Nintendo Plans to Sell 35 Million Wii Consoles in U.S. by 2012

Nintendo Co. expects to sell as many as 35 million Wii video-game consoles in the U.S., close to the record 38.2 million PlayStation 2 players sold by Sony Corp.

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The Panther4198d ago

we will see, no games will surely equal a drop in sales eventually, I could see this being gamecube 2

T-Photon4198d ago

or maybe it will be the ps3 that ends up like the gamecube ;)

The sales are speaking for them self.

m000b14198d ago

Ye and the PS3 will sell 20 million this year. Hey nintendo wheres your 3rd party games?

sajj3164198d ago

For a console that is NOT even ONE year old. Couple questions for Nintendo?

1. Do you anticipate the Wii to compete with the 360 and PS3 when they hit mass-market prices?

2. Do you anticipate the Wii to compete graphically when the 360 and PS3 hits full stride?

Since 2012 is only 5 years away, I anticipate Nintendo having another console by then ... announcement 3 years from now. Why, because I don't think Nintendo could say yes to the following questions above.

PS360WII4198d ago

bold indeed but you have to admit that they are on cloud 9 right now. With the track record they have from 2 gens ago... doesn't seem likely but with the track record it does have with this gen alone .. it does seem like they could do it.

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The story is too old to be commented.