Homeland Security On The Wii Balance Board

The US Department of Homeland Security has spoken to IncGamers about recent reports that its FAST initiative uses the Wii balance board to bolster airport security.

"This is just one of the things we're trailing and is just a prototype at the moment out of a range of ideas we have," said Amy Kudwa from the Department of Homeland Security. Find out more after the link.

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Dorjan3345d ago

*spits out tea* wtf!?

Leord3345d ago

Haha, that was my reaction as well

Cogo3345d ago

Oh, my keyboard is all wet :P

thetamer3345d ago

This is an amazing story. I really do think we should have Miis as passports. The likeness is uncanny...!

Leord3345d ago

And the whole world would look so much friendlier :)

Fyzzu3345d ago

This is just *weird*. I thought they were joking when I first heard about this.

AndyA3345d ago

Lol, when's the Obama interview IncGamers?

Good article.

Redrudy3345d ago

Money saving is good. It might make the drag of going through security more fun.

Cogo3345d ago

Yeh, I recently heard they had a lack of money to put on new kit...

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The story is too old to be commented.