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TPG writes: "It's an idea that's long overdue; Final Fantasy characters in a fighting game? In a world where Pikachu's fighting Solid Snake, it's kind of a surprise that Dissidia Final Fantasy didn't happen sooner. Square Enix could have just made a Super Smash Bros.-esque game and have been done with it, watching the money rake in. Thankfully, Square Enix have instead gone in a distinctly different direction, making Dissidia something more than just your standard inter-franchise brawler."

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bgrundman2472d ago

Two Square Enix reviews in the same day? Damn, that is awesome!

roblef2472d ago

I thought this was just a fighting game. I'm glad it's a bit more.

wondroushippo2472d ago

Me too. But given the game's long and storied development would have been a letdown if it was 'just' an arena brawler

FinalFantasyFanatic2471d ago

I've finished each character's storyline (it's not much of a story for each of them), but I'm still struggling to battle-gen some awesome stuff for accessories. The game is vaguely like DBZ: Budokai games, if you've ever played them, although between the two, I prefer Dissidia.

bgrundman2472d ago

So does the fighting mechanics work well with FF characters? It seems like a neat idea at least.

wondroushippo2472d ago

Based on what I've played, it does - all the attacks are thematically related to the characters, for sure.

roblef2472d ago

The demo totally didn't do this justice.

squallsoft2472d ago

I've put almost 60 hours into this beast... lol


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