6.0 review: Halo: ODST "Halo: ODST is really a tough nut. The game has shown me that it certainly has its qualities, and at its best, it is certainly on par with the best "Halo moments".

At its worst, it is Dorge boring, and actually fairly frustrating. I would like to see that the game had a little more meat on the bones, the feeling that this is a expansion on weak steroids haunted me from start to finish.

But with that said, however, the game includes both all the multiplayer fun from Halo, and the new Firefight-mode. If youre you a newcomer to the series then Halo: ODST definitely not a bad place to start. If you however own Halo 1, 2 and 3 from before, you should be fairly dedicated to the series, and not least, the story to get much joy out of ODST."

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Bumpmapping2982d ago

Excellent review but I think he was being little generous giving it 6/10 but that's just me.

TheDeadMetalhead2982d ago

I don't know what's sadder; the fact that this game has an 83 on Metacritic or that it sold 2 million on its first day.

Just proves that anything named Halo will get a free pass. If a game like this was PS3-exclusive, it would've scored in the 4-5 range.

Halo seriously needs to die.