Facebook Games: Cafe World Review (Bright Hub)

brlmac writes: "Café World is a Facebook game application from Zynga creators of the popular Farmville game. Café World puts the player in charge of a virtual restaurant where they can serve dishes, collect cash, and decorate their restaurant to their liking.


Cafe World is still in the early stages of development and many features are not available yet such as expanded sizes for your Cafe. While Cafe World really doesn't expand upon Restaurant City, it is much more accessible and easier to play. I can recommend Cafe World to those players who want a change of pace from Farmville and other Facebook games but at the same time want something that is easy to play and fun too."

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Glamis3139d ago

It is always nice to get detailed reviews about some of these monster Facebook games.


jpymai3139d ago

These Facebook games are getting more and more intense (and highly addictive)... thanks so much for the review!

mrv3213139d ago

Thanks facebook for proving to me that all people want is other people to hear about them.

I deleted my facebook account, as every log in I'd have to deal with moaners and people who think they are better than everyone.

Facebook is somehow worse that Bebo. The only social network I will use IS REAL GOD DAMN LIFE!

Digitaldude3139d ago

Wtf, who reviews facebook games.

Muckbeast3139d ago

Considering there are facebook games with 50+ million players, the better question is "Who in their right mind DOESN'T review Facebook games."

cyguration3139d ago

Facebook games get crazy amounts of players...shocking more places don't review their games.

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