IGN: Demon's Souls Video Review

IGNs Demon's Souls Video Review.

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Timesplitter143108d ago

The game kicks butts.

My butt included

WildArmed3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

lol I feel pity for anyone who didnt get a chance to play this game.
Its simply mind blowing.
Sorry Uncharted 2.. i had to put you down for DS -.-
I promise to get back to you as soon as I finish my new game +

helpful hint:
Make sure you pick up the Compound Long Bow in 4-1. Its your best friend! (+ it up to +3 then make it into a Sticky bow later on)

gintoki7773108d ago

I died 7 times today but gained lots of souls and helped somebody beat the tower knight

Myst3108d ago

@1:27 I see he got one hit killed in the Tower of Latria. I remember dying to that thing at first always being cautious. Then I found out might as well charge it and keep hitting it. Probably the only normal enemy out of the whole game I could have done that to..

WildArmed3106d ago

but a nice bow does the trick too! :)
Becareful of the black phantoms in 3-2!