Sony PlayStation 3 Goes Portable, Adds Webcam?

Well, clearly this device isn't officially endorsed by the big boys at Sony, but that didn't stop a small, presumably China-based manufacturer from cashing in the PlayStation brand. The amusingly-named PS3 Game Player comes with a form factor not unlike the PSP, but its graphical prowess seems to be a far cry from the official Cell Processor-powered home console from which it "borrows" its namesake.

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bootsielon4220d ago

business everywhere with their piracy and cheap bullshit.

kcdude4220d ago

Not only does it resemble a Sony product, it also has a touch of Microsoft as well. Notice the colorful square next to the words PS3 GAME PLAYER on the back of the handheld, that square (including the colors,) resembles the Windows Logo don't you think?

gta_cb4219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

yeh, reminds me of the windows 2000 Pro Edition.