IncGamers - Forza Motorsport 3 Review

John Robertson gets his hands on Forza 3 and takes a couple of his favourite cars out for a spin...

"Racing games (in general) having seemingly opted for a more arcade-style approach in a bid to appeal to a wider audience. And while there are been plenty of decent racers recently, none have managed to capture and the hold the attention of race fans in the way that Forza 2 and the Gran Turismo series have done in the past."

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Leord3201d ago

Very high score, but it looks like it deserves it...

Perjoss3201d ago

7 agrees and not a single disagree, this must be some kind of record for a positive comment in a 360 news item!

Holyknight30003201d ago

very nice, few racing games have ever really given me the love they did back on the sega genesis and as recent as the dreamcast.

Dorjan3201d ago

Wow! This game looks the bomb!

roybatty3201d ago

..that website is so mickey mouse. I think I have seen teeth whitening scam links with a higher budget than that site.
Scrape more from the barrel fan boys.

JokesOnYou3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago ), I wasn't even sure if I should click on the link, funny site.


Knghtz3201d ago

lmao at the end there:

"Request failed"

Leathersoup3201d ago

I actually like the layout of the site. It's clean. You know where to look for information and are not inundated with ads. I'd actually prefer if more sites looked like that instead of trying to bombard me with ads, shockwave, java apps and what not that end up making the site take longer to load.

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siyrobbo3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

it is a fantastic game, well worth the high scores its been getting

The end of the year aint lookin too bad at all, what with forza 3, uncharted 2, brutal legend, demon souls all scoring so well.

Plus theres still modern warfare 2, assains creed 2, boderlands, dragon age

good time to be a gamer

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The story is too old to be commented.