PS3 Billboard takes over Moscow

Take a look at this gigantic PS3 billboard in Moscow.

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Darth Gamer4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

I'm waiting for the XBOX 360 BOAT to pop into the picture.

nix4016d ago

the 360 boat will look tiny in front of that... they'll need to bring in the ship! q:

Saint Sony4016d ago

It is almost as big as the real PS3.

gunnar29064016d ago

Where is it? Gimme address? I live in Moscow but never seen it ... Although Moscow is huge.
BTW there was an X360 boat in Moscow .. but it sank at May 18. IT was overloaded with rotten eggs thrown in it ....

Razzy4016d ago

How could you miss that sign? I think you could see it from space, like the great wall of China :D

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