PSP Go Complaints Are Stupid

Adam Blue from writes: "Another complaint is that your whole UMD library is obsolete. See, the selling point of the device is having a removed UMD slot, so like what the iPod Touch garnered in and the DSi built on, is all games are downloadable. Luckily, you are not forced in any way to buy the PSP Go. In fact, you could buy the PSP Go and still keep your original PSP for the UMD games. Outrageous, I know!"

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FlipMode3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

People are complaining and Sony made it very clear that this isn't replacing the original PSP, its just for people who like digital download and would like all their games on their console without carrying UMDs around, but hey as long as its Sony FUD NEEDS to be spread,

Frulond3344d ago

been reading complaints all over the web... just seems to me ppl went and bought a gadget without any previous research at all...

I bought one and I'm happy I dont have to carry all the UMDs with me :)

Keith Olbermann3344d ago

I love my psp go with one exception. I am not receiving the newest games day and date with retail release. I dont care if I pay the same price for digital media as I do with physical product, I just want the game at the same time its released to retail. Please. Everything else is golden.

deadreckoning6663344d ago

If it doubled as a fully fuctional skype phone with a 3 megapixel camara , I woulda been all over it.

StanLee3344d ago

While I do agree with the guy, he doesn't really make a good argument for himself. Not the most eloquent person to argue the PSP Go's case.

Timesplitter143344d ago

people are complaining because it feels like a huge waste of time and money that would've been better spent on the PS3.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3344d ago

It makes you wonder what happened to all that talk about Blu-rays being absolute over digital distribution?

Now Sony has a product for those who believe physical media is no more and wondered why Sony forced us to buy UMD movies/games. They finally got what they wanted, and it turns out Sony was right, physical media is here to stay and Microsoft will eventually follow, lol.

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SmokeyMcBear3344d ago

I believe people are viewing this gadget the wrong way. This is not necessarily an upgrade to the original psp, but rather a separate entity. This would have better been compared to an ipod.

butterfinger3344d ago

really shouldn't be allowed to be approved until the contributor has addressed issues that have been reported. Unfortunately, we are subjected to low quality articles like this one that seem like a direct response to someone's feelings getting hurt.

RememberThe3573344d ago

This is defiantly not the best submission of the day. Usually the best submissions don't make it to the front page.

SoapShoes3344d ago

I hope don't have or have no intention on getting an iPod Touch, because that would be a bit hypocritical don't you think? Yes, yes it is.

militant073344d ago

what dose ipod touch have to do with this, i didnt mention nor like it...

i dont think the pspgo cost that much to produce not at all

SoapShoes3344d ago

Well good that you aren't a hypocrite in that aspect then. When complaining about a price, you have to look at its competition and since the Go is priced equal to a similarly equipped iPod Touch(16Gig) I'd say it isn't a horrible price.

I couldn't justify it if I had a huge collection of UMDs though, but to people who have never owned a PSP, it's a good choice.

Jamescagney3344d ago

Why is a post in some little blog news?

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