Gaming Union: Thexder NEO Review

Gaming Union writes "Thexder NEO is a project that was undertaken by Square Enix to revive a very old classic action-arcade game originally made by Game Arts way back in 1985 under the guise of Thexder. It was well received at the time, but its revival initially took people by surprised. Thexder NEO is essentially a remake of the original, and it hopes to capture those who have fond memories of the title, while introducing new players to some old school gaming."

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mephman3321d ago

It's a decent revival, but there are too many elements of 1985 game design present.

Selyah3321d ago

It's unlikely the multiplayer addition will really be that popular as well.

mephman3321d ago

Well, I guess it depends how many people actually buy it.

Hardedge3321d ago

Can't say I've played the original but this remake looks pretty neat. I'm all for old school games every now and then!