250GB PS3 Slim + Uncharted 2 bundle on sale next week

From Gameswire: "Like the look of Uncharted 2 but don't have a PS3? Want a PS3 but not anything less than 250GB? Getting paid soon? Then you might just be interested in this bundle over at Amazon UK."

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BabyStomper50003140d ago

And boom goes the dynamite.

Information Minister3140d ago

I bought one of these not 3 hours ago. Totally worth it!

Feral Gamer3140d ago

I really don't think that a bundle deal is all that shocking. Definitely not "boom goes the dynamite".

UncleJaysus3140d ago


Anyone want to buy an old 60GB model by any chance?

imnotgoodtenglish3140d ago ShowReplies(2)
gameangel3140d ago

Best bundle around at the moment, easily. Sony's going to own this Christmas.

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The story is too old to be commented.