Residents angry and upset over large scale content loss in Second Life

What do sim Albion, ABC Island and Camp Kawabata have in common? They all lost approximately half (or at least that is the term people are using) of their content suddenly in the last several days.

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marison4223d ago

Something like this ocurring in home or Xbox Live!

God of Gaming4223d ago

I am pretty sure MS has things backed up well and could restore anything they needed overnight.... I am not familiar with Second Life but I assume much of the content is user created...

marison4223d ago

you know!

They must use incredible datacenters, geographically distant to store all the data.

About the user created data, all the data must be uploaded to Linden Labs servers to be streamed to the others users. That way, things really run wrong with them.

WilliamRLBaker4223d ago

as second life, any one working on such a game....cannot have a good handle on there own minds so i doubt they have a handle on there own software or servers for that matter. but thats just opinion.