Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 First Video

A french site has apparently gotten the first video of the upcoming Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 from Ubisoft. This sequal certainly does look promising and with less than a year to wait this game will be upon us before you know it.

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Ravenator5294171d ago

Did I miss something with here? Did the first Raving Rabbids warrant a second one for some reason?

ITR4171d ago

With over 1 million sold I expect it does.

MK_Red4171d ago

Yes it did. First one was really fun on Wii and rather fun on 360/PS2. Awesome, cant wait for 2nd one and its crazy minigames.

MK_Red4171d ago

I guess Rabbids dont like Transformers. Awesome trailer. Rabbids FTW!

PS360WII4171d ago

This game for sure warrented a sequel! Glad it's coming but isn't it a bit to soon? Last one isn't even a year old... guess you have to make em while they're hot... just like Capcoms Lawyer game on DS

ChickeyCantor4171d ago

for your information.........Phoenix wright is a really reallllly really uber coooooooool gamezors!
you should try it if you havnt, solving murders really makes you feel good XD.
In Japan its real popular

ITR4171d ago

That trailer made me LOL!

I've still got to pick up the orig one now.

When will Nintendo start up some kinda of low cost Wii section? Next yr?