse to see it or the sequel.

myspace,youtube.these are things that were blown up by the's a powerful didn't do i love bees out in the open.they used the internet to spread the message for halo 2.

FUD has been spread across the net about ps3.not from ps3 gamers or even wii gamers.a lot comes from what microsoft has said about sony.

sony didn't put out bench marks articles claiming the systems are equal in power.

sony didn't say 360 couldn't do 1080p.

sony didn't say anything about red rings of death.

sony didn't say 360 couldn't do folding home.

i could go on but you get the idea.

and american company is spreading FUD to the masses who already have had 360 for over a year and they want sony to ANY means.that means dirty tactics.same in american politics.just because i'm american doesn't mean i don't see it coming from an american company that has wads of money to other country has this much crap spread about ps3 except for america.why is that?

we'll support hd-dvd even if bluray is more supported.that should slow sony down.we'll put out FUD to equalize our system with theirs.we'll say we offer choice for expensive add-ons that you don't need to say sony made gamers by bluray players for $200 more.

dirty tactics can be a powerful tool when you can get a large following behind you.

and now they are starting on HOME and LBP."we don't know how sony can manage that.""we talked to the second life team and it's sooooooo hard to do.""will LBP allow gamers to make levels that are easy to make?""xbox live is so easy and intuitive that making a 3d interface and avatar would be so daunting."(even though gamers make avatars in sports,sims,car customization and every other product.)"why would gamers want to just walk around like that?"

FUD,FUD,FUD.and now the 360 masses continue the FUD spreading on their own.thanks microsoft!
FeralPhoenix  +   3184d ago
kornbeaner & shadowgamer.....
kornbeaner your post makes sense but again you guys are giving the internet too much credit....anyone seriously considering purchasing a PS3 will do a "little" research and ultimately they will look at whats is available to them to make a final judgement if its worth spending their money on it or not. For instance almost all my friends are gamers but I'm probably the only one that I would call a "hardcore enthusiasts", which I think most of the members of this site would be in the same category....we follow the industry, we don't just play games, we examine and study everything game related.

Now my bud's they do read gaming news from time to time, but in all my conversations with any of them, none of them have ever said they didn't buy a PS3 because of what they read or heard, same goes for 360....don't get me wrong hearing negative or bad impressions of a console or game is a turn-off, but again what happens is if they are interested in something enough then they will check several sources and frankly ask me or others who own it what they think, but ultimately their final judgement always comes down to either A. its too expensive OR B. there's no compelling reason to purchase it NOW, again same for 360, I've heard many people say its too expensive....but seriously if someone hasn't brought a PS3 or 360 just because of "bad" press then they don't really want one to begin with. Now here's what I think is really hurting the PS3, the avg joe gamer most likely will only buy 1 console, that means they have to make a choice....the Wii is getting the vast majority of them right now because obviously its relatively cheap, appeals to every kid, and is easy for non-gamers to pick up....Nintendo has done a good job but IMO though their fanbase is very fickle.

Now if the Wii isn't your "thang" then it comes down to 360 or PS3, and purely from a gaming perspective Sony will always be in the position of having to outperform M$'s games head to head, because the avg joe consumer isn't going to pay more to play Madden, unless there's a significant difference in quality, if they drop the price then of course the avg joe will have a "tougher" descision to make, but if M$ follows with a price drop then, its the same situation....Sony will always have to "PROVE" their console is much better than M$'s, but unless you just prefer Sony's library because of personal preference or loyalty then I don't ever think there will be a gap big enough for the "neutral gamer" to say "Wow this is so much better than the 360", thus those gamers are likely to choose the "cheaper" console that offers MORE than the Wii, not because they like M$ or Sony, but because thats how the mass consumers shop. The bottom line is Gamers (like my bud's) who don't already own a PS3 or 360 (most own a 360) are not deterred by bad press or what somebody on N4G or any forum says, honestly most of them would laugh at most of whats said on N4G, definitely NOT take it seriously.

shadowgamer, are you serious? Bro, do I really need to dig up all the "FUD" thats come from Sony's exec's mouths. You can't honestly be that "brainwashed" to believe that all of Sony's bad press is because M$ paid off all the game journalists and websites....Japan included! -lol, Bro get a!t happens, they made mistakes, does M$ make negative comments about Sony, yes of course....but it goes both ways, or did you forget the things Sony said the whole year when M$ launched/prior to PS3 launched? Your post is so one sided, if you really have forgotten, just ask me nicely and I'll give you some examples, I'm sure it won't be to hard for me to find. -damm, Bro I m mean its one thing when a fanboy makes comments and everybody can clearly see his intent is just to flame but in your case it sounds like you believe some ridiculous conspiracy theory that everybody's out to get Sony....nothings their fault, haha, some of the things you say doesn't even pass the laugh test. Bro get a grip of yourself!
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